Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Uganda bombing, suspicious timing and who benefits?

Gee, just yesterday I was noting how "al qaeda" always seemed to take timely actions that benefit the west.
Uganda bombings linked to al-Qaida

Somali Islamists linked to al-Qaida have claimed responsibility for two bombs that exploded among crowds watching the World Cup final in Uganda,

A bombing in Uganda. Killing world cup soccer fans. And surprise - surprise, or not.
The finding of an unexploded 'suicide vest'.

With media claiming this was suggestive of plans for another attack? I would think this would indicate nothing of the sort. Because, if another attack was being planned, why would the vest be left behind? One would think, using common sense, that if another attack was going to be carried out you can be dam sure, the vest would NOT have been left behind. But, with this convenient find all kinds of nonsensical claims can be made.

The attack that killed the soccer fans is being connected to Somalia.

Way, way back I put up some information about the importance of Western control of Somalia.
And it had to do with oil ! Oil transit and chokepoints.
Refresh your memory-

Haiti, Yemen, Somalia & the strategic locales they share.

The Yemen Hidden Agenda: A Strategic Oil Transit Chokepoint

In an older post I had mentioned the geostrategic positioning of Yemen, and Somalia for that matter, with regards to the Gulf of Aden.

After you get through all that, you should have a better idea of the strategic importance of Somalia, and why the west is so hot to control it.

That all said, let us take a look at Uganda and it's President for Life, yes, that is right President for Life! Yoweri Moseveni.

Ugandan General Moseveni- Western allied dictator

Uganda is governed by a U.S.-backed general, Yoweri K. Museveni, who wears civilian clothing when it suits his purposes. The U.S. primarily backs Gen. Museveni much in the same manner in which Washington supported Mobutu Sese Seko, the late dictator of what was then Zaire--Mobuttu was a U.S. stooge in Africa, much as Museveni is today.

Uganda under dictator Museveni is only one of two African countries --the other being Burundi, which recently held sham elections-- which have sent troops to Somalia to prop up the U.S. supported government there

The New York Times
reported that Uganda was also training child soldiers for Somalia's U.S.-backed and financed government;

Interesting to note- The Shabab initially denied connection to the bombings, but, then later another alleged spokesperson said they were connected.

"According to media reports, a Shabab spokesman praised the attack, but did not claim responsibility. (Later, another Al-Shabaab spokesman Ali Mohamoud Rage told reporters at a news conference in Mogadishu, Somalia that the group was behind the attack"

Shades of Osama Bin Laden and 9/11?

Then this-

Perverse as it may sound to the outside world, some Ugandans are also questioning the timing of the attacks. The terror attacks come when the Museveni regime has become more repressive. It faces mounting opposition by political parties and civil society.

So the attack at this time would allow the military dictator to clamp down even harder on the population under the guise of fighting terrorism. Convenient.

Take a look at who was coming and going from Uganda prior to the explosions-
June 29th/2010

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has held talks with a senior US administration official who has been on a visit to Uganda.

Judith McHale, the American under-secretary for public affairs and public diplomacy, met Museveni on Monday at the State House Entebbe.

The two talked about trade, investment and development in Africa, according to a statement released from State House yesterday.

McHale is the second senior US administration official to visit Uganda in a period of one month. In May, the US assistant secretary of state, Johnny Carson, visited Uganda and held talks with President Museveni.

On Monday, Museveni also met Antoinette Sayeh, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) director for African department.

Interesting to note Israel has ties with dictator for life, Museveni.
This is a good article for the background-

Ties were renewed in July 1994 by President Yoweri Museveni, who seized power in a military coup in January 1986. At first Museveni was hostile toward the West and Israel, but in the 1990s, seeking to revive Uganda's economy that was devastated under Amin's rule, he gradually drew closer to the West and softened his attitude toward Israel.

The US and Israel can never let a good dictator go to waste, for a while..


  1. Glad you posted on this Penny. As soon as I examined the particulars of the Ugandan bombing I noticed how many elements of it had the classic Israeli intelligence false flag signatures on it. The timing, the convenient "Islamic" terrorist front group, the strategic goals, the terrorist's alleged declarations written in English despite their locale and intended audience. Quite unusual, as is the fact that organic insurgents don't, as a rule, usually target members of their own population they are attempting to recruit from, or gain popular support from. Michael Rivero made a great analogy of George Washington and the American revolutionary insurgents not going about laying waste to hospitals, places of religious worship and schools, because these very acts would undermine their legitimacy and support immediately.

    However, it is these very means which are the stock and trade of architects of black ops and strategic false flags. Especially in countries like Uganda whom have a very cozy, symbiotic relationship with Israeli intelligence and their military. Examine the historic list of false flag attacks and you find them littered with Israeli fingerprints. It doesn't take much investigation to find evidence of their handiwork, it's usually in the guise of a contracted security outfit, a "benevolent" charity or medical team front, or behind the scenes directing a terrorist front group.

    I can't help but get the notion that this Ugandan bombing was a horrific false flag dry run for something much bigger from the shadows of Hell's Zio-cabal. Israel, and Zionism in general, whether they want to admit it or not, is against the ropes and it's firmly in the realm of desperate, all or nothing gambits. They truly have deceived themselves that they are the empire that runs the world from the shadows, acting with utter abandon. Too bad the lights are going up on this rubbish production and there are too many now privy to the script, and are writing their own.

    No worries 'bout about all this business though… because oh my God, did you hear what that horrible monster Mel Gibson said, and take a look over here, over here -- fuck all, Lindsey Lohan's going to jail! While on the subject I find it more than a bit peculiar how Michael Richards can say much worse, Woody Allen can molest his children, not to mention bloody well marry one, and Roman Polanski can avoid extradition to the US while Larry David can flash piss on a picture of Jesus. There's something similar in all these cases of glaring media silence but I can't put my finger on it. Oh well, back to attacking whom the Pavlovian media have directed my fury and attentions to excoriate as a convenient diversion.

  2. Thanks HHQ!

    people have to realize there is way more to this news story then presented by the msm.

    Funny, as in odd you mention Rivero's analolgy as I heard that show, and thought to myself that was good way to present that arguement.

    This bombing has false flag written all over it.

  3. I'm wondering just how many of these so-called terror attacks are NOT false flags.

    It's become SOP for the elites of this world - or is it that that is the way it's always been?

    Sow division, forment opposition to a false side and you've got the cat in the proverbial bag.

    I shake my head.

    Back to the reno work.

    Buffy the destroyer