Friday, January 28, 2011

Suspect in Moscow Airport bombing, reported dead months ago?!

I want to touch briefly on the Russian airport bombing.
Most readers will already know that a security firm linked to Israel was running the "security" at the airport.
Goon Squad (Greg) has covered that angle so you can read his info, here

CCTV footage of the explosion

I see what looks like the place where people are arriving and perhaps dropping off their luggage and then an explosion.
From the video, I don't see or get the sense the explosion was connected to any individual.
(As in a suicide bombing)

So, how about this? A suitcase or package timed to explode. Left by someone, anyone, not a "suicide bomber"? Could just as easily have happened that way?

Shortly after the blast President Medvedev was quoted saying-

"What happened shows that obviously there were violations in guaranteeing security"

That much is obvious.

Then the alleged suicide bomber? Was there one at all?
Not likely according to this report

A Moscow newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP) questioned the claims by the KGB-FSB that the bomb at the Moscow airport was detonated by a "suicide bomber".

Reaffirming the point I was making above-
" the explosion at the airport Domodedovo occurred in the arrival hall in the luggage department, a KP source says. - If you pick up your luggage there, you can notice that it not always easy to find a free trolley. People place suitcases onto it, go out, and then load their luggage into a taxi. Going back from a taxi to the airport hall with a trolley, you can take at least five, or even ten kilos TNT in it"

A suicide bomber is not needed there all there (in this situation, he is not really needed - KC)", writes the Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda.

One could say that the Kavkaz Center has a bit of an agenda, they are most definitely Anti-Russian in their stance.

But, they are making a valid point in their position.
So,we must take into consideration the possibility that there was no suicide bomber

Curious - No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

No suicide bomber and no "terrorist group"?

A suspect!

An Ethnic Russian has been named as a suspect. A suspect? As in, someone still alive? Maybe, maybe not. But, not for the reasons that come to mind (dead in the explosion), because......
"The remains of the suspected airport bomber do not resemble Razdobudko"

This is Razdobudko

Security forces are searching for an ethnic Russian.
Who is Razdobudko?
"Razdobudko is a Russian-born adherent of the fundamentalist Wahhabi branch of Islam, which is popular among terrorists"
As is claimed by unnamed security sources.

This is interesting-

Razdobudko went missing in late October, and his relatives told police at the time that he might have been killed by rebels after he tried to cut off all contact with them, the report said.

o, the authorities are looking for a man, who may or may not be connected to the bombing? Who may or may not have been dead since October 2010?

This makes him either a convenient patsy, or, someone who may be connected to some intelligence group? But, which one?

Dead men tell no secrets, particularly men that have been dead for a few months.

There is most definitely something 'off 'about this whole airport bombing.

Possible players in an intelligence op? All having opportunity and motive
Simply put!
Russia -restricting freedoms
Israel - pay back for Palestinian state recognition, and to work with the US
US - looking to balkanize Russia
Georgia- but not without help from the US and Israel


  1. Yeah, this bombing was not as advertised.

    You mentioned the recognition of Palestine by Russia as a possible factor. I was unaware of that, dunno how I missed it on CBC??
    Here is the liberal Haaretz take.
    'Concern' = ready to kill?

    There US made a strong effort to start a big war between the two Koreas before Christmas that thankfully failed.
    Russia really got in the way of that glorious war.

    Iran invited the world to tour its nuclear facilities recently. Again mass media was silent. The US of course refused, Europe was coy and in the end sided with the US.
    Russia initially poured cold water on the Iranian invite, saying it does not remove the need for regular inspections. That was balanced with the fact that Russia did accept the invite, attended and engaged in diplomacy. That must have really pissed of the US/UK/Israel axis of evil.

    Putin often seems like an oligarch who plays ball and supports the NWO. But clearly he is a bit of a rogue, and this airport bombing looks like a measured response by those who pull his strings. It really is a cruel world.

  2. "Yeah, this bombing was not as advertised"

    That's a good way to put it!

    I think what makes it suspicious is the "dead" guy as a suspect.

    Reminds me of the old OBL game.
    Drag the dead guy out, when it is expedient.

  3. the Rus-Palestine connexion does seem rather a strong reason for the Zraelis to slip a bomb in, as welll as possibly Khodorovsky's continued incarceration. The Russians , not being total fools, may decide to blame someone else with full knowledge of Israel's hand in the eVent.

    Should they accuse Israel then a new Holocaust movie will be produced.

    Side news:
    the Chechens are the classic MSM perp, i guess. Thus the timing of this bomb 2 days [ I think] after their top football club, Terek Grozny, signs Ruud Gullit as manager seemed to stand out.

    Ruud Gullit for Dutch isn't too far off what's his name Gretzky, so quite a name in football.

    In 1988 Netherlands and Russia played in the Euro Champs Final and the Dutch won, so the move may rankle the fans of Russian teams.


  4. aferrismoon:

    "Khodorovsky's continued incarceration"

    Yah, I good see that one sticking in Israel's craw.

    "Should they accuse Israel then a new Holocaust movie will be produced"

    Most definitely.

    Re: Chechens

    It was reported that Chechens were not suspected.
    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says that Chechen separatists had nothing to do with Monday's deadly suicide attack on Moscow's Domodedovo Airport.

    What is interesting is how he seems to lay out the narrative for the dead guy as a suspect.

    "But he didn't deny that other extremist groups in the North Caucasus could be responsible."

    This is also a very interesting point Aferrismoon

    "The Russians , not being total fools, may decide to blame someone else with full knowledge of Israel's hand in the eVent."

    Since the official narrative is to be doubted. This is a possibility.
    And an interesting one.

  5. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that security measures will definitely need to be tightened up after this. More security, more searches, airline travel longer, more expensive and arduous and invasive - all for security, mind you. Russian security.

    After all, how else can peace be achieved other than through false flag events meant to strip us of our rights and freedoms? It's not like this bluprint has ever changed . . . it's the same old thing, 24/7, in every country almost, every powerful regime, all the time.

    Rule by fear.

    There are no countries, only controllers.

  6. Don't be surprised if some Shin Bet trained and drugged 'suicide' bombers start blowing things up in Israel.

    Israel will claim that they were from Egypt and give that terrorist state the excuse it wants to invade the Sinai AGAIN, for 'security' reasons and steal AGAIN vast amounts of Egyptian oil.

  7. Lest us not forget also that ICTS was responsible for security at Moscow airport. It's the same firm that was responsible at 911 airports, who managed the "exercice" held in London etc..
    Whereever they are in charge, bombings happen...
    I'm now shitting my pants when I have to go through Charles de Gaulle at Roissy, they won the contract there last year (so we can assume a terrist attack whenever France doesn't exactly comply with the desires of the Empire).

  8. Very very spooky.

    Thanks for this info.

    - Aangirfan

  9. Hey Slozo.

    more security? Wonder if they will bring in body scanners? I guess we will find out soon enough?

    'Don't be surprised if some Shin Bet trained and drugged 'suicide' bombers start blowing things up in Israel."

    I see Israel is quite concerned about Egypt....

    I have been reading and following and it is a little hard to get a handle on what is going on.


    How is it possible that this "security firm" can continue to get contracts? Do they undercut all other security firms?
    Are there no other security firms?
    What is it?!

    yes it is very spooky.

  10. Penny, this are good questions and I don't have an answer too. A quick googling on Menachen Atzmon (the director of ICTS) rings a lot of trigger words, like Marvin Bush, money laundering, penny fraud, body scanners, 911 and a lot of connection.
    I can not really follow up on them as I'm at work but it looks like an interesting trail, that would need an "aangirfaning".

  11. thanks for that info Gallier.
    Quite interesting.

    Perhaps the connections are the key?