Monday, January 10, 2011

Harper government expanding prisons despite decades of falling crime rates

The so called "law and order" Canadian Government, lead by PM Stephen Harper has announced they are expanding prison accommodations.

The number of penitentiaries listed for expansion in a $2-billion federal prison-building boom will rise to more than two dozen Monday as Conservative MPs make announcements on eight prisons in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.
- three minimum-security prisons in Ontario are each expected to get 50 new cells
- A 96-cell addition at Quebec’s medium-security Cowansville Institution is also anticipated, along with new cells at another Quebec prison.
Announcements will be made related to new cells at two prisons in Saskatchewan and the maximum-security Edmonton Institution
- 50 more cells at the minimum-security Pittsburgh Institution in Kingston.
- 50 more at minimum-security Frontenac Institution in Kingston.
-50 cell expansion at Gravenhurst.

Construction would take place at institutions “in locations where we expect the greatest increases in offender population".

Greatest increases in offender population?

Odd, because Canada's crime rate has fallen every year since 1991.(that's almost 20 years of decline)

In fact the latest stats available for 2009, showed a further decline and make note of the fact the crime rate is "about 17% lower than a decade ago." in 1999.

Considering Canada has an aging population, one is left wondering, who are these prisons being built for?
Is the Canadian government going to make new laws that criminalize more people?
The answer to that question is Yes, the government has already begun to make changes that will increase incarceration.

One legislative change alone — the abolishment of the two-for-one pre-trial custody credit — is expected to add 4,000 more inmates to the system over the next five years. The government is moving ahead with other proposals including tightened parole rules and more mandatory minimum sentences.

Also interesting to note:
Corrections Canada recently altered its internal guidelines to permit more double bunking.

So how many more prisoners can these expansions actually hold? With all these additional new cells and the allowance for more double bunking??

Of course, the Harper government Public Safety Minister Vic Teows is claiming this is all about making" criminals pay their full debt to society" and"to ensure dangerous crooks stay locked up as long as possible,”

But the crime rate has declined for almost 20 years! In one 10 year period the crime rate declined 17 percent. More prison space, doesn't appear to make much sense.
Unless there is another agenda at play?
The question that has to be asked - Is PM Harper building the public system into a system large and viable enough to function as a "prison for profit" system? As in the US?

I am pretty sure that before a prison for profit system can really be "profitable", one would need to have a certain amount of prisoners.
Some interesting reading on prisons for profit: Big business or slavery

And here is an interesting piece-"Prison labor is poised to become one of America's most important growth industries."

Prison Labour as a growth industry?

Is the Harper government, growing an industry???


  1. It never fails. And it has really piqued my curiosity.

    How is it possible that news coverage on a tiny blog garners a visit from the government entity mentioned??

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Correctional Services Canada (net-cdagovn-c110)

    (i have left out the ip address, not that it would make a difference)

    "No referring link"
    No referring link?

    3 visits
    10th January 2011 13:41:21
    2 mins 58 secs

  2. How is it possible?
    The first chemtrail site ever to get any attention was 'carnicom' back around 2000.
    An overwhelming percentage of early hits to that site were from big pharma addresses. Just another coincidence, I'm sure...

    Good reporting on this Penny, but I would suggest you look to the marijuana angle to connect a few more dots here.

    You mention several times that crime rates are down.........maybe violent crime, but drug 'crime' is another story, THE story.

    Pot busts (the war on people) are growing exponentially each year.
    The cannabis crime rate went up 80% in Canada from 1992 to 2002, primarily due to possession charges.
    More on all of this.

    Bill S-10 is now moving silently stealthily through the Senate, having passed in parliament.

    An assault on Canadians, and the neutering of honest judges who oppose our insane drug laws, it forces MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES OF 6 MONTHS IN PRISON for as little as 6 small plants.
    That will fill Harpers prisons, or as you say enhance their privatization potential.

    Also interesting, the areas which are getting the expansions. No doubt local media will celebrate the construction jobs to build, long term jobs, and economic benefits to help sell this attack on all of us.

    And to close on a happy thought. Maybe your CC visitors were good honest decent prison guards who are strong Canadians, Union supporters who fear privatization and despise our decent into fascism. And maybe they are on your side. Maybe I'm high?

  3. Oh, and maybe the scheduling of the Mayerthorpe inquiry (starts today and runs till Feb 1) will provide a very nice backdrop for CBC to constantly report on the evil pot growers and their gun culture for the rest of this month while S-10 gets passed?

    And maybe the giant headline up on CBC right now re-dredging the tragic Mayorthorpe shootings of four Mounties is just another coincidence.

  4. Hi Pen. My second comment looks kinda stupid hanging out there all by itself. Maybe my first one is lost in the spam filter?

  5. what the heck is with the spam detector?

  6. Hey anonymous:

    Sorry for not responding yesterday, I let your comment through from the span folder and that had to depart.

    The cannabis angle is interesting and totally retarded.

    From my understanding in the US the jails are filled with petty possession prisoners. So you might be right.

    This would also to serve to build an industry.

    Anything to help corporations out!

    If my CC visitors were decent people. And they may well be.
    The privatization of prisons will see their union broken and their wages pushed down. Way down.

    I was more curious though as to how they always seem to find the remotest piece on line.

    Post anything about Monsanto and you get a visit from a PR Firm, employed by Monsanto.
    It used to Monsanto themselves, but they gave the job to another entity.

    I am wondering if they have programs that work along the lines of Echelon, scanning for certain words??

  7. "I let your comment through from the span folder and that had to depart."

    and that should read, then had to depart!

    sleepy still.

  8. Penny, you asked
    I am wondering if they have programs that work along the lines of Echelon, scanning for certain words??

    Yes they have, it's called Google. You only need to use the Alert service. It allows to get an email when a new content with a search string is found.

  9. Oh, and BTW,
    bonne année et meilleurs voeux à toi et à ta famille.

  10. Thankyou Penny

    NZ has jumped onto the private prison bandwagon so thanks for this article about Canada. Nact (the right wing National/Act coalition) are budgeting for a 40% increase in our prison population.

    There are some deeply depressing creepy things happening here. Our democracy is going down the tubes quick and the corporate media are by enlarge supporting our downfall in favour of their moneyed masters.
    Unless we rid ourselves of the National Party next election democracy is toast. Both state and private media are giving the Nats unprecedented support so its going to be a very tall order to unseat them. The NZ labour party are not that great either. Evven the greens are wierdly supporting some of Nationals weirdness.

    The Nats have passed some very suspicious laws regarding our electoral roles, allowing the destruction of paper elector registration records.
    This election registered voters will be able to change their details online without sending a signed form to verify legitimacy. I think we are going to see the rolls being hacked online so when certain types of voters who vote left turn up to vote they will be told they are not registered.
    It'll all be put down to computer glitches if its reported at all. We might see a small article on page 7 of the NZ Herald.

    After the up comming election they are going to allow voters to register without ever sending in a signed document and all electoral roles will be accessable via the internet using the governments own system which is being touted as secure. Ha ha... but its not funny.
    Headline - "NZ leads the world in quick destruction of democracy with the aid of a complicit media and a gutless uninformed population."

  11. whose the prisons
    for....aboriginal protesters....against corruption by canadian government......very heartless prime minister...thinking for himself to get rich controlling the small, little ppl...that are to him..

  12. anonymous:

    I am of the opinion the prisons will be for what is left of Canada's youth.

    Who will then be used to make profits for private companies.

    It wouldn't have mattered who was the PM, though Harper is particularly repulsive....
    The agenda is set, prisons for profit