Monday, January 31, 2011

Belarus sanctioned by US and EU

While were busily paying attention to Egypt.... The US and the EU sanction Belarus

US toughens sanctions over 'brutal' Belarus crackdown

The EU reinstated a travel ban on President Alexander Lukashenko and froze his assets, and the US imposed stricter financial controls and widened its travel bans on senior officials.

Mr Lukashenko was re-elected in a disputed vote in December, and launched a crackdown on dissent afterwards.

More than 600 people were detained, including seven of the election candidates, after protests against what international monitors said was a rigged vote.

I was wondering why Canada wasn't "sanctioned" after a one day round up and arrest of more then 1,000 individuals at last years G20 protests?

The United States is banning business with two subsidiaries of Belarus' state-owned petroleum conglomerate.

Under Lukashenko, Belarus has retained a Soviet-style state-controlled economy while also repressing opposition activists and independent news media.

A "soviet style" state controlled economy, as opposed to an Egyptian style, or an American style?

The European Union and U.S. Monday banned travel and froze assets for Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and 155 of his associates, in response to human-rights abuses following December's election.

Human rights abuses? Oh, like at Guantanamo?!

Israel allows Egyptian troops into the Sinai Peninsula

I was rather surprised to read this!!!
An indication of desperation on Israel's part?

Israel has rallied to the support of President Hosni Mubarak by allowing Egyptian troops into the Sinai peninsula for the first time since a peace deal was signed in 1979.

The concession came as it emerged that Israel had privately urged Western governments to end their criticism of Mr Mubarak as he struggles to quell a popular uprising against him.

Israel, however, has shown fewer qualms about backing Egypt's president of 30 years.

The decision to allow two Egyptian battalions to deploy against protesters in Sinai, which has been demilitarised since Israel’s withdrawal from the territory after the Camp David accords of 1978, is a reflection of Mr Netanyahu’s mounting concern.

Netanyahu says Egypt not violating peace treaty

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to address reports claiming Israel agreed to allow some Egyptian troops enter the Sinai Peninsula on Monday, something which is considered a violation according to the 1979 peace treaty.

Netayahu said: "For the past few decades Egypt has honored the peace treaty and hasn't violated it.

That is something that cannot be said of Israel

A silver lining for big oil extortionists

Oil hits $100 a barrel on Suez Canal shipping fears

Egypt and the players: US, Israel, Elbaradei, Muslim Brotherhood and the Suez Canal

Egypt.I have been following the news. Is this a legit uprising? Is it not?
One thought that had crossed my mind watching these protests, was or had some kind of state sponsored pressure campaign, been 'encouraged'? But,got out of control?
Had a certain country, who shall remain nameless, been up to tricks? Tricks, that went a little to far, and tapped into a very large vein of anger, resentment and hostility?

Thinking back to the arrest of Israeli spies in Egypt.
(linked to spy cells in Lebanon and Syria) Then the church bombing

A brief aside, quoting from the JP article
" The crime lab investigation found the explosives used were locally made and were filled with nails and ball bearings to maximize the number of casualties."

Reminds one of the Russian airport bombing, but, I digress..

Back to Egypt.

Mubarek had been critical of Israel regarding the Palestinian "peace talks"
Was it all politics on his part? To give himself some legitimacy in Egypt? Or was he being sincere? Mubarek has had a rather heavy handed approach to Gaza, until recently, when he let some aid enter Gaza ... Did this annoy Israel and the US?

I don't know if this matters so much at this point. The who's, how's and the why's that brought this on.

However the situation in Egypt resolves itself, the West, especially the US and Israel, will try to manipulate the situation to the advantage of themselves and their interests.
Will they be successful?
I guess, only time will tell.

What do we have today in the news?

Interesting headlines-Managing Egypt's revolution or how about US calls for 'orderly transition' in Egypt

The United States has called for an "orderly transition" to a new government in Egypt but stopped short of demanding President Hosni Mubarak step down as protests engulf his regime.

Mubarek has shuffled some people around, but, nothing substantive. I guess this is managing a transition? But, not quite enough window dressing to make the change look updated.
Hilary Clinton thinks he needs to go further, but, there is no talk of Mubarek stepping down. No cutting off of the aid.

"There is no discussion as of this time about cutting off any aid," Clinton said.

If the US wanted Mubarek out, aid would be cut off.
(As was recently threatened in Haiti)

And, what about ElBaradei?

He is talking the talk. But, will he walk the walk, should he get the position to do so?
"The American government cannot ask the Egyptian people to believe that a dictator who has been in power for 30 years will be the one to implement democracy," the former head of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency said.
"You are losing credibility by the day. On one hand, you're talking about democracy, rule of law and human rights, and on the other hand, you're lending still your support to a dictator that continues to oppress his people. You have to stop the life support to the dictator."
This fellow is, I am certain, well connected to the Global elite crowd. Therefore, I have some serious doubts about how he will perform in Egypt and just who he will perform for.

Then there is the Muslim Brotherhood. This group seems to cause the West concern.

FOR the US and Israel, the alarming spectre raised by the uprising in Egypt is the prospect of the Muslim Brotherhood seizing power and forming a hostile Islamist regime in a country that has for decades been a bastion of US and Western support.
This scenario has been successfully exploited by the Egyptian government for 30 years to maintain its emergency rule and justify the brutal crushing of opponents and has been cited by the US to rationalise its backing of President Hosni Mubarak's regime.

They have recently thrown their support behind ElBaradei.

On Sunday it upped the ante by announcing its support for Nobel Peace Prize laureate and opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei as transitional president if Mubarak is forced aside.

They have also taken their support further, as reported here, by offering to enter into discussions with the army.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is seeking to form a broad political committee with Mohamed ElBaradei to talk to the army, a senior member of the opposition group said on Monday.
Then of course, there is Israel.

The latest news stories have Israel seeking support for Mubarek and a request to curb criticism of the leader.

Israel has told its diplomats in the United States, Europe and elsewhere to encourage their host nations to support the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, daily Haaretz reported Monday.
The newspaper said Israel's foreign ministry told its diplomats to stress that it is in "the interest of the West" and of "the entire Middle East to maintain the stability of the regime in Egypt."
"We must therefore curb public criticism against President Hosni Mubarak," the message sent at the end of last week said, according to Haaretz.
Israel seeking support for Mubarek, should play out really well in Egypt...(sarcasm)
Because ,Without Egypt, Israel will be left with no friends in Mideast

Perhaps Israel should have played nicer.
I mean, it is really not nice to drop white phosphorous one your neighbours.

And, the Suez Canal
A million questions with how transport through the canal could be affected?

I guess we will all just watch as the situation unfolds

Friday, January 28, 2011

Suspect in Moscow Airport bombing, reported dead months ago?!

I want to touch briefly on the Russian airport bombing.
Most readers will already know that a security firm linked to Israel was running the "security" at the airport.
Goon Squad (Greg) has covered that angle so you can read his info, here

CCTV footage of the explosion

I see what looks like the place where people are arriving and perhaps dropping off their luggage and then an explosion.
From the video, I don't see or get the sense the explosion was connected to any individual.
(As in a suicide bombing)

So, how about this? A suitcase or package timed to explode. Left by someone, anyone, not a "suicide bomber"? Could just as easily have happened that way?

Shortly after the blast President Medvedev was quoted saying-

"What happened shows that obviously there were violations in guaranteeing security"

That much is obvious.

Then the alleged suicide bomber? Was there one at all?
Not likely according to this report

A Moscow newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP) questioned the claims by the KGB-FSB that the bomb at the Moscow airport was detonated by a "suicide bomber".

Reaffirming the point I was making above-
" the explosion at the airport Domodedovo occurred in the arrival hall in the luggage department, a KP source says. - If you pick up your luggage there, you can notice that it not always easy to find a free trolley. People place suitcases onto it, go out, and then load their luggage into a taxi. Going back from a taxi to the airport hall with a trolley, you can take at least five, or even ten kilos TNT in it"

A suicide bomber is not needed there all there (in this situation, he is not really needed - KC)", writes the Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda.

One could say that the Kavkaz Center has a bit of an agenda, they are most definitely Anti-Russian in their stance.

But, they are making a valid point in their position.
So,we must take into consideration the possibility that there was no suicide bomber

Curious - No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

No suicide bomber and no "terrorist group"?

A suspect!

An Ethnic Russian has been named as a suspect. A suspect? As in, someone still alive? Maybe, maybe not. But, not for the reasons that come to mind (dead in the explosion), because......
"The remains of the suspected airport bomber do not resemble Razdobudko"

This is Razdobudko

Security forces are searching for an ethnic Russian.
Who is Razdobudko?
"Razdobudko is a Russian-born adherent of the fundamentalist Wahhabi branch of Islam, which is popular among terrorists"
As is claimed by unnamed security sources.

This is interesting-

Razdobudko went missing in late October, and his relatives told police at the time that he might have been killed by rebels after he tried to cut off all contact with them, the report said.

o, the authorities are looking for a man, who may or may not be connected to the bombing? Who may or may not have been dead since October 2010?

This makes him either a convenient patsy, or, someone who may be connected to some intelligence group? But, which one?

Dead men tell no secrets, particularly men that have been dead for a few months.

There is most definitely something 'off 'about this whole airport bombing.

Possible players in an intelligence op? All having opportunity and motive
Simply put!
Russia -restricting freedoms
Israel - pay back for Palestinian state recognition, and to work with the US
US - looking to balkanize Russia
Georgia- but not without help from the US and Israel

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting 'high' on...... Bath Salts!?

File this under bizarre-

When Neil Brown got high on bath salts, he took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly. Brown survived, but authorities say others haven't been so lucky after snorting, injecting or smoking powders with such innocuous-sounding names as Ivory Snow, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky

Some say the effects of the powders are as powerful as abusing methamphetamine. Increasingly, law enforcement agents and poison control centers say the bath salts with complex chemical names are an emerging menace in several U.S. states where authorities talk of banning their sale.From the Deep South to California, emergency calls are being reported over exposure to the stimulants the powders often contain: mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also known as MDPV.

Sold under such names as Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning and Hurricane Charlie, the chemicals can cause hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rates and suicidal thoughts, authorities say.

"It causes intense cravings for it. They'll binge on it three or four days before they show up in an ER. Even though it's a horrible trip, (see above) they want to do it again and again," Ryan said.

Dr. Richard Sanders, a general practitioner working in Covington, La., said his son, Dickie, snorted some of the bath salts and endured three days of intermittent delirium. Dickie Sanders missed major arteries when he cut his throat. As he continued to have visions, his physician father tried to calm him. But the elder Sanders said that as he slept, his son went into another room and shot himself.

Sounds more like getting "low" rather then high. Low down, dirty and depressed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

South America- A new Homeland for the Palestinian's or for the Israeli's?

Update at bottom

What to make of this latest news story regarding the "leaked" Palestinians Papers?
I will admit to being confused at just what or who is making plans for South America.

Palestinians condemn US plan to settle refugees in South America

Palestinians have expressed shock and dismay at the US suggestion to settle Palestinian refugees in Argentina and Chile rather than let them return to their ancestral land in Israel.

"It's completely unacceptable. It contradicts our inalienable right to return to our own homeland," said Daniel Jadue, vice-president of Chile's Palestine Federation. "That right cannot be renounced. To make this suggestion shows the mediation was not honest. It was clearly tilted in favour of Israel. This is extremely grave."

Condoleeza Rice who was secretary of state in the Bush administration, floated the idea at a meeting on 28 June 2008 with US, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Berlin, according to minutes of the encounter obtained by al-Jazeera and shared with the Guardian.

Here is what CR said:
During a discussion about international funding to compensate refugees – an estimated 5 million Palestinians are scattered around the Middle East – the US diplomat made a startling suggestion.

"Maybe we will be able to find countries that can contribute in kind. Chile, Argentina etc (ie, give land)."

The proposal seems based on the fact that Chile has a large Palestinian community dating back a century and, like Argentina, has large tracts of sparsely populated land.

The suggestion dumbfounded South America's Palestinians. Obviously!

Chile's Palestinians would welcome compatriots who chose to settle in the Andes, said Jadue. "If a Palestinian accepted to come here that would be their right and we would show solidarity." But that did not justify a US proposal to funnel refugees from the Middle East to reduce pressure on Israel to give up land, he said. "That's wrong."

Now, here is where I get confused.

There has been whispers about an influx of Israeli's into South America.
Well actually more then a whisper. This bit of news first came to light when I heard this interview; Download this episode (right click and save)
I encourage you to listen to it. It is most interesting.

Adrian Salbuchi is a researcher, author, journalist, speaker, and international consultant on political and public risk management, having held top management posts in major multinational risk management companies.
He's also familiar with Israel's reported large land purchase in Patagonia, Argentina, the topic of today's discussion.

Patagonia borders both Argentina and Chile: You can see it in the bottom section of Argentina, making up what looks like a good 40 percent of Argentina (guesstimating)

This interview sent me digging for info, which I bookmarked, but didn't get around to putting together a post. (Too much info, too little time)
Around the time I listened to this interview, Greg over at Goon Squad had put up a post on this very topic. Serendipity!
In his post Greg correctly points out that the idea of having a homeland for the followers of Judaism in Argentina, had been previously considered. Keep that in mind as you read the information in this post.

This is the information I had found. Patagonia a popular spot for Israelis
"Hebrew is practically a second language here"

Bariloche, Patagonia (Argentina) - "Have you been to 'Israeloche?'" (Renaming the city?) came the question from an Israeli backpacker. It didn't seem that off the mark given that the Argentine city of Bariloche was indeed overrun with Israeli travelers. For that matter, all of Patagonia is chock-full of Israelis.

Drawn by the rugged landscape, numerous trekking opportunities and the relative bargain that Argentina has become in the wake of the 2001 financial crisis, Israelis are pouring into Patagonia. As noted by a worker at a tourist information booth in Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, "the most steady stream of travelers that we receive throughout the year are Israelis." For all intents and purposes, Bariloche is the hub of Jewish life in Patagonia, a geographic region at the southernmost portion of South America. In Bariloche, there is a permanent Jewish community of nearly 150 people, and that number is buoyed by a tremendous influx of Israeli travelers passing through. Bariloche is also home to one of the most southerly Beit Chabads on the planet, and I stopped by for Shabbat and squeezed my way into a packed service. Following services, the synagogue reconvened in a convention hall for Shabbat dinner, and we were joined by scores of Israeli travelers; in total, nearly 150 people were there for Shabbat dinner.

While most Israeli travelers are post-army (?) backpackers,
I have also encountered a considerable number of older Israelis on vacation here. One Israeli remarked that he was visiting Patagonia because his son had been backpacking here the previous year and recommended it so highly that he had to come himself. Similar sentiments were echoed by other older travelers, not to mention a scattered number of Israeli families traveling in Patagonia. Every city and hiking refuge in this land of midnight summer sun is filled with Israelis. So much so, it seems Hebrew is practically a second language in Patagonia.
Read the rest at the above link!

So, if either Argentina or Chile were being seriously considered as a new homeland for the Palestinians, why would there be a steady influx of Israeli's. Including the claimed "post army" backpackers?

I also came across this article, The other Patagonia, and an interesting sentence caught my eye.
Regarding a very large land purchase made by Doug Tompkins, founder of North Face and Espirit.
Doug Tompkins converted to Judaism and accused him of importing Israeli commandos.

This author suggests that this is a claim made by "neo-nazis". Nice way to use guilt by association to discredit these claims. Since it does seem South America is full of Israelis. We can even read the Jerusalem Post extolling the "Jewishness" of the place.

But, that is not all!
I came across this. Israeli War Criminals in Patagonia
This is an extremely lengthy piece.

" I saw the huge number of the Israeli troops spreading in the south of Chile. Some were carrying electronic equipment in their backpacks and under their T-shirts, as if they were on an official mission. I saw these Israeli criminals on ships, in the bus, on the streets of all towns and villages, at the coffee shops, in the restaurants, in hotels and … everywhere, right and left"

"Why are the Israeli war criminals still sending their troops, their special forces from different units, Golani, Givati, Death squads, Shimshon, Paratroopers, military Intelligence … etc. to Patagonia?
What is the next step and plan of these war criminals in Patagonia? Does the IOF plan to destroy the nature and to build more Jewish settlements in Chile and Argentina? Does the IOF train during their continuous presence in Patagonia? What disaster will the Israeli criminal forces bring to the kind Chilean people, and why? Is Patagonia planned to become a new or alternative homeland for the Jews?

Backpackers everywhere, just like the Jerusalem Post article.

I know it is a lengthy post. And, there is a lot of information to digest. The interview, Greg's post and all the information I have posted makes one wonder, just what the heck is going on in South America, Argentina and Chile.

This information may also tie in with some work AP at Twelfth Bough has done.

The mountain range runs between Chile and Argentina.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Private Spies and Provocateurs

Any act of "terrorism" has to be immediately questioned because of the clandestine and unaccountable activities of private provocateurs and spies. Read on....


Duane R. Clarridge parted company with the CIA more then two decades ago, but from poolside at his home near San Diego, he still runs a network of spies.

Over the past two years, he has fielded operatives in the mountains of Pakistan and the desert badlands of Afghanistan.

Mr. Clarridge, 78, who was indicted on charges of lying to Congress in the Iran-contra scandal and later pardoned.

His dispatches — an amalgam of fact, rumor, analysis and uncorroborated reports (spin, propaganda) — have been sent to military officials who, until last spring at least, found some credible enough to be used in planning strikes against militants in Afghanistan. They are also fed to conservative commentators, including Oliver North, a compatriot from the Iran-contra days and now a Fox News analyst, and Brad Thor, an author of military thrillers and a frequent guest of Glenn Beck.

The private spying operation, which The New York Times disclosed last year, was tapped by a military desperate for information about its enemies and frustrated with the quality of intelligence from the C.I.A., an agency that colleagues say Mr. Clarridge now views largely with contempt. The effort was among a number of secret activities undertaken by the American government in a shadow war around the globe to combat militants and root out terrorists. The

Pentagon official who arranged a contract for Mr. Clarridge in 2009 is under investigation for allegations of violating Defense Department rules in awarding that contract.

Allegedly because of this investigation Mr Clarridge has been cut off from government funding and is relying on like minded "private donors" to pay his operatives and continue his work.
Which more then likely means money from the Penatagon (black budget?) has been rerouted through to private hands, and then onto Mr Clarridge.

Mr Clarridge makes an interesting comparison between his Operation called "Eclipse" and the OSS.

Mr. Clarridge declined to be interviewed, but issued a statement that likened his operation, called the Eclipse Group, to the Office of Strategic Services, the C.I.A.’s World War II precursor.

“O.S.S. was a success of the past,” he wrote. “Eclipse may possibly be an effective model for the future, providing information to officers and officials of the United States government who have the sole responsibility of acting on it or not.”

An indication of the mindset of Mr. Clarridge?!

Mr. Clarridge has been an unflinching cheerleader for American intervention overseas.Typical of his pugnacious style are his comments, provided in a 2008 interview for a documentary now on YouTube, defending many of the C.I.A.’s most notorious operations, including undermining the Chilean president Salvador Allende, before a coup ousted him 1973.

“Sometimes, unfortunately, things have to be changed in a rather ugly way,” said Mr. Clarridge, his New England accent becoming more pronounced the angrier he became. “We’ll intervene whenever we decide it’s in our national security interests to intervene.”

“Get used to it, world,” he said. “We’re not going to put up with nonsense.”

The use of private, state funded, completely unaccountable agencies is not anything new.

The Iraq war made the name BlackWater (Xe) and it's private mercenaries (killers for hire), household names.

A recent news story out of Britian makes mention of a group called Acpo. The state Peddlers of Fear must be brought to account.

Acpo- It now runs its own police forces under a police chief boss, Sir Hugh Orde, like a British FBI.

It trades on its own account, generating revenue by selling data from the police national computer for £70 an item (cost of retrieval, 60p). It owns an estate of 80 flats in central London.

As a private company, Acpo need not accede to Freedom of Information requests and presumably could distribute its profit to its own board. The whole operation is reminiscent of the deals set up by the Pentagon with private firms to run the Iraq and Afghan wars, free of publicity or accountability.

This group has been caught running an undercover operative, who was committing "eco-terrorism"

Dictator Baby Doc and the multi-million dollar pay off

In my previous post on Haiti, here.
James left a good response, regarding the US et al, using Baby Doc as leverage to force Preval's hand with regards to the elections.

In my opinion, yes, Baby Doc as leverage is very useful.
It sends a message to Preval that he is not running the country. Other nations are the true holders of power.

But there is also some money to be had by Baby Doc......
Ex-dictator Baby Doc 'returned to Haiti for millions'

The surprise return to Haiti of ousted dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier may have been part of a plan to unlock $5.7 million held in Swiss bank accounts.

On January 12 last year, Switzerland's Federal Supreme Court ruled that Mr Duvalier, 59, should be allowed to access the money. The decision was considered a public relations disaster by the Swiss government, which is keen to shed the country's image as a financial haven for disgraced dictators.

Politicians quickly passed the so-called "Duvalier Law" under which funds could be returned to countries from which they had been stolen by rogue leaders.

Whatever "charges" may or may not have been brought against Duvalier, they are not a factor at this point. There has been no trial. Hence, Duvalier is not officially guilty of anything.

We have two options to look at, thus far-

1-Duvalier, will not go to trial, will not be found guilty and will get access to the money.

2-The US(OAS) will force Preval's hand, the American puppets will be installed in Haiti, either the singer(?) Martelly or Mirlande Manigat, doesn't matter. They will get the money from the Swiss banks and siphon it to Baby Doc.

Baby Doc will be paid handsomely for further upsetting the political balance in Haiti.

Friday, January 21, 2011

River Fish loaded with Prozac

St. Lawrence River fish are loaded with Prozac and other antidepressant drugs.

Researchers at the Université de Montréal and Environment Canada have discovered large quantities of antidepressants in the liver, muscle and brain tissues of brook trout exposed to three months of various levels of treated effluent from Montreal's sewage treatment plant.

According to the peer-reviewed study, published this week in the journal Chemosphere, most of the drug was found in liver tissue. Slightly less was found in the brain. The least amount was found in muscle, which is the filet eaten by humans.

"My real concern is the effects on the fish," he said, adding they "could be quite serious."

He said the study shows that fish exposed to the effluent have changes in their brains's nerve activity.

Though this study is on fish from the St Lawrence River, undoubtedly, the same results can be found near any large city, anywhere in the World.

Some of the article was written in a rather moronic manner. Calling Prozac the "happy hormone" Or comments like " You can't ask a fish whether it is happier or not."
Why would the Professor even say that? Seems nonsensical. Perhaps he was attempting to appeal to the reading audience, but, all anti-depressants have suicide as a side effect.
That can't make anyone "happier"?
The fact that the fish are having neurological changes is a problem for the fish. The fact that water is so polluted with prescription drugs of every sort is a problem for everyone.

Research during the last two decades has revealed that pharmaceutical drugs and personal care products are a major source of pollution in the marine environment. Even in very low concentrations, they have altered the ecosystems.

Washington turns the thumbs screws in the Haiti election

Washington revoked the U.S. visas of some Haitians associated with the campaign of a government candidate who is Martelly's rival for a runoff place.


U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley confirmed that some visas had been revoked and that Haitian officials were among those affected.

Put another way, Washington has revoked the visas for Haitians who support a candidate other then the one, the US wants in the election run-off. This would be Haitians who support Jude Celestin. Hmm....isn't this election supposed to be for Haitians?

The U.N. and western donors (?) are piling pressure on Haiti's government and Provisional Electoral Council to include Martelly, a popular musician, in the deciding second-round contest with opposition matriarch Mirlande Manigat.

U.N., U.S. and European officials are emphatically telling Haitian President Rene Preval, that failure to follow the OAS recommendation risks plunging the earthquake-battered Caribbean nation into even more turmoil.

Does this sound like political blackmail? Do as we say or risk more trouble? Very humanitarian..

Recall in a previous post there was an analysis done that found the OAS report on Haiti's election
"methodologically and statistically flawed, and arbitrary"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turkel Committee to claim IDF acted in self-defence during attack on Gaza Flotilla

First, the latest news, then I will repost a video of the attack on the flotilla.
Self-defence, really?

The Turkel Commission investigating the events surrounding the Gaza flotilla of May 2010 is expected to determine that the actions of the commando unit that took control of the ships did not contravene international law, and that the IDF soldiers on the Mavi Marmara acted in self-defense when they killed nine Turkish citizens.

The commission's two international observers, Canadian Ken Watkin and Irish David Trimble, concurred with the findings of the commission.

The two international "observers" attempt to add credibility to a non-credible investigation.

I blogged on this commission when it was in it's early stages, you can find that post here

At that time noting that Trimble was a "friend of Israel" no matter what.

"Many will question just how serious or impartial an investigation Israel has initiated when at this early stage they send a very clear message to the world that only those supportive of Israel will be in a position to investigate what was a criminal act of international piracy."

Only those supportive of Israel will be allowed to investigate a criminal act of international piracy? Which was why I titled that post, Israel readies a whitewash.

Also worth mentioning that Trimble and Watkins were only to play a limited role in this "investigation"

Video footage of the attack on the Gaza flotilla.
The attack by the IDF with live fire began long before the ship was boarded by the IDF.
The only people acting in their own self-defence were the persons on the ship, after they were brutally attacked by the IDF with live fire, real bullets.

The Turkel committee was always going to be a whitewash, that is what it was set up to be.
To legitimize the illegitimate.

Duvalier slips out the back. US aid hinges on "credible" elections

Where has he gone? Is he gone for good?

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier quietly left his luxury hotel in Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

Duvalier left through a back entrance, avoiding journalists camped out in from of the Hotel Karibe. He had been staying at the hotel since his surprise arrival in Haiti four days ago after 25 years of exile in France.

Duvalier applied for a new passport on Wednesday. A spokesman said the former dictator planned to leave the country when he gets it.

So did he get the passport?

Curious, has anyone besides me really looked at Baby Doc Duvalier?
That blank face. Unfocused stare. And someone is always holding on to him. Also, he has not spoke to the media himself. His wife/companion talks for him or reads statements allegedly prepared by him.
There is clearly one or more health issues at play. I was thinking a stroke? But, maybe he is drugged, who really knows?

US aid to Haiti hinges on "credible" elections.
So says Ambassador Susan Rice.

Haiti must have credible elections to maintain international support, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice told the UN on Thursday.

The U.S. representative to the United Nations told the Security Council that the United States welcomes the recommendations made by the Organization of American States, including an OAS call for runoff elections in Haiti.

How self-serving is that?
The US welcomes the recommendations made by the OAS?
No surprise there, since the US made the recommendations.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is going on behind the smokescreen provided by Baby Doc's return to Haiti

I am hoping the readers are not getting Haiti burn out?
There is more to this then meets the eye.
I have been thinking about the why now of Baby Doc's return. Clearly it has to do with the elections. But, what about the elections? The disputed election results? Who is disputing them and why?
I have come across some interesting info. So bear with me, while I plow through it and hopefully when I am done, it will make sense.

We're looking at the election from three angles.
1.-Rene Preval wants his man in the run off.
2.-The OAS (Organization of the American States) do not want Preval's man in the run-off
3.- The Haitians want an entirely new election

I had a commenter a couple of days back who felt the return of Baby Doc was a ploy by Preval.

I am not so sure of that, and here is why.

What's driving 'Baby Doc' Duvalier's return from exile?

Another theory links Mr. Duvalier’s return to the political fortunes of Michel Martelly, a presidential candidate who has laid claim to a place on the runoff ballot and whose entourage includes some Duvalier supporters. Mr. Duvalier’s decision to check into the Hotel Karibe, where Mr. Martelly’s camp based themselves during the Nov. 28 election, was perhaps not a coincidence.

“There is a connection between Martelly and Duvalier. There’s no doubt about that,” Prof. Fatton confirmed.

Prof. Fatton also raised the scenario that the international community, led by France and the United States, colluded to bring about Mr. Duvalier’s return. “How in the heck did the French allow him to take the plane from Paris?” Prof. Fatton wondered.

The theory of the international community, led by France and the US (including Canada), conspiring to bring in Baby Doc, makes way more sense then the Preval theory. Preval simply does not have enough international pull to get Baby Doc out of France. More powerful hands were pulling the strings behind the scenes to do that.

Let's continue-

Mr. Préval is said to be “enraged” by overtures from the French and American embassies urging the President to respect the findings of a report by the Organization of American States, leaks of which call for his chosen successor, Jude Célestin, to withdraw from a second ballot, leaving Mr. Martelly and former first lady Mirlande Manigat to contest the presidency.

Respect the findings of the Organization of American States? Are they legitimate findings?

It does not seems so! Not even close to legitimate.
There is another, very interesting report from CEPR. Center for Economic and Policy Research
You can find that here

WASHINGTON - January 17 - An analysis from the Center for Economic and Policy Research finds that the conclusions of a high-profile report [PDF] on Haiti's presidential elections from the Organization of American States' (OAS) "Expert" Mission - which recommends changing the result of the first round of the election -- are methodologically and statistically flawed, and arbitrary.

"It is highly unusual and perhaps unprecedented for any electoral authority to change the results of an election without a full recount," said Mark Weisbrot, CEPR Co-Director of and co-author of the analysis. "I can't recall ever seeing something like this.

"But for a foreign mission to do so with such flawed methodology, and for foreign governments to then bring pressure on Haiti to accept the changed result - that really makes a complete travesty of the democratic process," Weisbrot added.

Please read more at the link.

We can quite easily assume that the so called "findings" of the OAS are very much in keeping with the opportunity to have the already pre-ordained western candidates Mr. Martelly and/or Mirlande Manigat win the run off election.

If either of them win. The US, France (not an OAS member) and Canada win! But not the Haitians.
Remember the Haitians want a whole new election.

So we have Baby Doc holed up in the Hotel Karibe, where Mr Martelly's election campaign was based? Is based?

Then there is, Mirlande Manigat, she is a former first lady. Her husband (Leslie) "won" an interesting election. January 17,1988 Leslie Manigat "won" the election with 50.29 percent of the vote, BUT, voter turn out was well UNDER 10%.

A resounding win? Not.

Now to the most recent election!
Video interview with Haiti Libre, editor and journalist Kim Ives , about former dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier’s return to Haiti. Ives argues Duvalier’s presence will allow the United States and France to install their preferred candidate in a run-off election set for February against the wishes of President René Préval.
The international community has threatened Préval with exile if he does not comply with their interpretation of the disputed results of last November’s election. "Préval, after bowing to U.S. and French and Canadian dictates over the past decade of his presidencies, is now finding out that once he begins to resist a little bit or try to do something his way, that he’s going to be quickly dispensed with," Ives says.

Judge to decide if Duvalier will face trial

Duvalier was questioned for hours ,allegedly, by a judge or judges.
IF a case is to be made against Duvalier, the decision lies with one judge.

"The case is now in the hands of a judge who will decide whether there is enough evidence to go to trial"

How long might this take?

"The process that can take up to three months"

Was Baby Doc incarcerated while the Judge decides his fate? Taking up to three months to make that decision? No, he was not.

"Haiti's system allows for pretrial detention, but Duvalier was allowed to remain free and returned to his hotel room"

His longtime companion Veronique Roy has said his trip was expected to last three days.

His defence lawyer Renee Charles said
"If he has to leave (the country), he will ask and he will leave"

Though the lawyer claims Baby Doc, does not have a passport.

"As of now, he doesn't even have a passport."

Seems a little contradictory? Doesn't it?
He will leave the country if need be, but, he doesn't have a passport.

Perhaps the passport isn't really an issue?
Another diplomatic passport can easily be issued.
Or, the past can repeat itself and the US can fly him out of the country.

As an aside, I recall when the Baptist "missionaries" were incarcerated in Haiti.
They too, on the decision of one judge, were let free.
Despite the fact that they appeared to be abducting Haitian children.
Click the Haiti label at the bottom of this post to refresh your memory on that case.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stuxnet, tested in Israel, developed with the aid of the US

I wanted to post this link yesterday but, got a bit sidetracked with the news out of Haiti
You may have already seen this one. If you haven't it is definitely worth a read.

Stuxnet worm used against Iran, tested in Israel, at the Dimona complex.

The Dimona complex in the Negev desert is famous as the heavily guarded heart of Israel’s never-acknowledged nuclear arms program, where neat rows of factories make atomic fuel for the arsenal.
Thanks New York Times for acknowledging what the world already knows. Israel is a nuclear armed nation. Not Iran.

Duvalier's Haiti return. From the Past to Present Day

Breaking News Update at end of post!

Yesterday's post garnered an interesting anonymous commenter.

A commenter that claimed they (she/he) were in Haiti, " during Baby Doc's short reign in 1980-82" and then further claimed " Baby Doc was so young he never had a chance to make reforms"

I did respond to that commenter in general but, thought to myself, above quoted passages of the comment were worthy of addressing in a post.

I had one of those sort of gut feelings about this commenter. Was it a lack of knowledge? Or is an agenda being promoted here? A colonialist agenda. Haiti was better off under the rule of a dictator for life, a dictator enriching himself, while Western interests lead him by the nose.

I did some checking around.
This is Baby Doc Duvalier. On the day he was made Leader for Life.

It was April 1971, in the gilded reception room of the now wrecked Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince, just 48 hours after the 19-year-old's father, long-time dictator Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, was officially declared dead.

On April 21, 1971, Haitian radio began playing funereal music at 7 a.m., then at 8 a.m. it announced -- with no mention of "Papa Doc" -- that President-for-Life Jean-Claude Duvalier had official functions to perform that day.

Baby Doc ruled Haiti with an Iron Fist for 15 years afterwards. Not two years as the anonymous commenter claimed, Fifteen years!. He was not "so young", nor did he have a "short reign"
He fled, with the help of the US in 1986.

One claim to fame was the renaming of the brutal TonTon Macouts. They were instead known as the Volunteers for National Security. Where have we heard of this type of rebranding before?
When things get to unsavoury change the name. Like Blackwater to Xe. But, while the names have changed, the business is still the same.

When Baby Doc fled in 1986, the Haitians danced in the streets.

Haitians danced in the streets when he was ousted in a 1986 revolution as mobs tore down the symbols of the long era of Duvalier repression -- "Baby Doc" left in disgrace on a US Air Force plane.

So what is Baby Doc doing in Haiti now? And how long will he be there?
Speculation abounds

Some are already alleging a Preval plot aimed at miring the (election) process in further confusion.

Will he remain in Haiti for only three days?

A French diplomatic source in Port-au-Prince told AFP the former dictator had booked a return ticket to France dated January 20, in three days time.

The US is claiming to be "surprised"

The United States admitted it was "surprised" at ex-dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier's return to Haiti after 25 years in exile, a State Department spokesman said Monday.
"It adds unpredictability at an uncertain time in Haiti's election process"
The US claim of surprise is not believable. It is simply not credible. The US likes chaos.
Then it can bring in the order. Harsh, repressive order.
Besides, some country issued Duvalier a diplomatic passport? Which country? If it was France, they would not have done it without US knowledge and consent. If it was the US that issued the passport, France would have known also. The "supporters" at the airport? Clearly his arrival in Haiti was known, expected and supported.
All claims of surprise from the political establishment are hollow.

Human rights groups are making noise for his arrest. This won't happen, though it should.
France has had years to arrest him for human rights abuses. So did the US. They hung onto him for a reason.

No surprise really. Their are wiki-leaks cables to bolster US concerns about the return of Duvalier to Haiti. Wikileaks conveniently timed "leaks" are present to bolster US claims.
It is as if the whole propaganda narrative is falling into place.

Montreal, Canada has a large Haitian community. What was their reaction?

Anger, shock at Duvalier's return.

Fear for safety, rebuilding effort. Montreal's Haitian diaspora danced in the streets when dictator fled 25 years ago

"For a lot of people in the Haitian community, the reaction is of surprise and disbelief,"

Benjamin said he worried that Duvalier's presence would "reopen the wounds" of repression and torture by a cadre of secret police who answered directly to the Duvaliers

Something I mentioned yesterday, about the dearth of young people who showed up to support the dictators return. The young people would not recall Baby Doc.

"The problem is that people in Haiti who are now 25 or 30 don't know what the Duvalier regime was," he said. "It isn't taught in schools, there is no museum on the horrors perpetrated by the regime"

Half of Haiti's population is under 25. The time was right to bring back the dictator.
Demographically speaking. Not morally speaking.

Baby Doc Duvalier arrested after his return from exile?
Or not!
While CNN is using or abusing the attention grabbing headline. AP is being more cautious.
Saying police have taken Duvalier from the hotel, but noting it is unclear whether he was formally arrested.

VOA is reporting that officials went to see the former leader, known as "Baby Doc," at the luxury Hotel Karibe, where he has been staying since his unexpected return. It is unclear what the outcome of the meeting will be.

When it comes to Baby Doc's human rights abuses the UN had this to say-

"The United Nations human rights office said earlier Tuesday that it is not clear yet whether Haiti is in a position to arrest and charge Mr. Duvalier with atrocities committed during his 15-year rule.

A spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said Tuesday that evidence is needed to mount a case against Mr. Duvalier.

Oh really?
For the Hariri "investigation" questionable evidence will suffice.
When Israel commits human rights abuses, no amount of evidence, no matter how much of it , including but not limited to what is contained in UN reports, results in any action against Israel.
With the UN, everything is political. Nothing is legitimate.

As I posted earlier, it is claimed Baby Doc has a return flight booked shortly. Let's see if he leaves.
This latest news will likely amount to nothing.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Woe is Haiti -Baby Doc is back

Imagine my surprise, my utter shock, complete with a bit of a nauseated feeling to read that Baby Doc Duvalier, the exiled dictator is BACK. Yes, back in Haiti.
Why? He flew in on Air France. When he went into exile the US flew him out. In high style.

Quite simply put he could not have come back, would not have come, into Haiti without the blessing of the US and France.
This will be bad for the Haitians.
Excellent article here
Read it to the end.
Obama's change in Haiti: the Return of Dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier
Bay kou blye, pote mak sonje - the one who gives the blow, forgets. The one who bears the mark remembers: Over 60, 000 and some say as high as nearly 100,000 Haitians were murdered under the bloody US-supported Duvalier (father/son) dictatorships from 1957 to 1986. Browse the galleries of the Fort Dimanche website for stories and pictures of the dead -- those political prisoners who were imprisoned, tortured and killed at Fort Dimanche.

"Throughout the blood-drenched rule of the Duvaliers (nearly 100,000 killed by the Tontons Macoutes alone), the US barely uttered a peep about human rights violations. In 1986, however, when it became apparent that Baby Doc's presidency could not in fact be sustained for his entire life (unless he died soon), the Reagan administration airlifted him to a retirement villa in France and started talking about the "democratic process." (From The CIAs Greatest Hits, by Mark Zepezauer.")

Air France flew Jean Claude Duvalier back into Haiti today. A coup for France who saw its influence diminishing as the US took over with the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission and the UN occupation. (Ousted president Jean Claude " Baby Doc" Duvalier returns to Haiti unexpectedly ; Jean-Claude "Baby Doc' Duvalier , ex-Haiti dictator, makes surprise return to country Sunday ).
Why would the world's most powerful nation, the United States, allow this?

Well, their pillage of poor Haiti is butt-naked right now. At the one-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, even the conservative media is talking about the failure of US aid, the UN and the NGO poverty pimping business in Haiti. Thus, the UN, as US proxy, needs to justify its job in Haiti. These folks think of us-Haitians as simplistic animals, so why not set up what's worked for them in other parts of the world? The bringing back of Jean Claude Duvalier, Haiti's bloody dictator, is, in their plantation minds, sort of like setting up a Hutu/Tusti thing (Duvalier/Lavalas), a civil war in Haiti, an insecurity to bring "order" to.

Bill Clinton, the poverty-pimp-NGOs, the repugnant UN and the foreign-imposed-IHRC need to distract the world from the donation dollars that's being pocketed or not collected, so hey, let's rack up the colonial narrative -" remind everyone of those "anti-democratic Haitians not ready for the same standards" as the rest of the "civilized" world. Those infighting, violent, illogical Haitians in love with dictatorship! Why not set up the chess board, right before Feb. 7th -" the 25th anniversary of the ouster of Jean Claude Duvalier, bring him back to push the two OAS/Duvalierist candidates -" Manigat and Martelly (Sweet Mickey), so everyone can forget about the masses wishes, their total disenfranchisement, the 300,000 dead in 33 seconds and those 1.5million still homeless without sanitation, shelter, clean water; the return of President Aristide; the international fraud since 2004; these imposed UN/US elections. and the UN-imported cholera"We're just puppets the International community , led by the U.S., are moving around their own battlefield. Haiti is not in control. Haitians are not in control. Air France and American Airlines can land anyone in Haiti.

If Air-France wanted to bring in Osama bin Laden into Haiti, how could Haitians stop it? Still, we-Haitians will be blamed, as usual, for all the outrageous acts the wealthy powers-that-be do in Haiti. The "Friends of Haiti" continue with their macabre plan to further destabilize and exacerbate Haiti's already agonizing sufferings.

But it's our fault also, we-Haitians sit around reacting, waiting for THEM to act so we can react. Waiting for the OAS to tell us it didn't make a mistake and the not fair, not free, non-inclusive Nov. 28 elections it helped orchestrate is not too fraudulent and illegal. HLLN wanted to go to Haiti and make a public statement about the fraudulent elections, we could not get any real support. It's their play and their game, we're just consumers of this abomination!

Thank you for this "change" President Barack Obama!

Ezili Dantò for HLLN,
January 16, 2011
Nou se rozo, nou pliye nou pa kase

*Nou se roz, nou pliye nou pa kase: Strong winds may bend the bamboo tree all the way down to the ground, but it snaps right back up. It doesn't break, no matter how strong the wind. So, Haitians have a saying -" "Nou se rozo. Nou pliye, nou pa kase " - like the bamboo tree, we bend but we don't break; like the flexible ba mboo tree we-Haitians use even the momentum of our falls to stand back up.

Apologies for the lengthy post, but, I wanted to include this quote which demonstrates how much the US enjoyed Haiti's dictator Baby Doc

In 1984 Ernest Preeg, U.S. ambassador to Haiti (1981–1983) wrote a monograph[7] on Haiti's part in the Reagan Caribbean Basin Initiative. One paragraph stated.....
"It can honestly be said that the Jean-Claude Duvalier presidency is the longest period of violence-free stability in the nation's history."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hariri Tribunal: Discord in Lebanon? Political Game Players who and why ?

The Hariri Tribunal news should be hitting msm soon.
"Draft charges hinting at Hezbollah in the 2005 murder of Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri are likely to be presented under wraps to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Monday"

The spin could also include an Iranian angle.
That, Iran conspired with Hezbollah to kill Hariri.
Israeli news is reporting the Iranian angle.

Ayatollah Khamenei gave the order. From there the order to murder Hariri was transmitted to Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah's top commander at the time, by Quds force chief Qassem Suleymani. The sources said Mughniyeh and his brother-in-law, Mustapha Badr al-Dine, put together the hit team that carried out the attack.
Convenient for Israel. And I am wondering if this bit of news is unique to Israel and it's anti-Iranian propaganda tactics?

I can't see any reason at all for Iran to have been involved in the Hariri assassination.
As I had said in my previous post, this type of decision could cause sectarian violence, pitting religious groups against on another, possibly driving Lebanon into a civil war.
Another nation, not Iran, would have a greater interest in seeing this happen.

Australian news is already reporting-

An 'International tribunal' investigating the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri in 2005 is expected to submit a draft indictment for judicial review at The Hague today.

With several senior members of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah likely to face charges over the murder.

The news out of Lebanon is interesting. Let's look at a few articles of interest.

Renaming Hariri as PM Impossible as Lebanon Cannot Continue with his Policy.
This from
Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun

Renaming Saad Hariri as Lebanon prime minister poses a "serious threat" to Lebanon.

      "There is a serious threat because renaming Hariri as prime minister is impossible," Aoun told a press conference at the end of an extraordinary meeting of his Change and Reform parliamentary bloc.

      "Lebanon cannot continue with the Hariri policy which is destroying Lebanon," he said from Rabiyeh.

    Hariri's policies are destroying Lebanon? I can believe it.
    Michel Aoun also had this to say. A pointed message to the Druze leader

    In a message to Walid Jumblat, Aoun warned the Druze leader against going back to the old position.

    "He cannot split himself, otherwise he would be returning to the wrong position," Aoun said of Jumblat.

    Walid Jumblat may be the kingmaker in a political game that could see Lebanon fall back into civil war.
    First let's look at Walid Jumblat and the Druze party.
    Hariri has gone to the Druze party looking for support.
    On returning to Lebanon, Hariri went immediately to meet with a key powerbroker, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt. Al Nahar reported that Hariri told Jumblatt that "they have a gun pointed at my head and they want me to surrender."

    Hence the message from the Free Patriotic Movement Party. Jumblat stop flip floppin, Saad Hariri is destroying Lebanon.

    From Washington:
    "The United States doesn't want to see Lebanon destabilized but there's little it can do to resolve the political crisis sparked by the collapse of the government in Beirut."

    Nonsense. The US precipitated this crisis! They could have done a lot more to ensure that the agreement being worked on between Syria and Saudi Arabia would have born fruit. To keep Lebanon stable .But Washington did not want stability. Which is why Hilary and Saad Hariri axed the agreement (See, this post, for that news)

    Why would Washington not want stability in Lebanon?
    Which regional ally of theirs covets Lebanon's land and water?
    The answer to that tells you exactly why Washington does not want stability in Lebanon.

    Why of course, the answer is Israel. The biggest benefactor of discord in Lebanon is Israel.
    It gives them a justification to launch an attack, to "secure the borders" of course..
    But, what it really gives them is the means to steal land and get control of the Litani river

    "Zionist interest in the waters of Lebanon goes back as least as far as the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 when Chaim Wietzman wrote to the British Prime Minister explaining that because of its water requirements, a Jewish homeland in Palestine must include the Litani River.

    In the 50's, Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett recorded in his diaries that Moshe Dayan's plan for the control of the Litani River was to "'enter Lebanon, occupy the relevant territory' then the 'territory south of the Litani will be annexed to Israel and everything will fall into place.'" (Quoted in Amery, pp. 18-19)

    This is not new or startling information. Put Israel Litani river in a search engine and see what you can find. I have made it easy for you, and take the liberty of doing so.

    There is also the matter of Natural gas reserves.

    I covered that dispute between Lebanon and Israel previously in a post dated July 28/2010

    Massive Natural Gas resources to spark attack by Israel on Lebanon

    Tiny excerpt-

    While offshore natural gas discoveries have spurred Lebanese and Israeli saber-rattling in a region widely viewed as rich in energy resources, a London analyst said it is too early to make categorical claims about the size and ownership of the potential reservoirs.

    From foreign policy article- "I emailed Fareed Mohamedi, an expert on Middle East energy at PFC Energy, who in turn asked colleague Yahya Sadowski about the stakes at play. Sadowski indicated that there is validity to Lebanon's concerns that Tamar straddles the waters of both countries -- "They would all be tapping into the same reservoir,"

    Dave McGowan on Meria Heller's Show

    So Jared Lee Loughner???? A graduate of some version of MKUltra program ?
    Meria and Dave had a lively albeit brief discussion and Dave seemed to think this was the case...

    Odd, something that popped into my head- Jared Lee Loughner, Henry Lee Lucas & Lee Harvey Oswald.....
    Is' Lee' a popular name choice in the US? Two, sorry, make that three big time killers with the name Lee.

    Some points discussed: The second person involved. The "cab driver", as the media is reporting.
    He remains unnamed. Why?

    FBI Special Agent Manuel Johnson told POLITICO that investigators are “confident” that the unnamed man is not linked to Jared Lee Loughner
    If he is an innocent cab driver as is being claimed then what would the harm be in identifying him? One would think he would be of great interest to the media? They could ask him all sorts of questions about the mindset of Jared Lee Loughner prior to the shooting. What did they talk about? Where did he pick him up?

    Dave McGowan also wonders why the cab driver went into the store with Jared?
    (Not the usual behaviour of cab drivers, who barely seem to move from their front seats)

    Then the Judge in from California? Why? Dave mentioned the judge has been linked to other high profile cases.

    Also the "defense" attorney from California?
    The attorney from California is curious because she defended the Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh and advised Zacarias Moussaoui.
    She is being touted as some super defender and a Legendary Lawyer.
    I am not so sure....
    Interestingly She is no longer a public defender.

    "In recent years, Ms. Clarke has been in private practice in San Diego with her husband, Thomas H. Speedy Rice, a law professor"

    So why come from California and private practice to defend this case at all?

    Does Arizona have no other judges or defense attorneys, right??

    There is postulation during the discussion between Meria and Dave that Jared Lee, was likely supposed to kill himself, with the clip he was attempting to load.

    If I can recall anything else, or when I have a chance to relisten I may add to this post


    Dave will be back to making his monthly appearance with Meria.
    So hopefully there will be some new writings at his website???
    I'll keep you all posted.

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Woman found guilty of refusing to fill out long form census

    I blogged on this story when this woman was first charged way back in July 2008.
    She was not alone in being charged at that time, But she has recently been found guilty.
    What caused her to refuse? Some background-

    The two refused to hand in their 2006 census forms because Lockheed Martin won the contract to upgrade Statistics Canada's software.

    The billion-dollar American arms dealer supplies weapons to armies around the world, including the U.S. military for the war in Iraq.

    Findley, 59, said she first heard about Lockheed Martin's potential bid for the software contract in 2003 and immediately got in touch with Statistics Canada to voice her concerns.

    "(Lockheed Martin) makes billions of dollars through the business of killing people, and destroying the environment in the process of killing people," Findley said from her home in Saskatoon.

    "So there's no way that I'm going to see my tax dollars go to help enrich them."

    Yes, you read that right. Lockheed Martin won the contract to do Stats Canada's work.

    Yesterday Sandra Findley was found guilty of census refusal.

    A Saskatoon woman who refused to fill out a long-form census has been found guilty of violating Canada's census law.

    A provincial court judge ruled Thursday that community activist Sandra Finley's privacy rights were not violated by the requirement to fill out the long form in 2006.

    "Some of the questions are like, what is the name of your employer?" she said outside court Thursday. "That's not their business. There's questions ... that have to do with sexual orientation. There's a lot of questions regarding your ethnic background."

    Finley also objected to Statistics Canada buying software from U.S. defence manufacturer Lockheed Martin, saying it was "part of the American military industrial complex and that is in the business of making war and illegal war.

    How about her right to privacy? Despite what the judge "ruled"? Isn't she the best judge of whether her privacy is being violated? I would think so.
    I most certainly know, for a fact, that I am the best judge of when my privacy is/would or could be violated. Don't you feel that way about your privacy?

    Finley is to be sentenced Jan. 20. The maximum sentence for violating the Statistics Act could be three months in jail with a $500 fine
    Ironically. The long form census is no longer mandatory.
    Making this decision even more insulting to this woman.