Monday, July 12, 2010

Iraq: A convenient 'Al Qaeda' attack on the Central Bank

Al Qaeda is always there when the Western collective (nations known as western nations) need them.
It is like a symbiotic relationship. Whoever "Al Quaeda" actually is?
I admittedly lean towards intelligence agencies, covert ops and infiltrated groups.
So this news story is really interesting....

Iraq: Terror or Corruption? Central Bank Attack Probed

I will put emphasis on the relevant sections-

Iraqi authorities are investigating a fire that destroyed sensitive documents during an apparent Al Qaeda in Iraq attack against the Central Bank of Iraq, amid suspicions that the fire may have been set to destroy evidence in a potentially huge corruption case, officials say.

Investigators became suspicious, however, after they discovered that the fire was not caused by any of the explosions, but rather appeared to have been started deliberately in a second-floor room that is used by the inspector general responsible for investigating corruption cases said Sabah Saadi.
According to Saadi, the fire destroyed documents stored in the room that pertained to a particularly sensitive case involving a series of fraudulent checks drawn against accounts held by different companies with state-owned banks. At least $711 million had been found to be missing in the scheme, and two bank managers had been detained as part of an investigation before the fire, he said. But Saadi suspects that the scam may have been much larger and could have involved many more people.

So "Al Quaeda", happens to launch a very timely attack enabling someone (who?), undercover of the attacks, to destroy evidence in the form of sensitive documents related to nearly a billion dollars missing from banking schemes.

Among the many theories this one holds in amongst the Iraqi people-

A long-standing suspicion among many Iraqis that Al Qaeda is being used as a convenient cover by powerful political forces.

I think the Iraqis have got the right idea.


  1. ". . . involving a series of fraudulent checks drawn against accounts held by different companies with state-owned banks."

    The only thing I find puzzling about this is that Iraq still has state owned banks, it seems.

  2. Yeah, I thought that was curious also, I guess the banksters haven't gotten control entirely?

    I wonder if this was the way the central bank was going to crush the state banks?