Thursday, March 10, 2011

The curious case of Alan Gross, his USAID job in Cuba connecting Jewish groups, that seem caught unawares ??

This is interesting and looks to me as if the US was cooking up trouble in Cuba. But, their "contractor" got caught. Who is he? Who is he associated with? Despite their denials?
Which personally, I am not buying into. Perhaps you will feel differently?

One more, a story you may have missed.

Alan Gross a 'contractor' for USAID. Was caught in Cuba carrying out subversive activities.
And if he was employed by USAID, he was definitely up to no good.
And to complicate matters he is a follower of Judaism. So this has Israel involved and concerned.
I say, watch out Cuba.

An American aid contractor who worked in a U.S. program aimed at undermining Cuba's communist government went on trial on Friday, accused of crimes against the state.
He is accused of supplying Internet equipment, including sophisticated satellite phones, to dissidents in violation of Cuban law.

I am really curious if the US was working towards one of their so called spontaneous uprisings using the latest social media technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter.

I mean these social media outlets, via internet access, played such a big role in the spontaneous uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen......

Wonder who the equipment was being provided to?

The United States, at odds with Cuba for more than five decades, said he provided Internet service to Jewish groups but committed no crimes.


Gross was a contractor for a U.S. Agency for International Development program to foster political change in Cuba.

The programs have been criticized in the United States for doing little more than provoking the Cuban government, but supporters say they are helping fight Cuba's one-party state.

Cuba's one party state? Like the one in the US? The banker, war monger, power state?
Provocation is the fact.

Interesting the followers of Judaism in Cuba are distancing themselves from this fellow and his equipment?

U.S. Jewish organizations have appealed for Gross' release but Cuban Jewish leaders have kept their distance from him. There have been reports Cuban Jews may testify against him.

"We don't need the sophisticated equipment that supposedly Gross brought to Cuba. We have legal Internet," Cuban Jewish leader Adela Dworin told Reuters.

Interesting Read here: What Was Alan Gross Doing in Havana?
From a year ago.

Last week President Obama released his proposed $52.8 billion 2011 budget for the U.S. Department of State. Included with the billions for programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq is a relatively minuscule $20 million allocation to "promote self-determined democracy in Cuba."

The 60-year-old family man, synagogue member, and former Obama supporter is a technology expert and federal vendor whose specialty is bringing satellite signals to remote locations. Though uninvited by his hosts, he was on Castro's island as an "independent business and economic development consultant" to Development Alternatives, Inc., a State Department contractor that hired him under a $8.6 million contract from the Agency for International Development. Since his arrest, reporters have asked at State press briefings about Gross' detention and his precise assignment in Cuba. Few details have been released other than he was there to assist "civil society organizations" to better communicate through technology.

Yup, a spontaneous revolution must have been in the cards!

The New York Times reported the lone consultant had already visited Cuba several times under his subcontract when he was arrested. Early accounts of his efforts say he was there to help a small number of Jewish citizens in Cuba obtain "unfiltered access" to the Internet, The Miami Herald reported, but prominent members of the Cuban Jewish community claim they don't know Gross.

Though his bosses deny he is an intelligence agent, there has been a lot of mystery surrounding Gross' mission. For over a week after he was detained, his arrest was kept secret from the press and Congress. After reporters learned of his detention, his supervisor at DAI released this statement: "The detained individual was an employee of a program subcontractor, which was implementing a competitively issued subcontract to assist Cuban civil society organizations.'' It was not disclosed what companies competed for the job.
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Are all the bells ringing? Are you saying to yourself, oh yeah there is something happening here.
And what it is ain't exactly clear?
But it rings of trouble, it rings of interference, it rings of phony revolutions.

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