Monday, July 5, 2010

Expired Swine Flu Vaccines to be burned

I have covered swine flu to death here.
So this should come as no surprise if you have been paying attention.

Millions of swine flu vaccine, expired, are to be burned.

At least 40 million doses of the vaccine, or $260 million, will be written off as trash. The outdated vaccines will be burned.

But, this will not be the end of the unused vaccines expiring.

An estimated 30 million more doses will expire later and may go unused.

Lots of taxpayer dollars up in smoke!

The government placed three orders last year for a total of almost 200 million doses - an extraordinary amount and nearly double the amount of vaccine made in recent years for seasonal flu!

An extraordinary amount indeed. Nice profits for the pharmaceutical companies....

Even Trinidad is reporting millions of wasted taxpayer dollars
US$2m in swine flu vaccines could go to waste

Meanwhile in the UK- Contracts saddled UK with millions of unused swine flu vaccines

Contracts for swine flu vaccines should have included ‘get out’ clauses, a Government-commissioned review has found.

The swine flu pandemic cost Northern Ireland £41.8 million and Britain more than £1.2bn despite being much less severe than feared.

One would think that a 'get out' clause would have been included, unless......Unless the reason for all the purchases was not flu prevention but pharmaceutical enrichment? Just a thought?


  1. Way to catch this, Pen.

    It's us funding our masters, the heads of corporations, through gov't donations, to buy something that may poison us (if you choose to use the vaccine). Classic stuff.

    This is why I insist on avoiding taxes whenever you can as a way to undermine their power.

  2. If by 'burned' they mean covertly sold and used in Africa, South America and parts of Asia by the UN and the World Health Organisation, then it will be quite the profitable conflagration. Eugenocide is the attritional elimination of the threatening populace and it is priority one of the demonic criminals. If they failed to vector some synthetically engineered, immune-compromising virus within the masses of us in the US and UK, then they will not hesitate to push its use through their well paid channels in targeted countries. Hopefully word of this bio-weapon will spread to them and they will resist as we did.

  3. I can't help but wonder if in the next round of dumb assed stunts vaccinations won't be mandatory.
    But on a lighter note, just think of it, this is the first time that the majority of people didn't allow themselves to get suckered. What the hell happened, are people finally starting to wake up? I'd like to think so but somehow I don't.

  4. Hey slozo;

    regarding avoidance of taxes

    It is expected the introduction of the hst will see the underground economy grow...

    but this burning of vaccines, I see it as burning taxpayers money.
    and it is despicable.

    who knows what they mean by burning really. Per usual with msm...who really knows?
    Yeah, the usual is to dump on third world countries so, I guess one could expect that.

    silverfish: perhaps it is a good sign?

  5. well I had put one response here and where it went is anyone's guess.

    good comments all.

    slozo: speaking of avoiding taxes, the underground economy is set to fluorish under the implementation of HST


    anything is possible. regarding dumping vaccines in the third world.

    silverfish: mandatory vaccines?!

  6. Underground economy flourish under HST? Look what is taxed under the HST, the big stuff, and you will see that is quite impossible to avoid paying the tax.

    The big items are real estate (above 400,000 in Ontario fully taxed), gasoline (for car, heating, etc) - you can't avoid this. Oh, and as a punchline - funerals are now taxed . . . the one about death and taxes being unavoidable now has a new punchline.

    The underground economy is still pretty big, and won't be touched by this. The home renovation business has been affected by the tax relief scheme for home repair/reno, which was invented to stem the flow there . . . as well over 80% of this huge industry is black market.

    But really, I don't think the HST will affect the underground economy, as it was more designed to hit upper middle income people. The middle class, especially upper middle class, is what the controllers are always trying to limit and reduce . . .

    No, I think the real underground economy will surface only with the financial meltdown to come.