Friday, February 4, 2011

The West wins in the "free and fair" Haitian election!

Breaking away from the events in Egypt, I would like to draw your attention back to Haiti.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the "free and fair" elections in Haiti, that the Organization of American States (OAS), after putting heavy political pressure on Renee Preval, had their demands met.

Jude Celestin has been removed from the ballot in the run-off election.

All this talk from Hilary Clinton about how the elections belong to the Haitian people is a joke.
A bad, sick joke.
If the election truly belonged to the people of Haiti, why were so many grassroots parties, including the Fanmi Lavalas parties, banned from running?

"Over a dozen political parties (excluded) from the election -- including Haiti’s most popular political party, Fanmi Lavalas. The ban on Fanmi Lavalas was analogous to excluding the Democratic or Republican party in the United States.

This last election had the lowest participation rate of any Haitian election

Presidential elections in 2006 saw a participation rate of 59.26 percent.
"The participation rate (in 2010) was also extremely low, with just 22.8 percent of registered voters having their vote counted."

Once the OAS got through with their count, the participation rate of Haitian voters dropped to just 20.1 percent

Removal of "additional tally sheets that we have highlighted as irregular, the participation rate drops to 20.1 percent."

And to make these so called "free and fair" elections even more non-credible, as if that is possible? All those "poor" Haitians that the western media loves to put on display, were denied their right to participate

Because of the failure to provide accessible voting centers to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), voter participation was even lower in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas where the number of IDPs is the greatest.

The average participation rate of Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Delmas and Petionville was just 12.4 percent (11.4 percent if we remove additional irregular tally sheets).

Just 11.4 percent of the many, many, many displaced by the disaster, actually took part in the election. Isn't that a convenient way to skew the results?

But what does that matter to the empowered elites? It doesn't.
In fact, they couldn't be happier!

"Haiti's decision to eliminate the government-backed candidate from a presidential runoff won praise from foreign powers Thursday, and the U.S. and others signalled they would agree with President Rene Preval staying in office for a few months past the end of his term."

Isn't that swell of the US?. The UN is apparently jumping for joy at the decision

As for the Haitian people? Abused again.

Interesting article; Cracking the donor discourse on Haiti.

In her remarks last week to the president of the U.N. Security Council on the first anniversary of Haiti's earthquake, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice called for a free and fair election that reflected the views of Haitian voters

Rice made no mention of historic patterns of Western coercion, occupation, interference and destruction in Haiti, which has rendered the grassroots movement in the country virtually powerless.

"It was striking to hear Rice talking about the 'will' of the Haitian people as essential to moving forward," Peter Hallward, author of "Damning the Flood – Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment", told IPS.

"For her to say this publically involves a level of hypocrisy that is quite staggering in light of what the U.S. has done to disrupt the mobilisation of the Haitian people over the last hundred years or more," Hallward said.

Since the earthquake, Haiti's biggest stakeholders, namely, the U.N., the U.S., Britain, France and Canada, have dominated the news and analysis coming from the country.

The mainstream media, buffered by the discourse of these 'concerned parties', has followed a centuries-long practice of positing Haitians as helpless, passive recipients of aid, rather than as autonomous, sovereign, politically-able people.

However, if the international community is to address the root causes of Haiti's destitution and recognise its incredible potential to recreate and reconstruct itself, many activists say we must crack the donor discourse and, instead, put our ears to ground to hear the calls from the grassroots.

And this is what we get in the West from our leadership and the media. "The poor helpless Haitians stereotype"

Never mentioning the unending role that the US, Canada, Britian and France play in guaranteeing their misery. As these latest elections demonstrate, quite clearly!

No matter, today the west celebrates, for they forced their will on the Haitian people.


  1. Penny said "No matter, today the west celebrates, for they forced their will on the Haitian people."

    Absolute fact and about to have its sequel in Egypt soon unless the people there are able to see through it. I hope I'm wrong, but with everything going badly public relations wise now for the US and its master Israel, I'm getting the distinct feeling that they may be engineering a massive distraction. I smell a false-flag in the air and they may do something big. I wouldn't put it past the twisted bastards to use some event like the US Super Bowl to stage it.

  2. Look on the bright side!
    Just think how much money HRM Hillary is saving the US tazpayer since she can fly her broom to out numerous occupied colonies!!

    And so it begins. Notice lately the insane state of hate, Apartheid Israel, isn't clogging up the news cycle blabbing about the 'bomb' that Iran doesn't have?

    The revolution in Egypt must be for real.

    Who will get the blame? Hamas? Hezbollah? Or will another 'aL CIA Duh' franchise pop up in the Sinai?

    EL-ARISH, Egypt – An explosion went off at a gas terminal in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, setting off a massive fire that could be seen dozens of miles away, officials and witnesses said.

    No injuries were reported, and the blaze was quickly brought under control after the gas flow was shut off.

    The governor of the region, Abdel Wahab Mabrouk, said he suspected "sabotage," but provided no details.

    The blast came as a popular uprising engulfed Egypt, where anti-government protesters have demanded the ouster of longtime President Hosni Mubarak for the past two weeks.

    The Sinai Peninsula, home to Bedouin tribesmen, has been the scene of clashes between residents and security forces. It borders both Israel and the Gaza Strip, ruled by the Islamic militant Hamas.

    Mabrouk told Egypt's Nile News TV that the fire was brought under control by mid-morning, after valves allowing the flow of gas from the terminal into pipelines were shut off. The pipelines transport gas from Egypt's Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea to Israel, Syria and Jordan.

    There were unconfirmed reports about the cause of the blast. Israel Radio quoted officials at the terminal as saying that a small explosive device was planted there and then detonated.

  3. HHQ:

    Egypt will definitely get the Haiti treatment, or the Ukraine treatment, or the Georgian treatment.

    There will be "free and fair" elections, with international observers and then..... there will not be enough polls, so that many will be excluded. There will be vote rigging, and recounts, and who will win?
    The party of the US/Israel/NATO

  4. Hey Greg: The explosion turned out, to be just an explosion, no terrorists, no explosives.

    As for egypt, some of it is legit. But, the instigators of the uprising are misleading the masses.

    And it is the instigators that have been aided by the US.

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