Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poland and the US: the ties that bind

For this post, about Poland. You will have to go back to an older post for some background Poland- IMF loans and Radoslaw Sikorski does the US

Poland's foreign Ministers, named above was making the rounds in the US.
Talking missile defence and energy cooperation. With a comment by Sikorski about American companies exploring energy resources "striking it lucky"

This latest news has not just American energy companies "striking it lucky", American arms manufacturers will be launching some strikes too, Not so lucky if your on the receiving end.

First the energy news-
Poland has agreed to join in US Shale gas programme

Hilary Clinton:
"We think that Poland has a very good opportunity to be a leader in a full range of energy issues, including shale gas."

Technical experts from both countries will work on releasing gas trapped in rock, of which Poland is thought to have substantial reserves.

Prior to the plane crash that wiped out the Polish leadership, or a good chunk of it, their had been a number of issues ongoing. I had mentioned them in previous posts.
One interesting happening I did note, was the unsigned energy agreement between Russia and Poland. Unsigned due to the highly suspicious plane crash.

The shale programme in cooperation with the US will alter that relationship between Poland and Russia, based around energy cooperation.
Poland-Russia gas deal may hinge on shale -Komorowski

The frontrunner in Poland's presidential election, Bronislaw Komorowski, said on Sunday Warsaw could not sign the long-awaited gas deal with Moscow if it finds enough shale gas in its territory.

This news does cause one to wonder about the plane crash and the finger pointing at Russia as the beneficiary? When this may not be the case..

On to the war machine : US, Poland sign new missile defence deal

The deal sets up a permanent US missile base as part of a revamped version of the controversial missile defence shield.

Russia opposes a Polish base hosting US missiles.

Then their is this...

The US has also committed to 15 million dollars to preserve Auschwitz.

So, as the US falls to pieces, it people jobless and homeless, the government has 15 million dollars that "demonstrates America's commitment to Holocaust education, remembrance and research," the State Department said.

But, is it just 15 million or is it 150 million?

Clinton: U.S. to contribute $150 million to Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation

As for the jobless and homeless Americans, let them eat cake.


  1. Small potatoes Penn, When he retired and sold his business a year and a half ago a close personal friend of mine donated 18 million to the love the Jew and remember events that NEVER happened center in Winnipeg. Well he used to be a close personal friend, we haven't spoken to one another since I found out and told him that he was an asshole and was no longer welcome here at the nest.

    Oh well, yuh win a few and yuh lose a few Huh?

  2. I was reading something recently about the holocaust rememberance place in Winnipeg, how their is no mention of the holocaust perpetuated on the native population.

    Go figure that out??

    I can't

  3. Would that 150 million not be better spent at home? Perhaps for the poor bastards who have had their lives ruined by government neglect and BP?

    If Israelis want to 'preserve' their 'death camps' then why don't they pay for it?

    (this from someone who actually DID lose family there)

    The Chutzphah of these folks is simply outstanding.

    Pass the barf bag please.


  4. Buffy: here is the barf bag.