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Cholera in Haiti- Whodunnit ? And, was it intentional?

Indeed, who did do it? More importantly was it intentional?
The opportunity was certainly there. The conditions were all ripe for the spread of disease.
So would someone, some entity, jump at the chance to rid themselves of a problem?
The question begs to be asked.

Reading these news stories...... left me wondering.
Let's say someone, some country, some organization wanted to address a problem of too many people, thereby warranting population reduction, disease may be the solution.

Haiti is one country, where an elite crowd of politically connected sob's would be more then happy to get rid of a good chunk of the unwashed masses.
Of course some would have to be left alive, for cheap labour. As for the rest.....

Cholera in Haiti has been virulent, already killing 1100 people in a very short time.

DNA fingerprinting has confirmed what health experts have suspected -- the cholera epidemic that has killed more than 1,100 people in Haiti came from one single source.

Of course rumours have been circulating that it was UN peacekeepers. Was it? Was it not?

Cholera broke out in Haiti's breadbasket Artibonite Department a month ago and despite efforts to control it, has spread to infect more than 18,000 people.

It perfectly illustrates the classic public health warning -- any disease can be carried anywhere in the world in just hours, and without good sanitation or a good public health infrastructure, can spread like wildfire.

The US Centers for Disease Control has analyzed samples of Vibrio cholerae from several patients and they are all identical. Therefore a single source is suspected.

This suggests it entered Haiti in a single "event" -- not necessarily an infected person, but possibly. Other potential sources include imported food.

With all the food aid pouring into Haiti, how difficult would it be to intentionally contaminate some of that food and distribute it to the people? It really wouldn't be difficult at all.

This concept I am speaking of, intentionally bringing disease to a group of people is nothing new, it is not unheard of. It was done as far back as the whites delivering small pox to the natives.
Or known contaminated vaccines given to people, intentionally.
Of course, there is the entire gamut of MKULTRA inflicted diseases and experiments.
So the precedent is there.

The cholera outbreak in Haiti could end up causing more widespread damage than immediate death and illness.
From this news article, we read:

"This strain of cholera seems to be more virulent than normal strains," Thomas Adams, the special US coordinator for Haiti, told reporters"

So this is an unusual strain. An abnormal strain. That is interesting.
Keep this in mind-

"The Haitian population has no preexisting immunity to cholera, and environmental conditions in Haiti are favorable for its continued spread," it said.

Recall after the earthquake the US and other nations were very quick to set up shop in Haiti.
Very quick to militarize Haiti?!
Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?

Quite clearly. it was an Invasion. There was no Humanitarian Operation. If this had been a true humanitarian operation, more would have been accomplished by now.

Very good article Haiti: The Impacts of Militarized Aid

But, if the true agenda is not humanitarian. Then the disease would be very beneficial to cut down on the cost of rebuilding, getting a lot of people out of the way of the job that really needs to be done.

Haiti is strategically located. And in it's vulnerable state ripe for exploitation.
Very interesting article, I will quote from it below-

Before the devastating earthquake Jan. 12, Soros and the Haitian conglomerate WINs group were in the initial planning phase of a joint project to build a free-trade zone on 60 acres of land in northern Port-au-Prince, originally scheduled for completion in late 2012. However, because of the upheaval caused by the current natural disaster, the project is being delayed, Malik said.

Delayed, but surely not forgotten.

Following a visit by UN Special Envoy Bill Clinton last October, the Soros Economic Development Fund announced it was partnering with WINS and investing $45 million in a Haitian free-trade zone, reported Business Wire on Oct. 6, 2009.

Clinton—US president from 1992-2000—led a conference in Haiti in October 2009 to encourage international investment in the garment, agricultural, and energy sectors of the island nation.

I have covered the energy angle of Haiti in some previous posts, you will find them here and here.

This is also interesting.

The earthquake that killed more than 150,000 people in Haiti this month may have left clues to petroleum reservoirs that could aid economic recovery in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation, a geologist said.

“Haiti, from the standpoint of oil and gas exploration, is a lot less developed than the Dominican Republic,” Pierce said. “One could do a lot more work there.”
And still more on oil and Haiti

To summarize, we have a nation ripe for exploitation by corporations and wealthy elites, but..
there is a little problem of too many people, and to much money being needed to truly address the humanitarian issue.
And along comes a disease that the people of Haiti have no immunity to.

I just can't help but wonder.........


Bill Clinton: Haiti’s Neo-Colonial Overlord


  1. It looks suspicious!

    - Aangirfan

  2. You know, I was thinking the same thing. Keep an eye on Haiti, it's a microcosm of what the PTB have in store for us all.

    Time to get out of Dodge, buy some land, get a few firearms and some livestock.

    The BF and I were discussing that today as we bottled up some dried herbs from the garden.

    Buffy shaken but not stirred :)

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  4. Penn , for once I disagree. Now I don't know if you have ever been to Haiti but I have been there and the impression that I left with was simply that there are some places that are beyond help and Haiti is one of them.

    Now I won't get into the politics or how Haiti has been denuded of forests which had they not been the hurricane would have been no big deal. I won't get into it because I simply don't care and the reason that I don't care is that pouring money or anything else into Haiti is like pouring water onto sandy soil and expecting to see a puddle, it just goes away. Even if the aid was given directly to the people it would still just go away and nothing would change.

    As far as the cholera outbreak, it's just a cause and effect, the Haitians hang on by a very thin thread and when that thread breaks things happen, bad things happen, and it's not always cloak and dagger. It's predictable and to be expected and I would have been very surprised had it not happened. As a matter of fact just after the event I made Skye a bet that within one year of the hurricane there would be a cholera epidemic, she didn't take the wager.

    Back in the late eighties my past wife was sent to Haiti as part of a medical team and I accompanied her. Upon our return she submitted a paper to the Canadian Red Cross. Now I don't remember all of what she wrote but her summery was that in the case of Haiti there were two rules. Rule number one was that Haiti was a nation that was medically speaking spiraling down the drain and rule number two was that no amount of aid or good intentions could change rule number one.

    Yes I agree that the US should get the hell out, the Canadians should get the hell out as should EVERY other country irregardless of intent and then just let nature take it's course.

    Sorry to sound cruel but in the case of Haiti perhaps a thinning of the herd is not such a bad
    idea. Sometimes nature seems cruel but thats just the way that it is.

    Now this isn't the start of a pissing contest simply because I won't engage,but if someone has a better idea I'm all for listening.

  5. Buffy been thinking along those lines for a while.

  6. Silverfish, you can disagree and we can agree to disagree, that is all good!

    at one time Haiti was bountiful,and the politics has long been the problem.

    And me I am always suspicious of everything.

    I wonder why the cholera outbreak didn't come sooner?

    I can't help but notice the resources, the energy the strategic positioning, it all has to taken into consideration.

    In one of the articles I posted someone who knows much more about Haiti then I postulates that Haitian resources were long known about and undeveloped until such a time as needed.

    If you were planning to start a war, across the ocean, you may not have access to much needed oil from the ME......but, if you have the oil, literally in your own backyard. The oil you can't access in the ME, which can't be accessed by others either is not a problem.

    Then there is the proximity to shipping lanes, and the Panama Canal.

    There is the cheap labour to be exploited.

    In summary Haiti has everything that makes it ripe for the picking by the elites, but, just too many impoverished people with a long stubborn history of resistance

  7. Great article Penny, loads of good information.

    Ignorance is nothing to brag about Silverfish. So you went to Haiti, good for you.

    Americans who visit Europe are famous for not knowing or learning anything about where they went.

    If you want to know about Haiti try and get the rest of the facts.
    It has lots of oil, this has been known for years and was a factor in the coups assisted by Bill Clinton and W Bush.
    The great myth put forth by media (and very appealing to old school racists) is that Haitians are weak and helpless. They are strong and resilient and have survived decades of dirty tricks from CIA vermin and their ilk.

    The talking points put forth by you are identical to the lies being spread by CBC, CTV, GlobalTV and the Canadian government. Predictably, the racists among us are very receptive to the stereotype of corrupt lazy helpless Haitians. As for your 20/20 hindsight on the cholera crisis and your bold seem to be very impressed with yourself.
    Given that Cholera has never been a problem in Haiti, you should probably go out and buy a lottery ticket.

  8. off topic, but, I just wanted readers to know that HHQ sent word, that a new blog has been started by HHQ, that is Hei Hu Quan.

    If you have enjoyed his/her commentary here, you may be interested in additional info over there.

    And I know some people have suggested HHQ get a blog going, so check it out.
    It is linked in the sidebar, just click Undeleted Evidence and head on over

  9. to anonymous, I am glad you found the article informative.

    Hell, I am glad when someone besides me, finds all my blogging effort interesting.:)

  10. Ah Pen, WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

    I have to agree with anonymous here - the folks in Haiti are still paying for their slave revolt - don't piss off the 'masters' they never forget!

    Solution: Revolution, skittish horses, hemp rope and tall trees!!!

    Buffy (waiting on the BF's mom! :P :O )

  11. Having gone over cases and crime scenes similar to this, and what with the sudden acceleration of Eugenic agenda. I can only arrive at the conclusion that this was deliberately vectored into a struggling populace already compromised from an earlier and possibly geo-engineered catastrophe.

    Silverfish, I wouldn't be so ready to dismiss an entire population of people and callously state "let nature take its course". I find this in direct and disturbing contradiction to someone who advocates freedom and fighting off those who would see us in chains. Remember that these people's very enemies are yours as well and the same filth that want them dead want you and I in that self-same wretched state. Look about the world and you'll see conditions much like Haiti and in a number of cases surpass its hellish conditions. Iraq now is very much like Haiti and the populace has been Eugenocidally killed through war, starvation, and strategic use of Depleted Uranium. Occupied Palestine has been reduced to a Haitian existence as well, do we summarily write them off?

    Eugenics and genocide are done by means most stealthy and covert. There are not simple one-size-fits-all plans committed generically across the board, and these vile enemies know exactly how to run field-tests on certain "disposable groups". Over 913 men, women and children were murdered in Jonestown and who gave a solid fuck? That is why it could happen again and again in plain view and with absolute sanction, no accountability or justice. Groups that have been carefully and strategically demonised so that they can be readily dismissed because they are the "wrong" class, religion, race. That is PSYOPs plain and simple and we should be thinking more in the lines of how we the 'useless eaters' can unite on common enemies and principles. We ALL want a good life free of suffering and deprivations with loved ones, community and living culture.

    Haiti, much like the engineered horrors of Katrina are all field-tests honing the same methods of control, genocide and containment that will be visited upon us all. Tests and social conditioning that the Nazi's performed during the Third Reich were refined and we're now soaking in it. Blaming the victims in Haiti is no different from blaming the victims of Ewen Cameron's vicious MKULTRA experiments in Canadian hospitals on the innocent.

  12. Well said HHQ, except as always, you are too polite.

    Anon - excellent comments.

    As I did once before, I would like to call out Silverfish as an agent of the PTB, whether it be as a marionette or as a trained dog. Ignorant or knowing, he is promoting here exactly the ideals that Hei Hu Quan points out further the cause of the PTB.

    And the point on the Haitians is utterly incorrect.

    I do not think, Silverfish, you are sorry at all to sound cruel . . . you are merely putting out little grains of hate and hoping they catch a bit of traction with any of us.

    Wrong crowd, buster.

  13. Other than Haiti being used by the CIA as a shipping point for Colombian cocaine heading to Europe and the USA, it also appears to be a testing lab for weapons.

    To me, it's still way too strange that the most recent earthquake that hit Haiti severely damaged that part of the island, but cause hardly any damage in the western part, the Dominican Republic.

    Didn't know that earthquakes were so particular as to the damage they cause.

  14. Good post Penny.

    Silv, I believe you have an unanswered question here...

    You know what it is. Until you answer, your credibility stands for f**k all.

    Good comments from everyone else, especially HHQ.

  15. Well, this will be interesting...

    If we get an answer, that is.


  16. The Pale Horse of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a greenish colour which in Greek is KHOLER , whence the name Cholera.

    mr. McGowan's site has reappeared


  17. aferrismoon:
    re: Dave McGowan

    I did ask Meria Heller if he was ok.
    She said he is, just taking some time off for personal reasons.
    But the main thing is, he is ok!
    So I am glad the site is back up.
    cheers and thanks for letting me know.:)

  18. Edo:
    good to see you about and glad you liked the post.

    Buffy: thanks :)

  19. I want to add one more comment to this whole, sudden appearance of cholera.

    Were supposed to believe that cholera is spreading rampantly throughout the population due to unsanitary conditions.

    To believe this, we have to believe that prior to the earthquake Haitians were living under sanitary conditions.

    This is simply not true!

    Therefore, I wonder why it is Haiti,with it's long history of impoverishment, unsanitary conditions and starvation, cholera never made it's way through the Haitian population ever before.

    We are also supposed to believe that the influx of UN peacekeepers may have been responsible.

    But various peacekeepers have been in and out of Haiti for years...

    So in essence, Haiti has gone from bad to worse.

    But there was no cholera

    But, now, it appears?

    When the ptb's have so many grand plans????

    Just thinking out loud...

  20. here is a good blog for updates:

    cholera has been in Haiti before but not in 100 years or so. it was introduced into the environment. whether intentional or not we don't know but as usual, the LYING by the UN pisses people off and rightly so.