Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks latest 'leak' pleases Israel immensely

Wikileaks and the bizarre Julian Assange?
Cointelpro? Agent of the military class? Linked even to Mossad?

Buffy made this comment in the previous post

In the wikileaks articles (CBC website) before all was shut down, there were many pointing out that it seemed that Assange was cointelpro.


I want to share some of this morning's headlines out of Israel and elsewhere-

Netanyahu: WikiLeaks cables prove Israel is right on Iran

Israelis see PR windfall in WikiLeaks tips on Iran

The secret cables leaked by the whistleblower website on Sunday showed Israel trying to prod a sometimes skeptical Washington into tougher action -- such as sanctions, subversion, and even a military strike by 2011 -- against Tehran.

But the documents also described Saudi Arabia urging the Americans to "cut off the head of the snake" by attacking Iran, a hawkishness echoed by other Arab leaders, and outline suspicions that North Korean missiles may have given the Iranians the range to reach western Europe and beyond. "These (disclosures) don't hurt Israel at all -- perhaps the opposite," said Giora Eiland, a retired Israeli general who served as national security adviser to former prime ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert.

Yedioth Ahronoth, said "a single picture, sharp and clear" had emerged: "the entire world, not just Israel, is panicked over the Iranian nuclear program."

and one more, just for the heck of it-

Israel says WikiLeaks shows 'consistency' on Iran

Keep in mind, all last week the msm was spinning the concept that the US and it's allies were going to be embarrassed or put on the spot, whichever, and the US was busy warning it's allies.

By doing this the Pentagon/military industrial complex, through it's lackey media, was ensuring you will pay attention to the information that comes out from WikiLeaks.
And you will get your appropriate dose of state propaganda.


Spin:Leaking documents the Pentagon doesn't want out?

Fact: Leaking the documents that the Pentagon and Israel want out?

Conclusion: Julian Assange is linked directly to the military/Pentagon/NATO/ Mossad crowd.
He is a tool of the military state. He is a useful idiot, promoting a war/military agenda.

Can it get anymore obvious?


  1. Well Penny, I think you nailed it. this guy, Assange, does NOT support 911 truth, has never said a mean thing about Israel and is well, clearly still living.

    I smell a rat.

    Classic hegelian (sp)cointel.

    Just as with Obama, people really hoped it all to be true, finally a shining light to lead us from disaster. Ha! Nothing could be further from the truth.


  2. This was the one reason I never touched this stuff here.

    Deeply suspicious behaviour on the part of Assange and the whole wikileaks idea.

    Everything he "leaked" was so supportive of western military intervention.

    The problem with Iraq, is the Iraqis.
    Now this stuff even links Iran and North Korea?
    How bloody convenient is that?

  3. good job Pen, to the point.

    geez could that haaretz headline be any more obnoxious? and obvious?

  4. I have two reactions to the recent Wikileaks dump:

    1. First the image that emerges suggests the federal government is not an all powerful monolithic entity leading us kicking and screaming into a totalitarian state. One gets the sense the whole lot is pretty incompetent and they squabble a lot among each other. I think this part is true and it's a relief. If they're really that incompetent, there is a real window of opportunity to throw the bastards out.
    2. It will be a boon for Hollywood. I already have a dozen script ideas that are guaranteed box office hits.

    When I was targeted for covert harassment between 1987-2002, the federal government seemed pretty monolithic and overpowering. I write about this in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

  5. Dr Stuart Jean whatever,

    I have news for you: they puppets that further the agenda may appear to be buffoons, but that is because the PTB wish it so to cover obvious conspiracy. The stupidity excuse, the red tape excuse, all just foul and moldy excuses with no evidence to back them up.

    Look at it - the world has moved into position, slowly and surely, throught all the ages, into perfect positioning for the final war and for the final amalgamation. All the players are in their positions, as put there by the PTB. Corporate control over all is utterly complete, and private family control over money, over weapons, over politics, is also complete.

    To believe that this came about by a bunch of buffoons . . . well, that's pure stupidity.

    Wake up.

    That is not stupidity

  6. Wikileaks is 4 stone of unadulterated horse-shit in a single stone white shopping sack with two blue stripes and a star emblazoned on it. Even their name sounds like a straight put-together concept. Plus, if you examine the hard scrabble lot of us working sincerely trying to get the word out with working class funding. How does one explain Wikileaks and their founder's rather sizeable budget that seems to allow Monsieur Ass-sange the means to travel quite extensively with considerable production resources?

    In the information wars, either the enemy's PSYOPs are becoming more transparent to the average consumer, or they're now outsourcing the work to Israeli grade-schoolers. Either way it's a rather shite production, that's exposed well before it even starts cooling straight hot from the propaganda factory. This illustrates clearly how the hell-bringers have lost the info-war for the hearts and minds of the populace conventionally. Only to now have to turn to synthesised engineered opposition and specious, frost-topped frontmen with strange cult/mind-control backgrounds. They won't quit, so all's to do next is to anticipate the next PSYOPs production and watch, as it also implodes on the launchpad.

  7. Hei - you blew it mate. So close and yet so far-

    Not Ass-Sange, Ass-Song.

    And yeah I know his name is pronounced ah-sonjh but 'Ass-Song' is just too perfect. I can picture the headlines now:

    Julian Ass-Song Cracks Out Another One

    Israel applauds the Latest Ass-Song Effort

    What's That Stink? It's the Ass-Song Again!

    But never mind all that. I haven't a shred of doubt that he is precisely psy-ops: a mind-control background; a jetsetter with no visible means of support; and all his 'leaks' serving nowt but a zionist/banking agenda. It's what known in the biz as 'a dead fucking giveaway'. If Ass-Song for real I'll eat my motorcycle.

  8. ap: I saw one even more obnoxious headline, that I now regret failing to bookmark!

    Dr. Stuart J Bramhall:

    as slozo has said, I do concur, if they (the government) appear as incompetents, it is because this is the appearance they wish you to see.

    I see this as calculating, coldly calculating, on gullible the masses are.

    Or why else would the government, via the media have spent the entire week warming up the audience?

    slozo.see above.

    HHQ: "Even their name sounds like a straight put-together concept."

    you mean wikileaks, like wikipedia. That other non-reliable source of censored information.
    That the masses believe is reliable. So they will associate the wrongness of that "reliability" with wikileaks.
    Like that?

    I like those song titles...