Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duvalier slips out the back. US aid hinges on "credible" elections

Where has he gone? Is he gone for good?

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier quietly left his luxury hotel in Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

Duvalier left through a back entrance, avoiding journalists camped out in from of the Hotel Karibe. He had been staying at the hotel since his surprise arrival in Haiti four days ago after 25 years of exile in France.

Duvalier applied for a new passport on Wednesday. A spokesman said the former dictator planned to leave the country when he gets it.

So did he get the passport?

Curious, has anyone besides me really looked at Baby Doc Duvalier?
That blank face. Unfocused stare. And someone is always holding on to him. Also, he has not spoke to the media himself. His wife/companion talks for him or reads statements allegedly prepared by him.
There is clearly one or more health issues at play. I was thinking a stroke? But, maybe he is drugged, who really knows?

US aid to Haiti hinges on "credible" elections.
So says Ambassador Susan Rice.

Haiti must have credible elections to maintain international support, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice told the UN on Thursday.

The U.S. representative to the United Nations told the Security Council that the United States welcomes the recommendations made by the Organization of American States, including an OAS call for runoff elections in Haiti.

How self-serving is that?
The US welcomes the recommendations made by the OAS?
No surprise there, since the US made the recommendations.


  1. Hey Pen, how are you?

    Reading the quote from the US ambassador, I particularly liked the bit about 'credible' elections. I'm inclined to think that what that means is that the elections should be such that people believe that they are real. They don't actually have to be real. They just have to appear that way.

    And she's right of course.

  2. hey there's nobs!

    despicable developments pen. i just spotted this article on duvalier that you might find interesting. sounds like he's not in a very strong negotiating position. i would guess he's doing whatever he's told.

  3. hey nobody!

    other then having a nasty cold/flu bug. I am ok.

    I agree with what you are thinking.
    She doesn't care about credible elections, nor does the UN or the OAS
    All these groups want is an 'air' of legitimacy. Not real legitimacy.
    Which is why the Haitians want an entirely new election.

    And they aren't going to get them.

  4. hey ap

    Saw that article yesterday.
    I do think he is doing what he is told.

    Just looking at the video footage of the man,he is out of it.
    His companion/handler is ensuring the charade is going well.