Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bomb targets Pakistan's Intelligence office

Payback can be a bitch! Clearly this is a bit of payback. And some further destabilization.

ISLAMABAD, March 8 (Xinhua) -- A car bomb exploded near the office of Pakistan's main intelligence agency in the industrial city of Faisalabad on Tuesday, killing at least 24 people and injuring more than 100, police said.

According to police, the blast occurred at about 10:15 a.m. (local time) when an explosive-laden vehicle tried to force into an intelligence office building located at the Civil Lines area of the city, some 100 kilometers southwest of Lahore.

Local media quoted the city's District Coordination Officer Naseem Sadiq as saying that the blast happened when gunmen guarding the gate of the intelligence office building shot back at the terrorists in the vehicle.

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (Pakistan Taliban) claimed the responsibility for Tuesday morning's suicide car blast. Taliban militants have carried out such attacks on the security forces and intelligence officers in the past.

Taliban Bomb Near Pakistan Spy Agency Office Kills 25 People

Pakistan's Taliban said they exploded a car bomb that killed at least 25 people and damaged an office of Pakistan's main intelligence agency in Faisalabad, the country's third-largest city.

The Taliban and allied militant groups have conducted scores of bombings and gun attacks on police, army and intelligence facilities since 2007.

Tehrik e Taliban of Pakistan have proudly claimed responsibility for this latest attack!

Another bit of destabilization handiwork, you may have missed, conducted by the Tehrik e Taliban was the slaying of the lone Christian MP.

Taliban guns down Pakistan MP Shahbaz Bhatti over blasphemy

TALIBAN extremists claimed responsibility for the brutal murder of Pakistan's Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti

Mr Bhatti, the country's only Christian federal cabinet minister, was gunned down as he was being driven to work through the capital Islamabad yesterday morning and died on the way to hospital.

His attackers reportedly left leaflets at the site saying they had acted in the name of al-Qa'ida and Tehrik-e-Taliban Punjab, a branch of Pakistan's home-grown terror network.

This is not the first time I have read of the leaving of leaflets?? Which is strange to say the least. I wonder where the funding comes from for all these leaflets?

Tehrik-e-Taliban (Pakistan) deputy spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan claimed responsibility for the attack.

The assassination drew condemnation from Christian leaders across the world. Vatican spokesman Frederico Lombardi said the killing "demonstrates just how justified are the insistent statements by the Pope regarding violence against Christians and religious freedom"

An act that can only be described as a divide to conquer strategy, both in Pakistan and on a wider level, the minds of the west. The Pope's condemnation of this attack will appeal directly to the biased mindset in the West. It promotes the Christian vs Muslims attitude, which amazingly, or not, leave Israel right off of the table.

Outside interests are trying very hard to cause a domestic breakdown, sectarian violence and possibly a civil war in Pakistan.
The TTP is the tool being used. They are the sledgehammer. But the hand/s that wield the sledgehammer are definitely not originating in Pakistan.

I have posted on a number of occasions how the TTP's attacks serve a very western agenda. An agenda that wants to see Pakistan's nukes under western control. That wants to see Pakistan broken apart.

I am also reminded of something else. At another time in history, very similar operations were carried out by the NATO left behind armies. NATO funded terrorism to sow strife in Europe.
These attacks, conducted by groups such as the TTP are merely a modernized version of the left behinds.

I guess this is as good a time as any to post a link left in the comments by Hubris.

NATO's Secret Armies-Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe: Daniele Ganser. Hubris left a link to download it. If you are unaware of the role of the Left Behind/Stay Behind armies, you can bring yourself up to speed with this book.

I read Gansers book a while back - it's available in PDF on the net - http://www.fileserve.com/file/5Dkn8GH


  1. Tehrik e Taliban a.k.a the CIA and a.k.a. the Mossad. A clearer message could not have been sent at the cost of 25 lives and 100 maimed. Surely they don't think people that stupid as to believe that this murderous terror bombing was actually the work of the Taliban. The self-same pseudo-gang Tehrik e Taliban that Raymond Davis was working with personally and contacting via mobile phone. The Pakistan ISI know full well the parties responsible for carrying out this bloody act through proxies, and it will be interesting to see just how they respond. That was perhaps the stupidest, most desperate and childish move I've seen this month, guaranteed to blowback.

  2. When you believe in violence as the answer and it is not working, then the only solution has to be more violence.

    Same as in any addiction and just as self defeating in the end. The edifice of deceit is now in free fall.

  3. really. what can one say.

    is the CIA+moosad trying to kill off as many ISI as possible and destroy as much evidence as possible before the truth comes out to the whole world? it really reeks of desperation.

  4. Hey HHQ!

    I am really starting to look at these patsy organizations as an extension of the stay behind armies.

    The terror groups were almost always "communistic" example the Red Brigades, which I believe was completely infiltrated by some of these soldiers.

    So it would make sense that our modern versions are not stay behinds, which is sort of a dumb name, because those "armies" didn't stay behind they were placed in the countries they fomented their terror in.

    As are these so called "alquedas"

    There is an "alquada cell" in every nation that the west/NATO has designs on.

    So the TTP an extension of that same program from after ww2, backed by the same players now as then (western intelligence) through the vehicle driven by NATO.

    James:"When you believe in violence as the answer and it is not working, then the only solution has to be more violence."

    true, sad, and this is why we see the ramping of of said violence and it is going to get worse, way worse.

    I would agree that the ISI would be aware of all that, and they would know that this attack, as all the other attacks was backed by the west/NATO puppetmasters.

    AP: it does reek of desperation and that is what is scary.
    When the desperate lash out...