Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vatican Bank being Investigated- Again

Breaking news within the last hour, and curious timing of it all.......Just days after Pope Benedict XVI's successful visit to Britain.

Police said the Vatican Bank's chairman Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, who is known to the Pontiff, was under investigation for suspected failure to observe money-laundering laws.

Do any of the banks observe money laundering laws?
To understand what I mean by this comment read: US banks' role in Mexican drug trade or Banks: Liquidity via drug trade-Don't tax City of London Bankers
or Wow, Drug money flowed into banks!

Then tell me when it is that banks observe money laundering laws?

Back to the Vatican bank Investigation....

The probe was launched after tax police in Rome were alerted to two suspicious transactions totaling £19million (23million euro).

Who notified the "tax police"?

Some more-

At the same time, a judge in Rome ordered a freeze on €23m (£19.5m) held in an account opened by the Vatican bank, the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), at another financial institution in the Italian capital. It was thought to be the first time such action had been authorised against the IOR in Italy.

This is interesting

Since last September, the Bank of Italy has classified the Vatican bank as a non-EU institution whose dealings with other banks are thus subject to especially close scrutiny.

Why would the Bank of Italy do that? The private central bank of Italy?

Even more interesting....It seems the proverbial shit was hitting the fan on the eve of the Pope's visit to Britain.

The sources said that last Wednesday, on the eve of Pope Benedict's departure for Britain, a unit of the Italian revenue guard (the tax police?) alerted prosecutors to an anomaly in an account owned by the IOR at the Rome branch of Credito Artigiano, which has close historic ties to the Catholic church.

Of the €28m deposited, €23m was destined for transfer to JP Morgan in Frankfurt and another €3m to another Italian bank. But in neither case, it is alleged, had the Vatican's bankers supplied details of the individual or corporation for whom they were acting, as required by a 2007 legislative decree.

The Vatican is "surprised" by the Probe

“It is well known that the authorities of the Holy See have frequently manifested a clear desire for full transparency regarding the financial operations of the Institute for Works of Religion,” or IOR, as the Vatican Bank is called, the Vatican said today in an e-mailed statement.

The Holy See expressed “surprise” and “bewilderment” at the operation, and has “full confidence” in Gotti Tedeschi.

This bit makes me go Hmm....

The Vatican Bank , is under pressure to adopt new financial standards following a 2009 push by the Group of 20 nations for greater transparency. The IOR has been working “for some time” with the Bank of Italy and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development “for the Holy See’s inclusion in the so-called White List,” according to the statement.

The white list is an OECD designation for jurisdictions that have substantially embraced international tax standards.

International tax standards? Sounds sort of one world, one world government, one world banking??
Are other banking interests putting pressure on the Vatican bank to fall in line?

Could this be why we are getting such a big dose of Vatican scandal via the main stream media?

Not suggesting it is undeserved, but, given all the pedophilia abuses such as The billionaire hedge fund pedophile mogul got away with a slap on the wrist or Drasius Keyds- When the law failed him, he got justice! that the main stream media pays no attention whatsoever to, it is a fair question.


  1. yes, could it be there really is a war on between the vatican and the jewish banksters? and this is what it would look like?

    great catch Pen!!

  2. Hey AP, that is surely what it looks like, a war between the banksters.

    With certain banking interests wanting to bring the Vatican bank into the globalist line.

    I am wondering what role JP Morgan played in this?

    and thanks :)

  3. The Holy See expressed “surprise” and “bewilderment” at the operation, and “full confidence” in Gotti Tedeschi.. . . . (who is) a professor of financial ethics at Milan’s Catholic University.

  4. From the Guardian-
    Since last September, the Bank of Italy has classified the Vatican bank as a non-EU institution whose dealings with other banks are thus subject to especially close scrutiny.

    So the Vatican Bank has been set up for closer scrutiny as a way of restricting their financial skulduggery and placing added tax burdens on them which other EU banks are obviously escaping. Bottom line - lower profits. The Jewish bankers are squeezing the Vatican's financial power at a time when it is under pressure from multi-million payouts. Poor bastards.

    From Bloomberg-
    The IOR has been working “for some time” with the Bank of Italy and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development “for the Holy See’s inclusion in the so-called White List,” according to the statement, referring to the OECD list for jurisdictions that implement its global tax standards.

    This "white list" presumably includes all the other banks in the EU and the Vatican has been playing as if nothing has changed for them. But it has. Poor bastards.

    From Bloomberg again-
    The funds were to be transferred to non-Italian banks for use by the IOR, and the “necessary information was already available at the competent Bank of Italy office, and analogous transactions frequently take place with other Italian credit institutes,” the Vatican said.

    "See, we're just doing what everybody else does!" Yes, but now you can't, see?
    Poor bastards.

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matt 6:21

    Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." Matt 19:21

  5. I forgot to add, Pen, that I concur with AP, great catch!!

  6. I have been thinking about this one since i put it up.

    Noting the brouhaha with the vatican bank started last september 2009. Trying to think when this latest Vatican scandal, which is just a continuation of the same scandal, that we thought had gone away but never really did.
    Trying to recall when the news started appearing en masse.

    So I would say some someone has been putting the thumb screws to the vatican, yes.

    Interesting to note that the news didn't break until after the pope's visit.

    Though all this was going on while the Pope was out of the Vatican, which cannot be a coincidence.

    Therefore if anything positive in the way of pr could have been taken from the pope visit to Britain, this news just knocked that off centre stage,

  7. The CC really has little to worry about, just look at the amount of Catholics that just don't get it, they don't get it simply because they don't want to get it.

    Just ask almost any catholic on the street about what is going on in the cc and if they know anything at all,(which is somewhat doubtful) they will say "well yes but it's still the church and we have to believe".

    If and when the shit hits the fan, sure they may well nail a few of the top dogs to a stick, then new faces will appear with voices spouting off great new promises about redemption, salvation and having the Holy Ass Kissed. The fools will again buy the spiel and the show will go on.

    Next to the HOLOWCO$T, it's the greatest show on earth. Can'tyuh just hear the barker HEYA HEYA HEYA, Step right up Ladies and Gents and enter the BIG TOP. Popcorn Peanuts and Candy, bring your children, the Ringmaster awaits. Heys Heya Heya.

    The Show must and will go on.