Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Foreign Worker suspected in the murder of settler family

An update on yesterday's post Israel publishes pictures for Hasbara to use

I reminded all that these were allegations.
It has been alleged that Palestinian militants killed a settler family. I say alleged, because who really knows?
It seems entirely possible Israel knows the truth but would rather spin the story to their advantage. Even if the family may have been killed by a foreign worker.

Thanks to Aferrismoon and HHQ for leaving an additional link to this story!
Find that one here. Quoted below

NABLUS, An Asian worker is suspected of the murder of the Fogel family, a settler family from Itamar settlement near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, according to Palestinian press sources.

Quds Net news quoted local residents from the area that he was infuriated with an Israeli settler for not paying him his wages carried out the killing of the settler’s family in Itamar, Palestinian press sources reported.

Quds Net news agency on Monday quoted a Palestinian family from Awarta village next to the settlement as saying that Mr. Fogel refused to pay 10,000 shekels in wages which he owed an Asian worker he hired. The worker threatened to kill the settler and his family.

The worker is suspected of committing the crime after midnight Friday using a knife then fleeing the scene to nearby Palestinian villages, the report added.

It noted that the Israeli army knows of the information leading to the suspect but refuse to announce or deal with it for political as well as security reasons.

I had bookmarked this one yesterday

Sources: Thai workers questioned in Itamar

Israeli forces on Monday afternoon summoned all Thai workers employed in the Itamar settlement, the site of the murder of five members of the Fogel family, and held them for questioning, Ma'an has learned.

Sources close to some of the laborers said that all of the workers had been gathered and taken for questioning in relation to the stabbing deaths of a settler family on Friday night.

Though Palestinians have been forbidden from working in the settlements of the northern West Bank, foreign workers, mostly from Thailand and the Philippines, have been contracted for labor in the area.

It was unclear if Israeli investigators were widening their investigation to include the possibility that a foreign worker was involved in the attack, which has been blamed in the Israeli media on Palestinians.

Israeli officials have refused to comment on the issue. Israel's national police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an that a gag order has been imposed on information connected to the investigation.

An Israeli security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity in line with military policy, said there had been no change in Israel's allegations that Palestinians were responsible.


  1. Aferrismoon, thanks and just want to let you know that Dave McGowan is coming back this week to Meria Heller's show, actually today!

    Our daughter is here visiting so I am not sure when I will listen to the show....

    I will keep you posted though.

    She helped me with the posts yesterday, hunting down news stories.

  2. Gallier: a question regarding EU movement?

    The website says that the EU is borderless, which sounds nice, but I have my doubts it is actually true in practice.

    Is documentation required? Does each nation have a right to check documentation? Are there border crossings of any sort?

    My daughter and I were discussing the situation wrt Italy and the refugees.

    She thinks as soon as they are in Italy (being an EU nation) that they are free to go wherever they choose.
    I have some doubts to that.
    Would you be able to clarify that?

  3. It's not the EU that is "borderless" but the countries that signed the Schengen Agreement. As one can see on non EU countries like Switzerland, Iceland and Norway have signed and EU countries like Romania and Bulgaria are not signators.
    In practice, living near Schengen, which sits exactly on a 3 border place (Luxemburg, France and Germany) I haven't been checked since the 80s but it could theoretically happen. Only the big borders on highways are manned, but they stop only people who transit from far away and look "suspicious". It's also mostly for drug controls (potheads who go to Netherlands often transit via Luxemburg because fuel and cigarettes are much cheaper there.
    As for the smaller border houses, they've been sold and often transformed for other purposes (Kebab shops, pubs or restaurants).

    Furthermore, you can work in any country of the Schengen agreement country if you have the nationality of any of the other countries. My wife could start to work in Luxemburg only after she acquired the French nationality (she's from Africa), working in France until then was no problem as she had the proper paperwork.

  4. Just a little point, I went to Italy last week and drove through Switzerland, they checked if you had the transit tax sticker (€28) but didn't look at our papers even as we had already prepared them.
    When one travels by plane there can be checks at the airports but the last time I traveled within Europe was in 1999 to Dublin and neither my passport nor my id card were checkes. Passport was by the way not mandatory, a normal id card is sufficient.

  5. btw: aferrismoon if you have any input to the questions I asked of gallier feel free.

    Also R? If you stop by, feel free too!

  6. Cheers Penny - will tune in to DMcG

    I read quite a few 'angry' comments about how the Moslem world didn't speak up about these murders at MSM sites.

    A pattern of headlines writ large + outraged reactions leading to the disappearence of the story, though a continuation of the 'unproved story' which is then written into the history-weave as if fact.

    A bit like the unproven 19 hijackers.


  7. And to answer some of the parts of your question, yes police can ask for the paperwork and they often do if one has a high melanine profile (cute euphemism isn't it ;-)
    Some years ago when I hang a lot around with Comorians in Paris suburbs(the good ole times when I was muslim), it was often so that when police asked for the papers, they only checked the black ones and skipped me as if I wasn't there.

    As said, when travelling on big axes, or by plane and train, there are often checks, but if you travel by car on secondary roads, the chances of being checked for something else than trafic related things are nil.

  8. I remember back in the 80's whilst I was living in Germany, we never had to stop at the border with Holland, Belgium or Italy. France though was a differnet story - hell I wasn't even allowed in there for a while - even though I had residence status in Germany herself.

    As far as Israel goes, it's just more of the same - the real news would be if suddenly they elected to join the rest of humanity - now that would be headline news! (they won't though, due to their complete xenophobic and superior culture). Pffft... :P

  9. Thanks for all that information Gallier.

    That answered quite a bit of what we were discussing about!

  10. Aferrismoon- do you subscribe to Meria's show?
    Unless she puts it at the free show link I don't know if you can here it.
    Just wondering

  11. Hey Maggie,

    xenophobic and superiority complex?
    Must come from all that "God's chosen people" crap?

  12. xenophobic and superiority complex?
    Must come from all that "God's chosen people" crap?

    It's exactly that, look the "ethnic" (racistic) definition of judaism doesn't work, , too genetically different they are (ashkenazi, sepharadi, ethiopians or whatever).
    Even culturally it doesn't work (if ever you watch the french comedy "la vérité si je mens" you can see that the customs of Ashkenazis and Sepharads are quite different.!)
    The only common denominator are the religious texts, Torah and Talmud.
    One can even go further and look at some protestant cults (which happen btw to be zionists as well) as returning to a more literal interpretation of the old testament and see that this election mindset carries over. A point which can explain why catholics, orthodox and muslims seem less nasty.

  13. "One can even go further and look at some protestant cults (which happen btw to be zionists as well)"

    speaking of those nut jobs, they are on the christian television network here, begging for money to help abused jews get out of Russia???

    Not my words, theirs.
    It is all pity, all the time.

  14. Trying to get abused jews out of Russia?!?

    Sounds like a money scam, lol.

    Frankly, and I don't mean to deride your fine investigative work Penny - I don't even want to read about this story. I really don't.

    To me, it would be like reading a story from the southern US, trumpeting as big news a claim that an upstanding white man had been arrested wrongfully by two black cops, then beaten.

    Even if it were true, it's just propaganda, put into context of the larger situation/problem at hand.

    Great comments Gallier . . . totally agree about your take on ethnicity in regards to the racist religion called judaism.

    I have made (to no avail, mind you) the argument before amongst friends that I could prove all Protestants have more ethnic similarity than all jews. Or Bhuddists.

    No one claims that they are a race.

  15. I assumed it was either mossad or just some random act that israel pounced on.

    The world's media did their job and told everyone quickly that it was Palestinians, a big clue to the culrpit as they mostly, of course, are owned by the same people who own Israel.

    It shows the nature of these people that they spit on their own to get what they want, in this case the memory of children murdered in their beds.

    But then, they've done much worse over the years.

  16. slozo: I am not kidding. I have actually had two mailings to that effect.

    From the same bunch of wacky christians.

    They must have picked names that have Eastern European/Russian origins from god knows where.

    And done mass mailings

    They went to the recycling bin.

    As if!

  17. anonymous: never let a good crisis go to waste, right?