Friday, August 20, 2010

Morality, is an oxymoron, for the Israeli Defence Forces

As I was contemplating today's post, wondering, what to blog about today....
There is always so much to cover!
When I came across this - Army shocked by 'flotilla looters'
In reference to the IDF soldiers stealing from the Gaza bound flotilla aid workers.

Yes, the IDF is shocked. Shocked they say!

"If the suspicions prove to be true, there must be a serious problem in the IDF in terms of values"

That sentence made me laugh, the irony. Values in the IDF?
Let's take a look at the so called 'values' the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) have.
Another story on the IDF perpetrated Gaza flotilla thievery

Second lieutenant arrested along with six other soldiers earlier this week on suspicion of stealing at least(?) six laptop computers from Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

Of course Israel claims no one reported laptops stolen. Quoting from first news story-
"The IDF did not receive complaints of stolen computers"

Which is nonsense, as I recall reading numerous complaints of stolen property.
From this story;

Complaints by flotilla passengers about stolen equipment surfaced not long after the raid. Activists told the British Guardian in June that credit cards confiscated by the IDF had been used.

But, the IDF was unaware?! And didn't receive complaints. Utter nonsense.

I will agree there are serious problems within the IDF. In terms of values and morals that are not shocking in the least. They start at the top and go on down.....
An arguement could be made that the problem is societal, much larger then just the military alone, but for today we will stick with the IDF.

So we have soldiers that looted property (laptops, credit cards) from flotilla passengers, that the IDF claims they had no knowledge of...... and of course are making the usual claim it is a few bad apples. Or in this case a few bad weeds.

Let's take a look at another news story making the rounds this week.
More 'bad apples/weeds' in the IDF.

Eden Abergail and her trophy photos.
- Eden has defended her action by saying “in war there are no rules“.
While having the "best time of her life" which included happy poses beside Palestinians prisoners. The "best time of her life"? How sick is this individual?

Let her words speak for her-

"I can’t afford to have Arab—lovers ruin the perfect life I’m leading!!! I am not sorry and I do not regret it.”

“I hate Arabs and wish them all the worst. I would gladly kill them all and even butcher them; one cannot forget their actions.”

But is this obvious psychopath (definition below) Eden Abergail really just a single bad apple?

(psychopath- n. A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.)

-IDF soldiers arrested over alleged mistreatment of Palestinian detainees

5 Nahal Haredi soldiers suspected of taking their photographs alongside bound detainees, as well as two cases of drug use.

Another 5!

And look more photos

Breaking the Silence, an organisation that collects testimonies from soldiers serving in the West Bank, uploaded new images including a group of soldiers posing next to a seriously wounded Palestinian lying on the floor and a picture of a soldier pointing a rifle at a prisoner stripped to his underwear.

While the Israeli media and government want you to believe the bad apple propaganda, when it comes to Eden Abergail's photo diary. The truth is, this type of treatment is widespread amongst IDF soldiers.

Meanwhile, supporters of Ms Abergil set up a new Facebook page yesterday entitled: “We’re all with Eden Abergil.” They also posted fresh images of troops posing in front of Palestinian prisoners.

Hurray, more images from more psychopaths! Suddenly the bad apple has turned into an entire orchard!
While I have your attention, or should I say, since we are already standing in an orchard full of bad, rotting apples, let's delve a little more into the actions of the "most moral army in the world".( As claimed by Ehud Barak, a man that certainly knows morality.)

You may or may not have known, because it certainly didn't garner any attention in the western media, but Israel took a look at it's conduct during operation Cast Lead. Their actions, at least the ones they admitted to are ugly, abusive and horrific. It indicates, again, that the problems within the IDF have nothing to do with bad apples or weeds that need pulling. The problems are widespread.

New Israeli report on Operation Cast Lead confirms Goldstone report’s main findings
IDF confirms over 20 gravest findings of the Goldstone Report

Several of the most dramatic instances of war crimes, which previously stirred Israel’s defenders into fits, are now publicly admitted by the IDF in the recent update to its official response (which can be found here).

Some examples of war crimes include:

-White phosphorous in urban areas
-The murder of two unarmed Palestinians carrying white flags of surrender.
-Al-Samouni family massacre:
-Firing on Al Maqadmah and other mosques during prayer time.
-The use of innocent Palestinians as human shields: The Goldstone report explains that in order “to carry out house searches as human shields the Israeli soldiers took off AD/03’s blindfold but he remained handcuffed. He was forced to walk in front of the soldiers and told that, if he saw someone in the house but failed to tell them, he would be killed. He was instructed to search each room in each house cupboard by cupboard. After one house was completed he was taken to another house with a gun pressed against his head and told to carry out the same procedure there. He was punched, slapped and insulted throughout the process.” The new Israeli report identifies this anonymous human shield AD/03 and confirms this episode. Other cases of human shield use, e.g. Abbas Ahmad Ibrahim Halawa and Mahmoud Abd Rabbo al-Ajrami, were also confirmed.

Thievery, prisoner abuse, the use of white phosphorous, human shields, massacring entire families etc., etc.,

There are problems in the IDF, cleary it is not limited to a few, it is spread throughout the entire military.

One last item, an image, which speaks volumes of the 'morality' of the IDF.


  1. Those IOF thieves will maybe(?) get a show trial, presided over by hand picked Israeli Zionist judges (approved by IDF Rabbi's) who will maybe, maybe punish the crooks with a slap on the wrist, followed by promotions.

    Just like the Zionist thugs rewarded the murderous Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of the Sabra and Satilla refugee camps by telling him he couldn't run for Israeli Defense head again, and punished Ariel by elevating him to Israeli CRIME Minister.

    Ass, the good life.

  2. The "Gaza flotilla thievery" is a sign of the Israeli Army's morality - it is a CRIME made by soldiers which is INVESTIGATED by the military police. If they are found guilty, they will be PUNISHED.
    An immoral army is an army that does NOT investigate crimes committed by its soldiers, but praise them or ignore them. This is not the Israeli army - but I am sure that there are many armies out there that behave this way (like, for instance, most of Israel's enemies).

    The IDF is the army with the strictest code of behavior in the world. There is no army in the history that did so much to protect civilians in its actions than the Israeli army. If you know one, please share with us.

  3. the Gaza flotilla thievery, the facebook postings, the psychopthic follow up by deranged supporters..
    All signs of a sick army.
    The tshirt, the war crimes, the use of human shields, rampant reports of abuses.

    Protecting civilians?
    How about the use of white phosphorus?
    The wholesale slaughter of families?

    Did you read what is posted?

    The soldiers steal, post pictures, humiliate prisoners and commit attrocities because they can.
    Because it is accepted, because it is the norm.

    Who are you kidding? Yourself? Anonymous???

    The only time Israel reacts is when they are caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

    Gaza-operation cast lead- public outrage
    The flotilla attack public outrage

    Other then that Israel hides her crimes from the world, and uses propaganda tools like yourself, hasbara, megaphonie, to come and deflect attention from the facts.

  4. For the regular readers here...
    someone posted this on facebook.
    Which account, I don't know??
    Perhaps the psychopathic supporters of Eden??

    And it has drawn some interesting hitters.

    Hod Hasharon, Hamerkaz, Israel
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Bremen, Germany
    Tel Aviv, Israel (again)
    New Delhi, Delhi, India

    Hey. It's just the news and much of it straight from the Israeli press.

    If it looks bad, it is because it is bad.

  5. Penny, you forgot the stories of the shiting. It is notoriously known that the Israeli have some anal fixation.
    I searched for the text I read some years ago and found that video

    Truely the deed of the most moral army in the world, ha ha ha what a retard that anonymous.

    Btw: did you know which army in WWII had strict rules against looting and enforced them up until 1944. Yes the Wehrmacht (this does not mean that there was no unethical behaviour but the regular troops had strict insructions). As an anecdote, Forbach a French town on the border to Germany, which was the first French town to fall in september 39 (long before the France campaign) was completely intact up to 1944 when the French and American troops came. Then the looting started, this was told to me by old people there thirty years ago.

  6. Hey Gallier, thanks for that!

    I recall, after you refreshed my memory, reading about disgusting Israeli tactic.

    I mean their are so many attrocities out there perptrated by the "most moral army in the world".

    I wonder if they call themselves "the most moral army in the world" because they are precisely the opposite of that?

    Classic doublespeak.

    I was also thinking how after reading just the tiny bit of news in this post, the anonymous poster could seriously make the claims made?

    cognitive dissonance?

  7. Oh and hey Greg Bacon, thanks for your comment!

  8. No, not cognitive dissonance, for that you have to believe sincerly. It's simply rationalisation from psychopaths, manifestation of superiority complex.

  9. Just ignore anonymous, Pen - it's just a zio-bot. Personally, I wouldn't have let that trash get printed on my blog (I don't have one, but just sayin'), as it is just trash, only meant to piss you off.

    They get off on trying to make people feel helpless as they watch the evil being done . . . as Gallier pointed out, it's a real "human supremacy" complex, every one else is just a dog to be beaten or an ant to be stepped on.

    And like a retarded and vicious animal, they only respond to action - never to words.

    To comment on the "morality" thing . . . it's more public perception testing to see how good a job they did on the propaganda. That, and it's just more propaganda.

  10. hey gallier and slozo;

    rationalisations from psychopaths.
    the soldiers sure fit the bill, particularly that eden person.

    I shuddered reading her words.

    If that was anyone else but an Israeli soldier, they would be thrown in the psyche ward for evaluation and medication, instead she speaks and spews freely to the press of the world?

    Slozo: the anonymous poster can comment and undo his or herself with their very own words. Makes it better for others to understand the mindset.
    I know you would agree with that :)

  11. The IDF is the army with the strictest code of behavior in the world. There is no army in the history that did so much to protect civilians in its actions than the Israeli army. If you know one, please share with us.

    In a sick and twistd way, the above poster is REICH, since the Zionist Occupation Forces that are slowly strangling the indigenous Palestinians to death thru starvation, lack of access to drinking water and their usual strafing and bombing raids over Gaza is viewed by the 'Chosen Ones' as blessed by the ZOF head Rabbis, who view all non-Jews, but especially the ones in Gaza and the West Bank as some sort of sub-human trash, only fit for target practice, rape and stealing whatever they can get their sticky fingers on to steal.

    It's this kind of perverted reasoning, pushed by the Zionists nut jobs ruling Israel, preach to their minions.

  12. "the anonymous poster can comment and undo his or herself with their very own words. Makes it better for others to understand the mindset.
    I know you would agree with that :)"

    Actually, I only agree with that to a point - some forms of propaganda depend on volume and veracity, on the principle that some of it filters through. A thousand outrageous claims are made over and over again, and some of it sticks, unknowingly or not. That is the zionist preferred mode of propaganda attack - a shitstorm of falsehoods, with other planted falsehoods from all different sources littered about, and eventually you see two that match and believe it.

    Only way to match that is by rejecting 100% of it, once it is known for what it is - propaganda. The key is identifying it of course, so even this is not perfect and some of the shitstorm leaks through.

  13. Hey Greg,

    "It's this kind of perverted reasoning, pushed by the Zionists nut jobs ruling Israel, preach to their minions."

    that result in the anonymous commenter and the psychopath Eden?

    I would agree

  14. hey slozo!

    " some forms of propaganda depend on volume and veracity, on the principle that some of it filters through."

    totally agree with that.

    Way back I had troubles with a certain from group for the Jewish lobby and I did have to resort to censoring some of the multitude of moronic comments.

    Perhaps it was the wrong action to take, perhaps it was the right action to take??

    I can't say.....

    However, some of the comments were so utterly offensive, so deranged, so pathological, I had to get rid of them.

    Though, I did leave some of the comments for others readers to see what these individuals were all about.

    btw slozo: did you listen to that interview about the early days of christianity?

  15. Did listen to that interview - it was blazing good, actually, learned some stuff after research afterward . . .

    . . . but not enough time in the day for things which may have zero effect in me learning about stuff which will directly help me protect my family in the future. Thats where I am at now, being prgmatic in my approach to the shitstorm of info and research - stuff I can use, possibly, or that gives me the knowledge to predict/know what's up.

    My busy life is too full of joy to spend too long on just using every bit of tiny spare time I have on the depressing shit, you know?

  16. slozo:glad you enjoyed it, I found it quite interesting, so interesting in fact I listened twice.

    Some of it did make me think of what the spaceman talks about, and there was all kinds of new stuff.

    "but not enough time in the day for things which may have zero effect in me learning about stuff which will directly help me protect my family in the future"

    Preparing for the worst?
    Likely a very good thing to do.

    If worse comes to worse, there is lots of wildfood to eat.
    (I know I already eat some of it, and much of it is super nutritious and delicious)

    Your right on track though, I heard Gerald Celente talking yesterday, and he thinks the worst is yet to come, many others make that claim. I think they are correct.

    The mainstream media has been providing the psyop distraction, and the banks have been providing the manipulation of the stock market to keep the masses fooled.

    It is sad, very sad.