Friday, December 31, 2010

Consuming Kids: The commercialization of Childhood

One more, before I have a much needed break! Be sure to read the backburner news stories from the previous post. I think you will enjoy them.

Because for the New Year, I wish for critical thinking improvements.
And an increased awareness of how we are manipulated through the mainstream media and other outlets.
I also wish everyone well and very importantly good health for you and your loved ones.

A video I came across and it looks most interesting. I haven't watched it yet, so like you all, I will be enjoying it over the next couple of days!

Knowledge is power and it does not just belong to the so called "elites"
Empower yourselves so you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Consuming Kids: The commercialization of Childhood


  1. So true - critical thought is our only hope. It's a daily struggle to seperate ourselves from the constant distractions (which are of course all by design), but it's worth the effort. Happy New Year!

  2. Hey Penny,...Right on; I have two little girls, 9 and 6; if you want to be enraged out of your skin, watch the diabolical schmutt that the yid media use to sell our children's souls - choose any, 'children's' morning show (this is the stuff they send our kids off to school with)and see how long it takes before you spray your Granola all over the screen!

    Obscenities and social engineering abounds.

    love light & peace


  3. Aangirfan!

    Rate of Dissent:

    critical thinking is a skill that is lacking, greatly.
    It is more then worth the effort, it is a vital survival skill.

    Veritas: I am past the time to watch kids programming. But, when our daughter was younger her tv time was very limited.

    If you get a chance watch this video/documentary, I am not kidding you will be shocked and appalled.

    I listened to all, and watched some of it.

    The sexualized advertising of a six year old, was sick, and over the top. And all these other things, I have never heard of the GIA?

    Direct advertising to your kids cell phone???

    First of all, what kind of parent buys their 8 year old a cellphone?

    The radiation alone from that thing would ensure I steered my precious babies brain far away from that.

    Perhaps, sadly, parents do not truly believe in the preciousness of their children?

    I just don't know.

  4. Hey Penny,..Yep, I monitor pretty much like a school ma'am anything and everything my girls want to watch, however, peer group pressure is so all pervasive now. My loooong list of exclusions does cause them some embarrassment at school; not knowing what those dirty yids the jonas (judas) brothers are up to with nubile goy girls is a big issue. I do explain as much as I can, given their conceptual abilities, nonetheless, for the most part they feel deprived of hanah montana-esque crap etc... Thankfully my girls are bright and open to the message to be wary of the sinister msm. I notice the most resentment for not being hip to the latest shows comes from kids whose parents are absorbed with the msm themselves; with much of my work from my home office, I get to walk my girls to school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.

    This frees their mum up for fulltime work ( my wife teaches 'special needs' children and 'early learning difficulties' children; for the most part we have found that the diet of the parents during and post conception and birth has a great deal to do with the motor skills and cognisant facilities of these children) I interact with a lot of mums and it is not hard to sort out the sheeple; what I have also noticed is that the attendance of parents at the school functions is directly related to the child's exposure to the msm schmutt: Good parenting is about interaction and engagement, bad parenting is about leaving your kids to ogle the idiot box for hours on end. As you well know; computerised Games are also woefully erroneous devices used for dumbing-down and conditioning.

    I have downloaded a copy of the vid; if you ever want a copy I can reformat it for email.



  5. Because for the New Year, I wish for critical thinking improvements.
    And an increased awareness of how we are manipulated through the mainstream media and other outlets

    A wish that big should of been sent to Santa, for it will NOT come true for most Americans, most of whom have been hypnotized by the Zionist owned MSM.

    We now think that gossiping about 'Li Lo' and wondering why Paris doesn't wear panties and being able to recite the last five Stupid Bowl winners makes us some sort of well-informed genius.

    I weep for a country I no longer recognize.

  6. 'The Cereal Box Conspiracy Against the Developing Mind' - Michelle Handelman & Monte Cazzana

    A short but well-written piece about how children are got at while they're eating.

    At my post SWEET HEART OF THE CORN I posted many cereal boxes with barely concealed innuendo.

    In one spiderman squirts white milk at a cereal bowl full of choccy things. Of course being Spidey the milk that whooshes from his wrists is sticky.

    There's also a free gift of a Cousin It flashlight which u must see to believe [ remember children use it under their sheets to read when the lights are out].

    Cereals now are intimately entwined with Hollywood. The box is a back-up screen to complement the TV.

    Added to all the subliminals are the chemicals in that kind of food.


  7. What a great documentary. Thanks for posting this Penny - I have bookmarked the full video and will be 'forcing' someone to watch this later today.

    Buffy - waking folks up one zombie at a time...

    Oh and happy arbitrary new year! ;)

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  9. Very good remark by the man who says marketing to children is basically pedophilia.

    The use by one marketeer of the word 'consumer' really showed how little they think of people as human.


  10. Jimmy:
    Well, you have made a bad first impression.

    I removed you comment. It was entirely inappropriate for this topic, in fact it was nonsensical and irrelevant.

    Stick to the topic and/or the general informational tone of the blog.

  11. Hey veritas: How wonderful for your daughters, the parental involvement.


    I couldn't send it to Santa, there was no way he could take care of that one, which means it is up to people like us :)

    One positive, I hope will come out of this recession/depression is people will dump there tv's.
    That is the first step, in freeing your mind.

    Buffy: your welcome! it is really good.


    "Very good remark by the man who says marketing to children is basically pedophilia."

    That one stuck out in my mind too, in fact I mentioned it too hubby.

    For the way they prey on children, set them up, seduce them, then abuse their innocence. YUp it is in the same realm.

  12. Very good documentary. No time, gotta look after the kids.

    Will comment more later.

  13. I wish for critical thinking improvements.

    And an increased awareness of how we are manipulated through the mainstream media and other outlets

    we are brain washed right from age 3 by religious doctrine

    by advertizing

    I was seduced into smoking by the Macho Malboro man

    and COKE and KFC
    one flavored water with no nutrition

    the other fried foods
    bad for the heart

  14. hope this is a good second impression Penny

  15. Slozo: I look forward to your comment.

  16. Jimmy:
    at the very least your comment was more appropriate.

    That said, I still have the feeling your visits here are nefarious.

    I will not allow this place, to be turned into a spammer haven linked to inappropriate soul destroying garbage.

    I spend alot of time, making this an interesting, informative place to have conversation and share concerns about the state of the world and humanity.

    Therefore, I will be keeping an eye on your posts.

  17. I had been staring at that damn video link since it went up last week. I knew that watching it would piss me off too much!

    It was good, and disturbing. Just as the NWO attack us with lefts and rights, our kids are attacked on numerous fronts. That film was very informative in defending against TV content and advertisers.

    Vaccines, happy pills, ADD and all the kid diseases being invented are another front.
    Fast food and poison food are another.

    On education we lose again. This link is kinda old, starts off slowly, but it is still a very informative look at how schools operate. I can just imagine how many "improvements" have been made to our education system in recent years.

  18. hey anonymous, I will check that link out.

    Yes, the video is maddening, but..
    share it with everyone you can, especially people who have younger children. It is a must that these people are informed and protect the young human minds (as is a parent's job) from being preyed upon, demeaned and abused.

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