Monday, February 7, 2011

Canada spent more then 41 million dollars for hired guns in Afghanistan

Or at least that is the amount that is being acknowledged?
Thanks to anonymous for the heads-up!
Canada's hired guns in Afghanistan slammed in U.S. report

Canada spent more than $41 million on hired guns in Afghanistan over four years, much of it going to security companies slammed by the U.S. Senate for having warlords on the payroll.

Both the Defence and Foreign Affairs departments have employed 11 security contractors in Kabul and Kandahar since 2006, but have kept quiet about the details.

The records show Foreign Affairs paid nearly $8 million to ArmorGroup Securities Ltd., recently cited in a U.S. Senate investigation as relying on Afghan warlords who in 2007 were engaged in "murder, kidnapping, bribery and anti-Coalition activities

Tundra stands on guard for the Defence Department outside Canadian military forward operating bases and has collected more than $5.3 million.

The U.S. Senate report included Tundra on a list of companies that poach staff from Afghan security forces — something that has long angered President Hamid Karzai, who last year moved to eject all private security from the country.

More than $438,000 of the Afghan-owned, Canadian-run company’s expenses remain secret, for operational security reasons. But Tundra’s website, unlike other contractors, promotes its intelligence “gathering and analyzing” abilities

Which it does, as you can see for yourself at the Tundra link. I am taking this to mean they engage in torture.

More than $3.4 million went to Washington, D.C.-based Blue Hackle to guard the governor of Kandahar and train his security detail.

The Canadian International Development Agency, which delivers aid projects in Afghanistan, said it does not employ security companies, but agencies that it hires to deliver programs do.

One of those contractors, SNC Lavalin, hired the Watan Group to guard one of Ottawa’s signature development projects, the Dahla dam. The company, owned by relatives of Karzai, was recently blacklisted by the U.S. military.

A spokesperson for the Defence Department declined to comment Friday.


  1. Good on you Penny for putting this story up.
    Most clear thinking people would be disgusted by the idea that Canada is actually paying out big money to mercenaries. That some of the worst murderous and torture loving companies are in the mix is even worse. Nobody seems to care.

    The way that media present a story has such a huge impact on how people react to it. Our corporate media swine work people up into a lather over some trivial event, just as easily as they hide the big stuff.
    Canadians are so confused right now, they seem to have lost their moral compass. Perhaps we never had one, but I seem to remember a time when we did?

    It is my understanding that the 'culture' of military people and mercs is somewhat of a love-hate thing. The few remaining good people in uniform hate the mercs, while the gung ho killers look up to them. The mercs make huge money, $10-20K per month, so landing a big job with them often becomes a goal for our enlisted grunts. I wonder how they prove their worthiness?

  2. Well there are more important happenings to report on in the media, like super bowl and some bimbo singing the anthem wrong.

    "Canadians are so confused right now, they seem to have lost their moral compass. Perhaps we never had one, but I seem to remember a time when we did?"

    Canada did, I too recall different times.