Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Goldman Sachs stacking the deck at the Bank of Canada

In case the peons in Canada missed this bit of news..
Another Goldman Sucks bankster is coming to the Bank of Canada!
Yes, Virginia the private banksters really do run the world.
If they didn't, how could this nonsense go on?

The first Goldman Sachs banker already in charge in Mark Carney.
The second will be the newest appointee Timothy Hodgson. He will be a special advisor to Mark Carney. Apparently the two had worked together previously for Goldman Sachs.

Hodgson will work on developing rules for trading repos and over-the-counter derivatives, and regulations to ensure banks have enough capital.

In other words Hodgson will work in favour of speculators, which are the big banks, especially Goldman Sachs.

Canada and other Group of 20 nations are crafting rules to have derivatives traded more through clearinghouses with standardized contracts, Carney said in a June 10 speech in Montreal. The global credit crisis was caused in part by questions about the solvency of banks that led to the breakdown of trading in important financial markets, he said in Montreal.

The global credit crisis was brought on by wild deriviative speculation, that made the banks insolvent. Amongst other things. The crisis however is exactly opposite to what is stated in bold above.

Some good comments here regarding the role of criminal banksters. Seems more people are waking up, thankfully!

And for a refresher, or an eye-opener, someone mentioned this article.
So, link to and excerpt from- The Great American Bubble Machine

From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression — and they're about to do it again

The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it's everywhere. The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who's Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.

By now, most of us know the major players. As George Bush's last Treasury secretary, former Goldman CEO Henry Paulson was the architect of the bailout, a suspiciously self-serving plan to funnel trillions of Your Dollars to a handful of his old friends on Wall Street. Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton's former Treasury secretary, spent 26 years at Goldman before becoming chairman of Citigroup — which in turn got a $300 billion taxpayer bailout from Paulson. There's John Thain, the asshole chief of Merrill Lynch who bought an $87,000 area rug for his office as his company was imploding; a former Goldman banker, Thain enjoyed a multi-billion-dollar handout from Paulson, who used billions in taxpayer funds to help Bank of America rescue Thain's sorry company. And Robert Steel, the former Goldmanite head of Wachovia, scored himself and his fellow executives $225 million in golden-parachute payments as his bank was self-destructing. There's Joshua Bolten, Bush's chief of staff during the bailout, and Mark Patterson, the current Treasury chief of staff, who was a Goldman lobbyist just a year ago, and Ed Liddy, the former Goldman director whom Paulson put in charge of bailed-out insurance giant AIG, which forked over $13 billion to Goldman after Liddy came on board. The heads of the Canadian and Italian national banks are Goldman alums, as is the head of the World Bank, the head of the New York Stock Exchange, the last two heads of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York — which, incidentally, is now in charge of overseeing Goldman — not to mention …

They have drained the US dry, now they are siphoning Canada


  1. Good research Pen, thanks for this. As usual, you are tireless and thorough!

    I will agree with you that people are "waking up" to the evil deeds of banksters when you hear reports of missing/murdered bankers, blown up banks, and mobs of regular folk publicly arresting these guys.

    When do you think we'll see that Pen? Because when taken in totality thinking about what they actually do - it is murderous stuff.

    Back in the day when there were tons of little kingdoms and serfs, occasionally a baron would get offed by a large group of commoners revolting against taxes that were a fraction of what we Canadians pay.

    Of course, back in those days, the commoner may not have been very educated, but at least he didn't have tv.

  2. Hemp rope, tall trees and skittish horses... indeed that is what is needed.

    Too bad it won't happen. Canada is the next meal on the Banksters Menu of Nations to Rape, they've been fucking us slowly for a while now - get the lube ready.