Sunday, July 25, 2010

The billionaire hedge fund pedophile mogul got away with a slap on the wrist

Thanks to aferrismoon for catching this one! And this scum bag has all the "right" connections!
Remember this name Jeffrey Epstein. It is the name of a man, that will go down in infamy as pedophile scum bag, who gets away with it because he has money and all the right political friends.

I'll excerpt and encourage you to read the entire report.

Slap on the wrist!-

On Wednesday, hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein completes his one-year house arrest in Palm Beach.
During Epstein’s term of “house arrest,” he made several trips each month to his New York home and his private Caribbean island. In the earlier stage of his sentence for soliciting prostitution with a minor—13 months in the Palm Beach Stockade—he was allowed out to his office each day

Doesn't that all sound like some hard time, for a disgusting crime?

Meanwhile, Epstein has settled more than a dozen lawsuits brought by the underage girls who were recruited to perform “massages” at his Palm Beach mansion. Seven victims reached a last-minute deal last week, days before a scheduled trial; each received well over $1 million—an amount that will hardly dent Epstein’s $2 billion net worth.
With that, the known victims of Epstein’s sexual compulsion have been officially silenced, and the case against him is closed.

The case may be officially closed and this bunch of victims may have been silenced, but....
But, this pedophile is not going to stop. Why would he? Look what he has gotten away with?
Look at what money and influence gets you...
Let's take a look at the influential persons that Mr. Epstein surrounds himself with.

"Former President Bill Clinton; Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers were just a few of the prominent passengers on his private jets—allow him to receive only a slap on the wrist for crimes that carry a mandatory 20-year sentence?

The scum all sticks together

Was he able, with his limitless assets and heavy-hitting lawyers—Alan Dershowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, Roy Black, Kenneth Starr, Guy Lewis, and Martin Weinberger among them—to escape equal justice?

Repeat, the scum all sticks together

Michael Reiter, the former Palm Beach police chief, certainly thinks so. He gave The Daily Beast exclusive access to the transcript of his nine-hour deposition for the victims’ civil suits, in which he explained how the case against Epstein was minimized by the State Attorney’s Office, then bargained down by the U.S. Department of Justice, all in an atmosphere of hardball legal tactics and social pressures so intense that Reiter became estranged from several colleagues. At the time, Reiter, who retired in 2009 and now runs his own security firm, objected both to Epstein’s plea agreement and to the flexible terms of his incarceration in the county jail rather than state prison. Asked during the deposition whether he thought Epstein received special treatment, he answered “yes.”

Epstein quickly got wind of the investigation, and progress on the case got messy very quickly. He hired a squad of lawyers and private investigators and dispatched influential friends to pressure the police into backing off.
The detectives asked their federal colleagues whether the fact that some victims appeared to have traveled out of state on Epstein’s planes—plus the use of interstate phone service to arrange assignations—might be violations of the federal 2000 Trafficking Victims Protection Act, which carries a minimum sentence of 20 years.

I am wondering, did he have some information on his influential friends that would get them onside? Since he was trafficking the children, moving then around on his private planes, would his friends have been his clientele? Quite possible, read on intrepid reader, read on.

Many of his high-powered acquaintances availed themselves of Epstein’s private jets, for which the pilot logs, obtained by discovery in the civil suits, sometimes showed that bold-face names were on the same flights as underage girls. A high-profile trial threatened to splash mud over all sorts of big players, just as both Gov. Richardson and Bill Clinton’s wife were running for president.
Guilt by association?

Let's read just one lurid tale that emerged of this scum hedge fund billionaire crimes

The details that eventually emerged were often shocking and occasionally bizarre. For Epstein’s birthday one year, according to allegations in a civil suit, he was presented with three 12-year-old girls from France, who were molested then flown back to Europe the next day. These same civil complaints allege that young girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, few of whom spoke English, were recruited for Esptein’s sexual pleasure.

Alan Dershowitz demonstrates his natural proclivity to scum defence?

Attorney Dershowitz says Epstein’s agreement to pay attorney fees for the victims and agree to civil damage claims—without admitting guilt—amounted to “extortion under threat of criminal prosecution.”

Dershowitz began sending the detective Facebook and MySpace posts to demonstrate that some of these girls were no angels. Reiter’s deposition also states that he heard from local private investigators that Dershowitz had launched background checks on both the police chief and Det. Recarey. Dershowitz denies all of that. According to Reiter, both he and Recarey also became aware that they were under surveillance for several months, without knowing who ordered it. And the Florida victims began to complain that they and family members were being followed and intimidated by private investigators who were then linked to local attorneys in Epstein’s employ.

Keep in mind this Jeffrey Epstein is a well known "philanthropist"

Epstein has been a serious and respected player in the highest reaches of politics and philanthropy. He has made substantial contributions to political candidates, served on the Council on Foreign Relations, and donated $30 million to Harvard University.
Thinking of yesterday's post....and this shocker from today-
I am left wondering why, how these people are respected by anyone?
How is it that other people's children are used and abused as their play things.
And, the masses are supposed to respect these people?
I scratch my head every single day at how out of whack the world is, and why the people let this continue?
One more question? Where was the main stream media on this story?
They sure as hell didn't shout this one from the roof tops!

I am adding some additional links-
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  1. I read on - - about his real need to have massages, though I fail to understand why he requires inexperienced masseuses.

    The article essentially fawns over his - well, brilliance, he's a rulebreaker, he wears jeans.

    The article begins with :
    "Accused of paying underage girls for sex, superrich money manager Jeffrey Epstein is finding that living in a dream world is dangerous—even if you can pay for it."

    Note how he lives in 'dreamworld' and even that is 'dangerous' [ for Jeff , not the victims.

    Awful article but shows how the mainstream see him as a bit of an 'icarus'

    The fact that it comes in the same week as Polanski's liberty adds to the smell


  2. hey afferismoon-
    I noticed the almost apologetic tone in the one article I linked to

    "Dozens of young woman say Epstein enticed them to his home where they performed sexual massages on the billionaire."

    besides the fact that if the palm springs press was a better outfit, they would have used women to lie their way through that article

    But, what they got really wrong is the FACT that these were not women, they were children.

    So the correct sentence should have read

    "Dozens of young children say Epstein enticed them to his home where they performed sexual massages on the billionaire."

    Then in the article you left the link to

    entitled "The fantasist"

    as if what he is indulging in is just harmless fun.

    When it is pedophilia and child tracking!

    good god, reading through that even the anti-semetic angle comes into play, as if?

  3. Just the once though , just the once, be grateful.

    I mean really an amazing collection of words stiched together with calico and puppy dogs tails

    ' One day a long time ago a handsome , daring youthful unmarried phileanthropist decided to fly to the sun .....'

    Its dire


  4. I think the term evil applies here.

    This evil, vile man . . . hardly a man at all really, more of a demon personified . . . acting with impunity and doing what he wants.

    Do what thou whilst is the motto for these buggerers.

    He should be shot.

    Of note, I took the time to sift through the mess of comments on the story . . . there were some that decried how ordinary the evil was (they had seen it before, seen worse, etc); many that employed disinfo tactics of labelling enablers as liberal or conservative (as if it had anything to do with rape); and quite a few who were in outrage at the rich who took such liberties, but fell well short of any meaningful dialogue about the enablers, the lawyers, the judges, the police, the complete lawlessness of the whole thing. Oh, and then there were the ones who jumped on any Polanski reference as being "not in the same boat", as if to defend the other rapist/pedophile who hadn't been caught at quite so many things.

    It was almost as sickening as the story of the pedo billionaire run amok.

    Total impunity. It can be erased by a single bullet, but the victims are so carefully chosen to not have family, not have any caring relatives, and even the last vestiges of hope are all paid away . . .

    Sorry for my vulgar forthrightness, Pen - but there is no other reaction I have for this man, other than he needs to leave this earth immediately, to stop the horrid pain and suffering he brings.

    Who out there can reach out to him and perform some unwanted suffering? I wait and hope.

  5. PS - I forgot to mention the total and utter silence on how Epstein and all his vile compatriots seem to be jewish . . . can you imagine the outrage if as in this case 80% of them, including the rapist/pedo and leading lawyer Dershowitz - were all of the same religion, and it was muslim? Hindu? What if they were Russian? Chinese?

    Right - but no mention of the jewish connection - not one.

    That's a Huff Post writer for ya - pretend-expose, coupled with heavy agenda/angling and utter disinfo on the real issues.