Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Israeli Judge: Learn from the Nazi's

Thanks to HHQ for bringing this to my attention.

I will make three comments before you read the story-
First: a demonstration of how irrational the mentality is
Second: no historical knowledge
Three: perhaps it is not that 'the story', whichever story this judge is referring that is complicated, maybe it is so nonsensical it can't be believed. Many times credibility can be an issue. Wonder if this judge considered that?

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On to this opinion from an Israeli judge:

Retired Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto says as part of PR war, Israel should adopt tactics used to distribute Protocols of Elders of Zion

We must learn from the Nazi tactics," Retired Israeli Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto said recently during a conference discussing ways to improve the State of Israel's PR efforts in the world.

Ben-Itto said during the conference that Israel should adopt the tactics used by the Nazis after they distributed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Refusing to reach a compromise and continuing their battle in the courts although they had no proof of the protocols.

The meeting, which was held last week in the English capital, was attended by some 150 senior Jewish legal experts.

"I thought about it, about our 'hasbara', and nothing is working because our story is complicated and the world is used to a sound bite," she explained.

"I have reached the conclusion that we must use these tactics in courts worldwide, just like the Nazis – with all distinctions – used the courts to spread their message."


  1. Hahhahahhaaha!!

    I just posted this too. I tried to post it at CBC forums, it made it up but was promptly removed!!

    I guess the truth hurts eh?

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  3. Penny, there is a problem - I have left two comments on this and within a few minutes they were both GONE.


  4. The Zionists and 'Christian' Fascists do seem to have been in alliance for a very long time.

    'Comments' are not working too well at blogspot.

    - Aangirfan (on holiday)

  5. hey maggie:

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  6. Sometimes, the things that come out of an Israeli's mouth are absolutely the weirdest things ever.

    Everything he says is so wrong, factually and morally, that one does not know where to begin.

    What a fucked up people, and what fucked up values they have . . . there is no other comment to be made, in my humble opinion.

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if it comes out of a Jews mouth the only thing that one can be sure of is that it's either a distortion of the truth or it's just a flat assed out Lie. Jews are simply genetically predisposed to untruths, lies and deceptions.

  8. Aagirfan (on holiday) Really?!? Enjoy yourselves

    Well said, Slozo.

  9. Jews are simply genetically predisposed to untruths, lies and deceptions.

    That's a pretty weird statement from a biologist, Silv

  10. Not really weird at all James. As a biologist and dog breeder I do know something about genetic printing, take for example certain breeds of dogs like the Border Collie or the Old English Sheep dog both fine breeds in their own right, however should you ever attempt to use either of these breeds as cattle dogs you would find out very quickly that it doesn’t work.EVER.

    It’s not the dogs fault that it doesn’t work, these dogs have been genetically engineered by way of selective inbreeding through many generations to herd sheep into small knots or flocks. Whilst this works well with sheep it does not work with cattle but the dog does not understand this and will harry and harass cattle trying to get them into small groups like sheep to the point were they will quite milking. This is a trait that you cannot break the dog of, you can’t train it out of the dog, you can’t beat it out of the dog, the genetic print or trait is simply to deep. In other words it is fixed.

    Jews are no different, they are as inbred a bunch of vermin as you will fine on this planet and through hundreds of years of clannish inbreeding the very worst human traits have become fixed within this breed, and just like the sheep dogs they can’t be rehabilitated or changed, they are what they are, Liars, Cheats, and Frauds with no moral compass, living off of the blood and pain of others. It's what they do.

  11. Oh thank God, it's not just me. The comments thing, that is. I thought it was my fault for turning moderation back on but it's a blogger thing. Thanks Aangirfan!

    As for Israel adopting Nazi tactics, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... oh sorry I'll stop now. It's just funny because not only have the Israelis always used every tactic the Nazis ever had, they thought of a bunch of new ones besides and then maxed the lot of them to limits the Nazis never dreamed of.

    Not forgetting that when Hitler wrote about the big lie he wasn't talking about his tactic, he was actually talking about a Jewish technique.

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