Friday, March 4, 2011

Google comes under fire for "secret" relationship with NSA

Is anyone really surprised?
Recalling the Google exec and the crucial/inspirational role in the Egyptian uprising???
Wondering if the special relationship between the NSA and Google played a role in that drama?
Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group largely focused in recent years on Google's privacy practices, has called on a congressional investigation into the Internet giant's "cozy" relationship with U.S. President Barack Obama's administration.

The group asked Issa to investigate contracts at several U.S. agencies for Google technology and services, the "secretive" relationship between Google and the U.S. National Security Agency, and the company's use of a U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration airfield in California.

Federal agencies have also taken "insufficient" action in response to revelations last year that Google Street View cars were collecting data from open Wi-Fi connections they passed, Consumer Watchdog said in the letter.

(perhaps the lack of action is due to the fact that the information collected was passed on?)

"We believe Google has inappropriately benefited from close ties to the administration," (say it isn't so)the letter said. "Google is most consumers' gateway to the Internet. Nonetheless, it should not get special treatment and access because of a special relationship with the administration."

The paper also questions Google contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense and other agencies, suggesting that, in some cases, Google contracts were fast-tracked. The paper also questions Google's relationship with the U.S. National Security Agency and calls for the company to be more open about what consumer information it shares with the spy agency.

"I understand the NSA is a super-secret spook organization," he said. "But given Google's very special situation where it possesses so much personal data about people, I think that there ought to be a little more openness about what precisely goes on between the two."


  1. Hey Pen, how are you?

    And speaking of google, here we are on blogger. All your base are belong to us. But it's not like we're surprised are we? With Sergey Brin as Jewish/CFR/Bilderger it's a dead cert that privacy, rights, all that stuff that the Talmud has declared as nothing, is sure to be used and abused as suits.

    And sure you're not technically under arrest or anything but you may rest assured that everything you write here will be taken down and may be used against you in a court of law. Or any other place for any other reason as suits the death cult wot rules us.

  2. Not surprised one bit Penny, the NSA and Google are about as cosy as ugly and Dick Cheney. I've been advancing that they worked together for years now, but the real truth, not yet revealed widely, is the relationship between Israeli intelligence and Google. That story remains largely ignored and untold as Google quite simply is an intelligence front disguised as a communications company and search engine.

    Google data mines for personal information, logs your IP address and documents your surfing habits in addition to reading, screening and storing your sensitive emails in Gmail. They now attempt to associate your Blogger account with your mobile's number, collects aerial and ground images of your home, and supplies the exact geographic location of your work and/or home to anyone with your addresses. In short they are an intelligence gathering operation and each new piece of technology they introduce into the consumer market, captures even more live-time data for their ever growing databases. The NSA of course profits nicely from this arrangement and are able to update their data-stores with the latest and greatest current intel on the citizenry at large.

    People would probably never hand over data to the NSA directly or at least do so comfortably, but here comes Google with smiles, fun and cute trade-phrases like "Don't be evil". Their chummy facade is designed to have users drop their guard and give out their personal data without even thinking. It's quite a Trojan Horse setup, just perfect for harvesting massive amounts of sensitive data from the unsuspecting.

  3. I guess they will know whose door to knock on first eh? Keep those who are awake from awakening others...

    It won't matter if you haven't actually broken any laws, these people are inventive if nothing else, they will find something, or make something up, write a new law - whatever it takes to get the 'rabble rousers' out of the loop.

  4. HI Penny,
    Great post again, and in agreeance with both Nobody, and HHQ, it will be all used against us/ used to create Profiles in their virtual planning and profiling algorithyms.
    Sometimes i wonder, as i have a family if it's worth it? but i'm a tiddler in a huge ocean..and we should all contribute even in a small way, to help disseminate and alert others of what is happening in our world, on all sides of the planet.
    cheers and thanks again.