Monday, February 21, 2011

US finally admits Raymond Davis is CIA

Which should come as no surprise to anyone who read this post from Feb.09, with follow up by HHQ, then further updated by AP.

It was quite obvious that claims being made by the US were suspect, completely suspect.

U.S. officials: Raymond Davis, accused in Pakistan shootings, worked for CIA

The American who fatally shot two men in Pakistan last month and who has been described publicly as a diplomat is a security contractor for the CIA who was part of a secret agency team operating out of a safe house in Lahore, U.S. officials said.

The contractor, Raymond A. Davis, 36, has been detained in a Pakistani jail since his arrest. He has said he opened fire on two Pakistani men at a traffic signal in Lahore after they attempted to rob him.

The disclosure compounds an already combustible stand-off between the United States and Pakistan at a time of growing distrust between them and complicates U.S. efforts to win Davis's release.

President Obama and other senior administration officials have repeatedly described Davis as a diplomat who was assigned to the U.S. consulate in Lahore.

But in fact Davis has spent much of the past two years working as part of a group of covert CIA operatives.

You may recall I did a post way back.....October 26/2010????

The CIA's covert 3,000 strong army crossborder raiding Pakistan.

Raymond Davis is just one of these killers.


  1. allright??

    another conspiracy theory turns out to be true.


  2. I think Gary Powers had it easy back in the day. This guy is a cold blooded killer. Let’s see how tight a hold the US has on the local cojones. It can also be said that certain interests want to force a showdown/invasion. It’s getting ugly out there Penny.

  3. chamberlin has a lot of follow up links to this story.

    such as: maybe the CIA will whack Davis themselves to keep the lid on...

    and he had GPS sim cards linked to the drone attacks...

    very very bad.

  4. Absolutely shocking, who would have ever thought. I mean it's totally normal for foreigners to be equipped with the espionage/terrorist accoutrements, and possess digital images of future false-flag terror targets. It's also completely inline for 'diplomats' to kill two people in cold blood, in broad daylight, then take pictures of their bodies and call in for an extraction.

    But seriously, brilliant job Penny, when I read the story in the news today, I was hoping you were going to write up a post on it.

    AP, I'm with you on Davis' possible intel elimination. Either that or they attempt a breakout as the British military and intelligence did in Iraq to free those SAS terrorists some years back. Or, he's conveniently suicided, or they run an op to fake his death. Either way it conveniently settles the matter before he's physically persuaded to give in the house.


  5. Hi Penny,and everyone,
    It was Pretty Obvious he was XE.
    ie cia operations.
    Otherwise Kerry wouldn't have even bothered.
    Either the CIA or the ISI will do him in and Blame it on each other.

    i did a post on this weird situ a couple of days ago, I found some interesting links through Peter Chamberlins site that got the monkey nose sniffing.
    From the Islamabad Globe.
    That is a interesting source for "stuff".
    I linked you guys in for all the in depth stuff you've done.
    Please see here.

    Thanks for all your good work and inspiration on this stuff.

    can't wait for the next installment.

    Cheers A13.

  6. Hey AP

    I was so happy to finally see the admission.

    But, there is a big but there..

  7. chuckyman, you are so right.
    It is getting very ugly out there!!

  8. AP:

    "chamberlin has a lot of follow up links to this story.

    such as: maybe the CIA will whack Davis themselves to keep the lid on..."

    I would think this is highly probable.
    If the US has outed him, we have to assume they feel he is expendable.

    What we have to wonder is how will it be done?

    Will he simply get a sniper bullet from one of the other 2,999 killers. And go away quietly??

    Will they(US) do it in some way to frame Pakistan for the "murder" justifying further military action against Pakistan?

    I think this is beyond a jailbreak to rescue him, at this point in time.
    Britain didn't acknowledge that those men were special ops or the details about their disguises and arsenal. At least not that I can recall....
    But, if I am mistaken please correct me?

  9. Thanks A13, will check it out!

  10. "hero CIA agent killed by al queda..." ?