Monday, November 22, 2010

Space the next frontier for major conflict. A role for Canada

Me, being a broken record here. How many times have I discussed the topic of the weaponization of space?
Well interesting little msm report over the weekend-
Space may be the first frontier for the next major conflict
And Canada has a role to play, as subordinate and in coordination with the US.

It won’t look like a scene from Star Wars, but the man in charge of space development for the defence department predicts the initial steps of the next major conflict are more than likely to start in orbit and Canada should be prepared.

There will “absolutely” be more of a military role for Canada in space than in the past, Col. Andre Dupuis said on Saturday as he discussed the defence department’s plans to overhaul its space defence policy.

The defence department’s new space defence policy is almost complete and has reached the highest levels for final review, he said.

Dupuis told the conference the policy “recognizes space as an operational environment” and provides guidance on how to exploit it in support of Canadian Forces operations.

Of course the claim that this is necessary because China is trying to deny the advantage frankly to the West.
I'll quote the man entirely-

Dupuis says the satellite destruction by the Chinese was a clear indication the Chinese are planning ways to conduct operations in space.

“Not space warfare, but operations in space to deny the advantage frankly to the West,” he said.

What he says underhandedly in that sentence is that the west already has the advantage. China is trying to play catch-up. The new arms race!

And right up the alley of big brother is watching...

Another panelist, Doug Bancroft, director-general of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, part of National Resources Canada, said the only effective way to monitor the country is from space.

Monitor the country? Sufficiently vague. Does he really mean monitor the citizens? The movement of ? The activity of ? What?

First I have hear of this Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, so check it out.


  1. giant eavesdropping satellite launched

    MIAMI - THE United States has placed in orbit a vast reconnaissance satellite reputed to be the largest eavesdropping device ever launched into space.

    The largest unmanned American launch vehicle, the Delta-4 Heavy rocket, roared into the the night sky in Cape Canaveral, Florida on Sunday carrying the mysterious satellite on a mission dubbed NROL-32.

    The National Reconnaissance Office did not disclose the purpose of the satellite but widespread reports in the US media suggest it is for eavesdropping on enemy communications.

    you know Pen, i'm thinking it will be up there for a few days and discover some al qaeda type terrorists chatting or something.

  2. Yep and thats why me an me neighbors are now using specially encrypted smoke signals for all of our nefarious communications in regards to the corn and barley squeezers that none of us has(wink) . We do this cuz all smoke looks the same from above, yuh gotta be on the ground to read smoke so them snooper satellites don't do them no good.

    We call our encryption "a stigma" cuz like "enigma" was like already taken eh. But don't tell anyone cuz like it's a secret.

  3. thanks AP and boy isn't that interesting, spying and monitoring..

    "eaves dropping on enemy communications"

    When the population is the enemy what does that tell you?

    silverfish: smoke signal, the mode of communication for the future.

    funny you mentioned that because I just started a new book that was making mention of smoke signals limitations as a form of broad communication.