Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The attack on Pakistan advances Northward

I can't recall how many times I have mentioned there is a war against Pakistan going on?
An undeclared war.
But, if you click on the Pakistan label at the bottom of this post, you can refresh your memory
And, it seems it is expanding. Northward. Why Northward?
Obviously, it is time for a map!

The 'justification' (lie) for these attacks has always been the necessity to catch so called Taliban fleeing from Afghanistan.
I suspect that is the least of the reasoning, if it is a factor at all?
Let's take a look at the latest, shall we?
Drone activity in Pakistan moves northward, official says

As expected, and really no surprise.

- Intense drone activity in Pakistan's tribal region has moved northward
-Officials claim an increased militant presence in Khyber Agency, specifically the Tirah Valley.
-Three suspected U.S. drone strikes Friday were all concentrated in the Tirah Valley.
Killing 57.

-The United States does not officially confirm that it has unmanned aircraft firing missiles at terror targets in Pakistan, but it is the only country in the region known to have the capability to do so.

What is the news out of Israel on the expansion of drone attacks?

US military pushing for new Pakistan raids

US Keen to Take the Fight into Pakistan

or ?

US army wants to expand raids in Pakistan

But, bright and early this am...

NATO Denies U.S. Pushing for Pakistan Raids

Yah, well... I ain't buying that during the Christmas shopping season!

There are reasons that the US is hot for the war on Pakistan.
-Pakistan has "the bomb"!
-Therefore, there is always the Israel factor.
After all, this is a Muslim nation with nuclear weapons ..... And that just shouldn't be the case.
Not with Israel in the vicinity.
-There is the TAPI pipeline.
-Keep in mind the assassination of Bhutto. Who was behind that?
-Then an uncovered assasination plot of the present day PM, by a terrorist group funded by the west.

And there is one more item to be considered.
Look at the map
. Click on it to get the entire map up.
Pakistan is bordered on the North East by China.

Take a look at that little bit of border, right there, shared with China.
If, the bombing of and eventual control of Pakistan would, could, lead to complete encirclement of China.......
Would the US and it's allies be interested in controlling that piece of real estate?
I think they would be. Most definitely.

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