Monday, July 5, 2010

Israel: Don't arm Saudi Arabia & the Yemen connection

I meant to get around to this one yesterday, but....
Better one day behind then not at all.
You may have seen this news?
'Israel trying to block U.S.-Saudi Arabia defense contract'

Israel has expressed reservations on a number of occasions

Defense Minister Ehud Barak raised the deal in meetings with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and National Security Advisor General Jim Jones two weeks ago in Washington.
Israel also made its reservations clear at a meeting in Tel Aviv between top Israeli defense officials and a delegation led by U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy.

The US claims to want to build up Saudi Arabia as a deterrent to Iran-

Americans are interested in building up the Saudi air force vis-a-vis Iran, which would help deter the Islamic Republic.

Possibly? But, consider this?

Saudi Arabia has been fighting a proxy war in Yemen. By that I mean they have been bombing and killing the people of Yemen, with weapons supplied by the US largely at the behest of the US. Think not? Think again.

Yemen: Pentagon’s War On The Arabian Peninsula

Yemen will become a battleground for a proxy war between the United States and Saudi Arabia – whose state-to-state relations are among the strongest and most durable of the entire post-World War II era

On December 13/09 the top commander of the Pentagon’s Central Command in charge of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, General David Petraeus, told the Al Arabiya television network that “that U.S supports Yemen’s security in the context of the military cooperation provided by America for its allies in the region” and “stressed that U.S. ships in the territorial waters of Yemen [are there] not only to control but to impede the infiltrations of weapons to Houthi rebels.”

November 5/2009: Saudi jets 'attack Yemen rebels'
January 23/2010: Houthis repulse Saudi attack in northern Yemen

It would seem that if the US wishes the Saudi's to continue or increase the attacks, then Saudi Arabia will need many, many additional weapons.

How will the US deal with this problem? Will they cave to Israel?

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