Thursday, July 1, 2010

Roundup less effective and creating superweeds!

No surprise on this bit of news.

This outcome, the creation of round-up resistant weeds, was warned about years ago by environmentally aware people (despite the spin in this piece)

When agri-business giant Monsanto introduced the herbicide Roundup - Haddad says farmers didn't want to buy a variety of chemicals anymore. They only wanted Roundup. It controlled so many kinds of weeds:

I question this statement that farmers did not want to buy anything but Roundup. Especially when you read the next section I will highlight

"For the farmer, instead of having a whole cabinet of medicines, he had one, you know aspirin. You know, I can control lambsquarter with Roundup, I can control giant ragweed, marestails, thistle, crabgrass," says Haddad.

Farmers also bought Roundup because it was part of Monsanto's Roundup Ready farming system. The company genetically engineered soybeans, corn and cotton seeds to be resistant to Roundup.

Now, there it is. Farmers bought Roundup because it was part of the 'farming system' brought to them by the corporate bully Monsanto. In other words, farmers had to buy it. Those that didn't paid dearly.

Roundup is losing its power. Each of these weeds can put out thousands of seeds. If just one survives the Roundup, Haddad says the seeds it produces will be even more resistant to the weedkiller:

"And every year that goes by, you have these superweeds putting more resistant seed out there, more tolerant seed.
There are documented cases of weed resistance to Roundup throughout the Ohio River Valley. But so far, the problem is worst in the Southeast U.S. Ken Smith is a weed scientist at the University of Arkansas. He says some farmers there have lost entire fields of cotton because the Roundup is no longer killing pigweed, a tough weed with a stalk like a baseball bat.

Superweeds evolved the same way antibiotic use led to the rise of antibiotic resistant germs overuse.

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  1. Gee Penn, and here I thought that I was the only one who knew this stuff.

  2. Now, now silv... I think alot of people, myself included new this stuff. That plants would adapt to roundup.
    Because that is life.
    Life continues.
    Therefore it adapts.
    Making the roundup useless despite what Monsanto says...
    But, then of course their are profits and oppressive rule at stake.