Wednesday, February 9, 2011

US/Pakistan relations strained over so called "diplomatic" gun for hire Raymond Davis

Staying away from Egypt, for the time being.
Not to let anyone down, but there is much going on elsewhere.
So let's get back to Pakistan

Not to be forgotten is the US war on Pakistan, another place Israel plays a role.
Undeclared and always reported on as something else,'s a war!
I have covered that previously, so I won't bore you all again. (You can click the label at the bottom to refresh your memory)

Raymond Davis killed two Pakistani's. He claims it was self-defense. I think it was something else.
Raymond Davis, supposedly has diplomatic immunity? I wonder, when it is that mercenaries have diplomatic immunity? Since when are mercenaries, diplomats? Why mention mercenaries at all?
Because, Raymond Davis is a mercenary. Yes, a mercenary. Hired Killer.

One would not be aware of that from the way American media is reporting on this.

The US is deeply embarrassed by being caught red-handed in this case. It was inevitable. With dozens of mercenaries running amok in Pakistan–this was bound to happen.The American’s are chagrined at being caught in their dirty game, and instead of apologizing they are trying to bulldoze the Pakistani government. The equipment and weapons he was carrying leave no doubt that he was engaged in illegal and dubious undercover activities.
What is worse is that the US diplomatic umbrella. It is a violation of the status of the Embassy to allow and encourage such illegal activity. Let us examine the discussion of his name.
  • On January 27, Crowley, the State Department Spokesman, denied that the killer’s name was “Raymond Davis”.
  • Then a spokeswoman for the US embassy said Crowley had not denied that the name was “Raymond Davis”.

Let us look at the conflicting statements from the US Embassy.

  • The US Embassy has been using the term “diplomat” to describe Mr. Raymond Davis.
  • On other occasions he is being described as a “member of the administrative and technical staff” (of the Embassy).

Let us shed light on the US proclamations surrounding the murder of the three Pakistani civilians–as it continues to revise its statements.

  • The US Embassy’s press release of January 29 said he was “confronted” by two armed men on motorcycles who he had every reason to believe meant him bodily harm.
  • Then, on February 3, the US Embassy said that the two Pakistanis had been killed following an “attack on the diplomat by armed assailants.”

If being armed would have been a crime in Pakistan, all of KPites and Balochis, and half of Sindhis and Punjabis would be eligible to be shot in the back! Was Mr. Davis “confronted by by armed men or was he ” attacked” by them.

If he was confronted or attacked, how come both were shot in the back.

Then the embassy contradicts themselves some more!

  • According to another account of the US Embassy, Davis was not even “confronted” by the two young men.
  • According to the British newspaper, Daily Telegraph, reported on the basis of information provided by the US Embassy that the two men had pulled alongside Davis on a motorbike at traffic lights.
So the US embassy is releasing all kinds of conflicting statements. Making it up as they go along, I guess? Better to confuse the situation?

And why was the third man, run over by the car that Mr. Davis had been traveling in?
Tying up loose ends?

That said -Witness on the scene report NO exchange of fire

Witnesses on the spot also confirm that there was no exchange of fire.

"Davis also took pictures at the scene after killing the two men."

Proof of a job completed?

The weapon recovered from Davis has no legal permit and the bullets used are also banned in many countries.

At the time of his arrest Mr. Davis was carrying some curious items

'Keeping in view the nature of the case it is strongly recommended that a case of espionage be registered against Davis,' the prosecution branch of the Punjab police has written in an official letter to the investigation branch.

'During the course of investigation, police retrieved photographs of some sensitive areas and defence installations from Davis's camera,' a source told The Express Tribune.

'Photos of the strategic Balahisar Fort, the headquarters of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in Peshawar and of Pakistan Army's bunkers on the eastern border with India were found in the camera,' the source was quoted as saying.

A digital camera, a pistol and a phone tracker were recovered from Davis after his arrest.

Some reports have the US cutting off aid. Others claim there is no threat to relations, no mention of aid?

Another interesting aspect of this saga is the men killed. The western media talks about the two gunned down men as intelligence officers
Pakistan says this is not the case. Murdered motorcyclists ‘not intelligence operatives’

So were the men intelligence officers? Or not?
Was Raymond Davis targeting Pakistani intelligence agents?

I will admit to not having a clue as to who the men gunned down, really were.
We have read numerous accounts of mercenaries just gunning down civilians because, they can!
And yet, targeting intelligence officers makes perfect sense? By perfect sense, I mean as an assignment for a mercenary!

Raymond Davis is definitely a killer for hire. A mercenary.

Pakistan is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they continue to hold this man, the US will ensure a worsening on all fronts for Pakistan. But, the people of Pakistan want this killer to stay in jail.

I am sure the suicide of the wife, of one of the murdered men, has compounded the depth of hostility the average Pakistani feels towards the US's so called "diplomat"
Shumaila ( a newlywed) married six months ago. The death of Shumaila has sparked anger among the people here. They have threatened to hold more protests until the US national is charged with murder.


  1. FYI for readers

    A curious hit? And I am not really sure why????

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    Who or what is Steptoe and Johnson?
    read for yourself

    In more than 65 years of practice, Steptoe has gained a national and international reputation for vigorous representation of clients before governmental agencies, successful advocacy in litigation and arbitration, and creative and practical advice in guiding business transactions.

    Why would this place be interested at all?
    Is the merc their client?

  2. Embassies both foreign and domestic are usually the staging areas for many covert ops. It is a matter of course for intelligence officers to masquerade under diplomatic cover as press attach├ęs, visa attach├ęs or other positions with no clear responsibilities. There intelligence is gathered, disseminated and ops planned so it's easy to see how they refer to Mr. Davis as "diplomat" or member of the administrative and technical staff” (of the Embassy)", they're interchangeable terms to describe spies and agents intelligence diplomatique.

    I found some more information on the crypto-killer here: The Deepening Mystery of Raymond Davis and Two Slain Pakistani Motorcyclists

    It was too much to cut & paste, and there's some very intriguing information there.


  3. the bullets used are also banned in many countries

    He must of been using those bullets called 'Cop Killers' which can pierce body armor.

    From what I've read, Davis is a cold-blooded merc assassin who murdered those people to help coverup something.

    Maybe something to do with the CIA's Afghan poppy fields or someone ready to speak some 9/11 truth?

  4. Hey Greg and HHQ:

    The foreign press is referring to him as a mercenary, or that other double speak term commonly used
    "defence contractor"

    I did see one piece that was calling him a CIA killer.

    But, reading the US media, they were calling him diplomat, american or simply by his name(very friendly, just one of us, ordinary guy) Far from it!

    Honestly, I am not quite sure why the US is making such a big deal of this with Pakistan.

    They have thousands of mercs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, as does Canada, and certainly any number of them have been killing people and have been caught.

    What I think is they are using this to turn up the tension on Pakistan another notch.

    Basically any excuse will do, if it works towards getting Pakistan to disintegrate.
    The US is looking to balkanize Pakistan. So the more strife they can create, the better