Thursday, November 18, 2010

Israeli organ traffickers operating in South Africa and Kosovo

Israeli organ trafficking. It is real. It is happening. It is not anti-semitic.
Every time there is news of Israeli involvement in the illegal organ trafficking, the shouts of blood libel emanate from Israel.
I say nonsense. Utter nonsense.
I have covered the topic previously, here, with a link back to previous posts.
It has been well reported other parts of the world including Israel.
But coverage of the topic always seems to be lacking in the US and Canada. Why?
(That's a rhetorical question. If your awake in the US and Canada you understand the influence of the zionist lobby)
The last post I did covered Israeli traffickers bringing their "business" to the Philippines.
Recently there is news connecting Israeli organ traffickers to South Africa.
Of course, there was news of another kind of connection between Israel and South Africa. Israel trying to selling their apartheid partner nuclear weapons.
But this story isn't about nuclear weapons, so let's get back to Israel involvement in illegal depraved organ trafficking.

A South African hospital and it's chief executive have been charged, AFTER YEARS OF INVESTIGATION, into a human organ trafficking case that stretched from Israel to South Africa to Brazil.

The case first became known in 2003. That year and the next, arrests were made in Brazil and South Africa. That year and the next, arrests were made in Brazil and South Africa. Investigators said Brazilians who passed a medical checkup were flown to South Africa, where their kidneys were extracted for transplants into Israeli patients.
Eastern Europeans were also donors.

More indepth

Five South African doctors have been charged with performing illegal kidney transplants for rich Israelis using organs bought from poor Brazilians and Romanians, newspapers reported on Thursday.
Also charged was Richard Friedland, head of the country's top private hospital group Netcare, and the St Augustine Hospital in Durban where prosecutors say 109 illegal operations were conducted between 2001 and 2003.

But it took until 2010 to lay charges?

"Israeli citizens in need of kidney transplants would be brought to South Africa for transplants at St Augustine's Hospital. They paid kidney suppliers for these operations," read the charge sheet, according to the Times.

The kidneys "were initially sourced from Israeli citizens,(that is most likely Palestinians residing in Israel) but later Romanian and Brazilian citizens were recruited as their kidneys were obtainable at much lower cost than those of the Israeli suppliers", it said.

Five years ago South African police tried to bring a case against Israeli Ilan Perry, claimed to be the kingpin behind the syndicate.

That case was never brought forward, but now Perry has turned state witness, the Times said

Israeli, Ilan Perry, kingpin of the organ trafficking syndicate, now turned state witness.

Curious, because western media (see below) insists on calling this a South African (SA) organ trafficking ring. But is it? Is that an accurate description? Sure, the operations were done in SA, on the affluent Israelis that went to SA to have them done ...but, if you have Israel kingpins and Israeli patients, wouldn't this be an Israeli organ trafficking ring? Conducting their business in another country?

The rise and fall of the South African organ-trafficking ring


Ilan Perry of Israel approaches Roderick Kimberley of Durban, South Africa, about getting involved in a kidney-transplant ring. Over the next two years, at least 107 transplant operations are carried out at St. Augustine's Hospital in Durban. All the recipients are Israeli. The donors come from Israel, Brazil, and possibly Russia and Romania.
Sounds to me like an Israeli organ trafficking ring. An Israeli approached the South African. And operations were conducted to the benefit of Israelis.
Recap, we have Israeli organ traffickers operating in South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Romania, previously the Phillipines. How about Kosovo?
This one straight from Haaretz Interpol hunts two Israelis for Kosovo organ trafficking

Moshe Harel is among seven indicted for membership of a criminal group trafficking people into Kosovo to remove human organs for transplant; another Israeli citizen, Zaki Shapira, identified as co-conspirator.
According to the indictment obtained by the AP on Thursday, the victims came from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey and lived in extreme poverty or acute financial distress.
The EU prosecution has made requests to secure evidence from authorities in Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan and Turkey, including access to e-mails of two suspects on servers in the United States.

The organ trafficking by Israelis is not anti-semitic. It is not "blood libel" It is happening. worldwide. If anyone makes claims to the opposite and uses derogatory labelling or name calling they are attempting to deflect attention away from the facts. Yes, other people are involved. But in every case thus far it seems this is done by Israeli's, for the benefit of Israeli's. Why is this fact hidden?


  1. Is this really any surprise at all, especially in the NA corporate press? We are getting closer and closer to point where criticism of Israel will be illegal.

    I still can't help but feel that the average Jew is being set up - again.


  2. hey buffy, saw you over at that mainstream media forum today.
    Gave you a thumbs up, of course.
    I was in the scanner one, god, such idiots, way too many of them.

    "We are getting closer and closer to point where criticism of Israel will be illegal"

    scary isn't it, in our so called free and democratic societies.
    How orwellian can it get?

  3. Penn, Where the hell have you been? Criticism of Israel HAS been illegal for a LONG time. Just stand on any street corner and mention anything truthful about that shithole of a country infested with shithouse rats and see just how far it will get you.

    I'll bet you a dollar to one thin dime that it will get you behind bars quicker than you can say Oy vey.

  4. Criticism of Israel is Terrorism , isn't it? That's what it says in my ' Lonely Planet Guide to Grovelling to AIPAC'

    One source might be people who go to hospital for a routine op and don't come out. These so-called 'superbugs' have reportedly done this.

    Also Doctors like Dr. Shipman who offed rather a lot of patients he felt had had a long enough life.

    Save yourselves - eat pork and drink heavily ;)


  5. I know Silverfish, I know...
    Odd isn't it?
    We can criticize anyone and everyone else.
    But, how dare one criticizes Israel, no matter how scummy their actions are.

  6. "Criticism of Israel is Terrorism , isn't it? That's what it says in my ' Lonely Planet Guide to Grovelling to AIPAC'"

    I must get myself a copy of that guide, so I can understand how to deny truth and fact and grovel correctly...