Friday, December 24, 2010

A wish for my fellow passengers at Christmas time

So, this is Christmas?
No, I am not going to put up John Lennon's video or song.
Even though I like it.
I am going to rehash something I have previously used at Christmas time.

It is a quote from "A Christmas Carol"
A story that seems especially poignant at this time, in this place, in this year.
For it is a tale, of redemption, yes.
But to be redeemed on has to have sinned, to have done wrong.
Sadly, there has been much sinning, much abuse and much done wrong this past year and for too many years.
But no redemption for the greedy and their despicable hording.
No, no redemption for them.
They who have long forgotten that they are no better then those they lord over. They have forgotten that they too are on the same life journey, to the grave, as those they abuse.

"But I am sure I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round -- apart from the veneration due to its sacred name and origin, if anything belonging to it can be apart from that -- as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time: the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow-passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys. And therefore, uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that it has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!'"

It is to all my fellow passengers, who have opened their hearts, giving freely of their time , to make positive change. Change with the hope of making this world a better place, to you fellow passengers, I wish you Happy Holidays, a blessed season, however you enjoy this time..
I wish you the best.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Penny, and all the best for the coming year.

    WV "blest", I kid you not. Very apt, Pen!

  2. the best to you also Penny. i wish you and yours every blessing. ap.

  3. Dobra Vanoce [ vanotsay] as they say here.

    Have a pleasant time with fine folks


  4. Nice quote, nice sentiment. Right back atcha!

  5. Pen - I'll be the bah humbug guy.

    Why should I give the PTB the satisfaction of celebrating a re-hashed pagan winter solstice holiday dressed up in bullshit? I mean, just because of one of the PTB's newspaper guys writing a poem in a newspaper, we have a picture of joplly Satan himself handing out gifts to all (the hat vovers the hors, he's red, he exemplifies excess) and we are supposed to think that represents anything really good?!?

    I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of the whole "Merry Christmas" thing. Why do we say "merry" and not "happy", "joyous", etc instead btw? D'ya think it has to do with that whole Mary/Merry thing? Like the Sun God / Son of God thing? How many other of the rituals we practice are all made up bullshit meant to influence us in this way or that?

    Cripes, it should all go up in smoke . . . seriously. If only people thought more about getting family together in North America for more than a day a year, they might actually talk about more meaningful things and learn from each other, help each other out more. Instead, they are left grasping at ties when it comes to thinking of a present for uncle Rick. Family holiday indeed . . . it represents excess - gifts, food, drinking - gets everyone stressed out, and at the end of it all you are broke.

    Why should we feed into the system? And don't give me this whole, "ooh, don't be like that, just celebrate the warmth and giving and . . .". Just don't insult my intelligence as if trying to do that while supporting the whole other lights on house/decorated tree doesn't also still support the bad parts. To me, that is like the "support the troops" argument I get from people, as if there were two totally seperate entities - the righteous, brave soldiers; and the people who get paid to invade other countries and assist in killing poor women and starving children and unlucky innocents. It just can't be done . . . supporting the fairy tale brainwashing in any small way is still a support.


    And just so you know, I am a hypocrite here - I have a tree, have a few lights outside the house. I give presents.

    But my question is half rhetorical, really . . . why the fuck do we support and toe the line in this charade? Because we think it's harmless, right?

    You tell me - you really think the whole thing is harmless?

  6. Froeliche Weihnaechten!!

    I hope you had a good one!

    Slozo - I hear you and am just as hypocritcal. (Well maybe not - I didn't sacrifice a tree, nor put lights up) Did buy some prezzies though.



  7. To clarify:

    I have never used a real tree. I have a good, small fake tree that people like my sister make fun of (because it's 4 1/2 feet tall and skinny). I put up a small set of lights on the cute 3 foot tall pine tree on the front lawn, and on the bush by my front entrance.

    I do not buy Christmas cards, ever. I rarely use wrapping paper (old gift bags, etc). I try to make a few presents every year, and we have a rule of only 1 present per kid. I call Christmas a pagan holiday whenever I can. I abhor Christmas music, and avoid it like the plague.

    In short, it's pretty bare minimum from me for xmas. But still hypocritical in terms of what I truly believe, and what I am willing to do/participate in to continue the farce of it all.

  8. The finest wishes and expressions of good fortune to you this Christmas Penny. Enjoy the fineries and create some great warm memories this season. Everyone, have an excellent holiday and new year.

    Cheers all.

  9. While I agree that Christmas has a long history of being instigated and used by vested interests with hidden agendas and therefore promoting the opposite of what they profess, there is, never-the-less, a universal appeal in the stated message – peace to all people of goodwill.

    I believe it taps into a basic survival drive and that is to live in harmony with each other. It becomes more overt and pressing towards the end of our lives and at the end of the phases with in our lives; year's end being one of them.

    The Christmas celebration is particularly poignant in the northern hemisphere at a time when light is at a premium. There is the desire for more light for ourselves be this light outer or inner.

    So let us wish each other and our family, friends and neighbours well and ignore the machinations of the greedy and the apparently powerful.

  10. Blessings from a small part of the almost incompressible, inconprehesible, inconrovertible, Southern hemisphere .. heh.

  11. ..and if yer tinking of emigrating - there are NO intelligent life forms down here.} Go away. Fuck off!!

  12. James: thanks and back atcha, hope all went well?!

    btw: good to see you about?? I was thinking I was going to have to drop you a line. But, here you are! :)

    AP: thanks and of course backatcha!

    Dobra Vanoce!

    Dobra = good, right?

    I am familiar with this word from hubby's side of the house.

    thanks anonymous.

    Aangirfan: hoping everyone's fave schoolgirls had an enjoyable time, with people they love?

  13. Slozo: my bah humbug guy!

    Believe me, I know exactly what you speak of.

    "How many other of the rituals we practice are all made up bullshit meant to influence us in this way or that?"

    Probably all of them.

    I was thinking along this line over the holiday season.
    How these holidays cause society to massively conform to a set schedule and behave a certain way, in sync.

    On that level, it is minimally an exercise in social engineering.

    Should it all go up in smoke??

    I thought about this slozo.

    I am going to quote you here

    "If only people thought more about getting family together in North America for more than a day a year, they might actually talk about more meaningful things and learn from each other, help each other out more."

    Without Christmas, sadly, I do not think most people will make any effort to get together and talk.

    The excess part is true. I see it when they print the so called "cute" letters from the school kids in the local paper, there gift list for Santa.
    They want absolutely everything. And they want lots. The more expensive the better and they cite brand names.
    The ultimate little consumers.

    That said, that is a problem of society and not necessarily Christmas.

    I am going to continue on, using James's reply as a response

  14. Yeah dobra = good , on ref,ection I should have used 'vesely' = merry.


  15. Bah Humbug Part 2:

    From James:

    "there is, never-the-less, a universal appeal in the stated message – peace to all people of goodwill."

    Peace to all people of goodwill.

    Or as I was going for.... a reminder that we share a life and a common demise, all of us, human beings are part and parcel of the earth and the circle of life (before disney made that so gosh darn cheezy)

    And we should be treating one another as equals, people on the same journey.
    Not treating some as less then us.
    Or treating people as subjects.
    This is morally reprehensible.

    So slozo, if it is only once a year, it will have to suffice.

    If for just one day a year, people will stop to think about others in a charitable, kind fashion, I will take it.
    Because until the masses break out of their paradigm, this one day may be all we will get to remind ourselves of our own humanity.

    It reads sad, I know, but you and I can choose to be different.
    Rather then noting the falsities of the day, take the opportunity to use the day in a positive way.
    The more people that would do this, the less focus there would be on the material. Less on the ritual. More on the goodwill part.

  16. Aferrismoon:

    it's all good!

    As long as you wished well..

  17. Buffy:

    hope you had a good one!!! Without too much stress..

    HHQ:Thanks and the same to you.

    I think I did create some fine new memories this Christmas, breaking tradition from the usual kerfluffle.
    And spending sometime just walking, in the woods. Beautiful.


    ".and if yer tinking of emigrating - there are NO intelligent life forms down here.}"

    I don't believe that! Your there.

    I hope you too enjoyed your holidays

  18. Yeah, I knew that'd be the response.

    Use it for the good parts. Peace and good will to all men, and various other quotes from the bible and some Hallmark writers.

    And yet, the integral part of Christmas is the gift giving . . . without it, there is no Christmas. And for the kids, the whole presents under a tree, Santa Claus (just a coincidence that Santa is a missplaced 'n' away from Satan, right? As if the St. from St. Nickolas had be spanish in origin, as opposed to nordic or eastern euro where it supposedly came from) fantasy is integral to the kids - like the Easter bunny is integral to the kids for Easter.

    I will never lie to my kids, at any age, about Santa Claus, or the Easter bunny crap. I think it's dishonest, and I don't want my kids to buy into the ritualistic fantasy with all its trappings.

    I keep it to one present, and when the kids are old enough to do so, will encourage that they physically make their gifts for others, as I try to do. I shun all need for greeting cards, especially from companies like Hallmark that actually invented days to buy gifts.

    I mean, is Valentine's Day just as harmless as Christmas then? Celebrate a horrific murderer from history by getting people to buy cards, flowers and chocolates, as if women needed to be worshipped by men not as equals but as love slaves that need to bribed for sensual pleasure? Again, you can take away from it the romantic reminder of I love you . . . but the trappings are all there, just as bad.

    We must, as a society, if we truly want to be free-thinking and uncontrolled, lose ALL OF THESE TRAPPINGS. I mean, if someone asks me about 9/11 and says it's not important that we unravel the lie if there was any . . . would I play along?

    I think the lies of these holidays are just as if not more important to unravel. They do far more to condition and influence our children, after all, and it starts from birth.

  19. but slozo do you not believe in the concept of goodwill to all men?

    Or as James put it

    "I believe it taps into a basic survival drive and that is to live in harmony with each other."

    Keep in mind that not all cultures have Santa Claus as we in the west do.

    "And yet, the integral part of Christmas is the gift giving . . . without it, there is no Christmas."

    Ok, but the gift does not have to be purchased in a department/big box store.

    The gift can be time, a helping hand, something along that line.

    Slozo, I realize as I think most people here do that Christmas is a commercialized debt trap, but, it doesn't have to be.

    It can be whatever you make it.

    Example: we spent(hubby and I) two and 1/2 hours out hiking in nature, on Christmas day.
    It was beautiful.
    Just enjoying the time together and in nature.
    Do I do that all the time anyway?
    But it was the first time I had ever spent Christmas that way.
    No stress, just peace.

    ".(Holidays) They do far more to condition and influence our children, after all, and it starts from birth."

    I agree, completely.
    (Reinforced by the paid days off of work, I may add)

    Break away from the commercialism. The gift overload and the forced family time. Make the day your own.

    Likely not what you want to read,but there it is.

  20. Pen - asking me to buy into the delusion that Christmas is a feelgood, Christian values holiday, by asking me if I believe in goodwill to men is . . . a little silly, no?

    Why do the PTB dress up any controlling paradigm in beautiful virtuous values? To get you to follow it.

    Colour me slightly disappointed, perhaps not in the way that you might imagine.

  21. I am not asking you to buy into a delusion slozo, I am making note, pointing out to you, that you can alter the paradigm, through your own actions.

    You are not going to suddenly cause people to have an epiphany about the paganism involved in Christmas, but, you can, by altering your own behaviour change what goes on around you.

    What is that saying "Be the change, you want to see"

    I know it is cheezy, but it is true.

    And really, you are already altering the paradigm, though you are disappointed that the whole thing isn't changing fast enough for your liking.

    But, nothing changes overnight slozo.

    Only by you changing your approach to Christmas or me changing my approach, by spending the day in a totally different way, can the paradigm begin to shift.

    If you are disappointed in me for that slozo, what can I say?
    That is up to you.
    It is your choice.
    I can't, nor do I try, to please all people all the time.

    Though I have always been rather fond of your somewhat challenging ways....
    And appreciate that you do keep me on my toes.