Monday, January 31, 2011

Israel allows Egyptian troops into the Sinai Peninsula

I was rather surprised to read this!!!
An indication of desperation on Israel's part?

Israel has rallied to the support of President Hosni Mubarak by allowing Egyptian troops into the Sinai peninsula for the first time since a peace deal was signed in 1979.

The concession came as it emerged that Israel had privately urged Western governments to end their criticism of Mr Mubarak as he struggles to quell a popular uprising against him.

Israel, however, has shown fewer qualms about backing Egypt's president of 30 years.

The decision to allow two Egyptian battalions to deploy against protesters in Sinai, which has been demilitarised since Israel’s withdrawal from the territory after the Camp David accords of 1978, is a reflection of Mr Netanyahu’s mounting concern.

Netanyahu says Egypt not violating peace treaty

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to address reports claiming Israel agreed to allow some Egyptian troops enter the Sinai Peninsula on Monday, something which is considered a violation according to the 1979 peace treaty.

Netayahu said: "For the past few decades Egypt has honored the peace treaty and hasn't violated it.

That is something that cannot be said of Israel

A silver lining for big oil extortionists

Oil hits $100 a barrel on Suez Canal shipping fears


  1. Hey Penny,...Can you believe all the folks out here that think the events in Tunisia and Egypt are "people power"; Oil at a hundred bucks a barrel, hello, who do the folks that are getting ticklish over these events expecting to take power? Mr Nice -guy? Oh, yeah and with the full support of that step'n'fetchit in the Whitehouse, I'll bet.


  2. V, i think it's a mixed bag. the spooks uncorked something big, which they intended, but now they have to manage the narrative, which no doubt they have their game theory experts working overtime on the computers trying to stay a step ahead.

  3. Hey Penny, AP; just reading over at your place...This pretty much sums it up for me:

    "January 15th.....ten days before anything happened in Egypt.

    You know what we call that sort of prescience here at Twelfth Bough? TOP FUCKING TALENT."

    Way to go guys. Excellent work as usual.


  4. Veritas:

    Yeah the oil at $100 a barrel is a bonus.

  5. "This is a set-up"

    James, that thought crossed my mind.
    Could this be the excuse for Israel to invade Egypt?
    (that the Egyptian troops are not controlling the riots and Israel needs to guarantee it's security)

    Right now, I don't have that impression, but, it could happen.

  6. Ap, that is my thought too.

    As I said in today's earlier post, I have a suspicion that Israel had upped the ante in a tit for tat game with Egypt and it got way out of control...

    Now that the genie is out of the bottle, how do the interested parties put it back?

  7. James, that thought crossed my mind.
    Could this be the excuse for Israel to invade Egypt?

    Yes that's the play. THe twin prizes are control of the Suez canal and water from the Nile and they have been from before the beginning.

    I've written some broader background stuff at WinterPatriot dot com

    and hope to have more on those two goals I mentioned just above and my thoughts below up on the blog in a few hours

    (that the Egyptian troops are not controlling the riots and Israel needs to guarantee it's security)

    Yes, basically. Though it will get more complicated than that with israel claiming it is threatened by the new government in Egypt which will involve the two players apparently standing by the sidelines - the army and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    I believe the protesters are very genuinely angry after thirty years of repression. I also believe they are being deliberately further enraged by the police and the looters and not to mention the snipers (who could well be israelis) to provide the excuse for a violent crackdown which will usher in an "extreme" government.

    So in this sense, the people, the protesters, are being set up as patsies. The more violently they react, the better as far as the psychopaths (MB, the Egyptian Army and the israeli armed forces) are concerned. And just in case they don't, there will be plenty of agent provocateurs on hand, I'm sure.

    The new "extreme" government (with strings leading back to the israelis and CIA) will provide a cassus beli for war with israel who will plead 'self defence' as they always do. So the army and MB are being set up as patsies, in turn. This is the set up I mentioned; drawing Egyptian troops into the Sinai (with israel's aproval - read 'request') to become a 'threat' along with armed protesters - all fabricated of course.

    My hope is that the Egyptian people can see what is coming and take whatever measures they can to head off this scenario and somehow grab victory for themselves out of this; that through their local leaders,they actually get in control of it.

    I think it will take close to a miracle and I'm praying for one and I urge other readers to do the same.

  8. I messed up the links!

    Peoples Revolutions

    World War 111 - underway

    forgive my 'blog whoring', Pen, but I think this is important

  9. Perfect analysis, James Griffon. I'll check out your blog.

    CBC and all the corporate media lap dogs are running with the 'march of millions' meme, a little twist on words from that million man march on Washington a few years back. Gotta have a good slogan to simplify things for the people.

    Chaos in many middle east countries is the end game for the axis of evil UK/US/Israel.
    They could not have looted Iraq unless they destabilized it, destroyed people and their faith in their society. These countries will now be perceived by north Americans as lawless and in need of our intervention. The chaos will also make it for the CIA&pals to work their magic and get away with it.

    The looting of ancient treasures is often overlooked in the big war crimes of our age. The Brits wrote the book, and the US took it to extremes in Iraq. Crimes big and small get covered up by corrupt media.

    Your point about protesters being set up as patsies is one we should all keep in mind as things progress here. North Americans will not hit the streets en masse until their TV's give them permission, and tell them to. Going out in ignorance and anger plays right into the hands of the bosses. Hard to say what the right answer is, but violence is not it.

  10. James, don't worry about the "blog whoring" Getting the info out is the priority.
    And I left a comment over at your place.

    Chaos in many middle east countries is the end game for the axis of evil UK/US/Israel.

    well said!