Monday, December 27, 2010

Allied Irish Banks pay out big bonuses, despite taxpayer bailouts.

I didn't realize how much I would miss this place? And there is always sooo much going on, of course judging by the mainstream media news, one would not even be aware of that.

I have been covering the scum banksters and their ill gotten, undeserved bonuses.

We had the Wall Street scum holding off on bonus payouts, less the have to pay their share of taxes.

Then we had the London banker scum threatening to quit their jobs, if they do not get their bonuses.

The bankers, you know, the ones that destroyed the global economy....intentionally.
Do want to get paid for a job well done.

Let's look at Ireland. Where the scumbanksters are getting their bonuses.

Allied Irish Banks to pay €40m bonuses despite bailout

Austerity for the Irish citizenry and millions and millions for banksters!

Stricken Allied Irish Banks is preparing to hand out €40m (£34m) of bonuses next week – despite being on the brink of receiving another emergency bailout from the Irish government.

As many as 2,400 bankers in its Dublin capital markets division are to receive the payments on 17 December under agreements struck with the bank in 2008.

The bank, 19% owned by Ireland's taxpayers but expected to reach 95% state-ownership, had originally been blocked from making the payments under one of the government's bailout programmes.

But legal action by a trader, John Foy, over a deferred €161,000 bonus awarded in 2008 has led the bank to conclude it will need to pay bonuses to many of the staff to whom they were awarded for that year. The bonuses are being handed out at a time when the government is instigating four years of tax rises and brutal cuts to benefits. The most austere budget in the country's history was passed this week.

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