Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turkel Committee to claim IDF acted in self-defence during attack on Gaza Flotilla

First, the latest news, then I will repost a video of the attack on the flotilla.
Self-defence, really?

The Turkel Commission investigating the events surrounding the Gaza flotilla of May 2010 is expected to determine that the actions of the commando unit that took control of the ships did not contravene international law, and that the IDF soldiers on the Mavi Marmara acted in self-defense when they killed nine Turkish citizens.

The commission's two international observers, Canadian Ken Watkin and Irish David Trimble, concurred with the findings of the commission.

The two international "observers" attempt to add credibility to a non-credible investigation.

I blogged on this commission when it was in it's early stages, you can find that post here

At that time noting that Trimble was a "friend of Israel" no matter what.

"Many will question just how serious or impartial an investigation Israel has initiated when at this early stage they send a very clear message to the world that only those supportive of Israel will be in a position to investigate what was a criminal act of international piracy."

Only those supportive of Israel will be allowed to investigate a criminal act of international piracy? Which was why I titled that post, Israel readies a whitewash.

Also worth mentioning that Trimble and Watkins were only to play a limited role in this "investigation"

Video footage of the attack on the Gaza flotilla.
The attack by the IDF with live fire began long before the ship was boarded by the IDF.
The only people acting in their own self-defence were the persons on the ship, after they were brutally attacked by the IDF with live fire, real bullets.

The Turkel committee was always going to be a whitewash, that is what it was set up to be.
To legitimize the illegitimate.

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