Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libya: The Hypocrisy is right before our eyes

Stunning in it's breadth and depth.
Bombing civilians to prevent a humanitarian crisis. What kind of doublespeak is this?

Would the US be in Libya if not for the sweetest of sweet crude on the planet?

After seizing control of critical oil fields and terminals in eastern Libya over the weekend, Libyan rebels are now trying to sell oil in international markets, potentially raising hundreds of millions of dollars to buy weapons and supplies.
Over the last few days, the rebels have seized several towns with important oil installations that they said would enable them to produce and export crude.

Selective Sanctions!

Although the Libyan government faces global economic sanctions and asset freezes, an official at the Treasury Department said that the United States would not seek to block oil sales by the rebels if they could prove the money was not going to any Libyan government authority, the national oil company or the Qaddafi family.

The rebels already have their own oil company, Agoco, which is based in rebel-held Benghazi and broke away from the main national oil company early in the conflict. Agoco controls fields that represent 40 percent of the country’s 1.6 million barrels a day of output and operates an oil terminal and refinery in Tobruk.

The rebels now control all five eastern oil export terminals, including Es Sider, Ras Lanuf and Zueitina, roughly two-thirds of the country’s export capacity and a majority of its production and refining capacity.

Well isn't that really really convenient!

The rebels already have their own oil company! They control two thirds- two thirds of the country's export capacity!
How did they manage to tend to the business of starting up an oil company, when they were so busy fighting for freedom?! When they were allegedly being killed by Ghaddafi forces?
Amazing foresight on their part, given the fact they just got took control of critical oil fields this past week-end?

And even more stupendously serendipitous....they already have a buyer! Qatar.
A nation that is going to recognize the legitimacy of the rebels!
Qatar had agreed to buy oil offered by the rebels and planned to ship it in leased tankers. The Qatari government has not commented on the oil sales, but on Monday, Qatar became the first Arab country to formally recognize the legitimacy of the rebels as representatives of Libya.

Stunning how everything is just falling into place. Like it was all preplanned.

If I may point you to a video, posted at Chuckyman's place and at Veritas's blog.
It deserves viewing. It really does.
Hypocrisy abounds as is pointed out below


  1. Hi Penny and thanks for the link.

    I posted this in reply to your comment at my place but it may be of use to your readers also.

    Here’s an interesting article from Rick Rozoff. It certainly added some depth for me and spread a little light on the machinations of the French.

    Sarkozy has done so much for a Hungarian born jewish son of ‘untitled Hungarian nobility’. His real name is Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa. A fine pawn for the elite bloodlines.

  2. Hey chuckyman:

    interesting, indeed.

    the first time I had read about this mediterranean union, so to speak, was an article written by,,,,,
    name escapes me, but, if I continue typing it will appear!

    Aha! Andrew Gavin Marshall was the writer.

    I find it interesting regarding Syria, it explains why the social media revolution has reared it's ugly head there.

    There is a port City in Syria, somewhere on this blog, I have a post about it.

    Tartus, I checked.

    Russian involvement in the expansion of that port, it is Russia's only foothold in the Mediterranean, so I imagine it is pretty important to them.

    Russia is non NATO, non EU, so I do wonder..


    how they will feel about NATO control of the entire area?

  3. The hypocrisy on Libya, indicates that western civilization has died.
    We are nazis, devoid of any morality or compassion. The time to wonder how those German people allowed it all to happen has passed. Time to look in the mirror.
    How does the Canadian parliament end up with 100% of the Liberal party voting with Harper to wage war on Libya? How does the entire NDP party also vote for this war?
    I have had dozens of NDP party operatives berate me on their blogs over the past week for condemning their support of this war. The orchestrated collapse of the Harper gov't over budget bullshit the very next day creates an election which will feature ZERO discussion on war.....because all parties agree that it is good.
    Let the circus begin!
    Canada does not exist. The fcuking CBC prove that every day.

    In any case, the war against human beings rages and ratchets up with the Japan HAARP attacks and subsequent nuclear fallout. The Louisiana gulf oil 'spill' was act one.

    A full scale WW3 with NATO vs. a divided manipulated angry Arab world is clearly underway, and once Iran is finally goaded into participating, there will be no denying this fact.
    2011 so far, is a year where the crisis' come so fast and furious that our ability to respond is stretched beyond its capacity.

    Thinking about blogs I respect, like this one, the Sounds of Silence lyrics describe you guys.
    "The words of the poets are written on the subway walls,
    And tenement halls"

    Right now the corporate news is the sound of stupidity ignorance and fear that no one dares disturb.
    The brave oh so un-North American people in the streets in Egypt, Yemen, Libya are like the poets in the Springsteen song Jungleand.

    "Outside the street's on fire in a real death waltz
    Between flesh and what's fantasy and the poets down here
    Don't write nothing at all, they just stand back and let it all be
    And in the quick of the night they reach for their moment
    And try to make an honest stand but they wind up wounded, not even dead
    Tonight in Jungleland.........

    Thanks for your work and fine poetry Penny. So few get to read it, but for those who do, it is a pleasure. I am working on my own small little world and the people in it right now. The big one is too much for me to handle.

  4. "How does the Canadian parliament end up with 100% of the Liberal party voting with Harper to wage war on Libya? How does the entire NDP party also vote for this war?"

    Everyone single one of these idiots is going to get a blast when they come a calling!

    "I have had dozens of NDP party operatives berate me on their blogs over the past week for condemning their support of this war. The orchestrated collapse of the Harper gov't over budget bullshit the very next day creates an election which will feature ZERO discussion on war.....because all parties agree that it is good.
    Let the circus begin!"

    The orchestrated collapse, I love it!
    That is exactly what it was..

  5. I love the synchronicity of suspicious minds penny (grin).

    The Russian Navy is acutely aware of the change in their fortunes since the fall of the Soviet Union. The Black Sea was exclusively their lake. It is bordered by Rumania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia. All but Georgia are members of NATO and it wants to join the ‘big dogs’ club’.

    The Black Sea Fleet’s base in Crimea only just renewed its lease. In modern combat terms the Black sea is a NATO barrel. That fleet needs greater room to manoeuvre or it would have a short life expectancy in a large conflict.

    The Georgian conflict was the last straw for Russia and they decided that they needed to act strategically. Hence the military cooperation with Syria and the amount of money spent on repairing Tartus and widening the port of Latakia.

    The tactical effect was to place all of their ‘big dog’ radar and missile coverage over Syria’s coastal area – where the majority of their population lives. That will deter the Israhelli Air Force – period. We know that position is not acceptable to Rothschild’s play pen and hence what we see in Syria.

    We shall see what happens. Syria’s President Assad’s father faced a militant uprising previously and 20,000+ were massacred suppressing it. I can’t remember the dates but I believe the area around Aleppo was involved. It’s difficult to google it at the moment.

    We shall see what young Bashir does now he’s in charge. He was not the intended successor – he trained as an ophthalmologist originally. The neighbours from hell have been testing him since he assumed the presidency. Obviously they can’t get rid of him easily and hence the new approach.

    Can you see the Russian navy letting US/NATO pulling the same stunts over their newly refurbished Mediterranean ports? They are already making noises that the ‘no fly’ campaign does not include attacking ground forces.

    The despicable quisling Lieberman has been making noises for intervention in the US. Not likely unless the elites are ‘all in’ for the next big one. Interesting times to live in don’t you think?

  6. Hullo Pen, I haven't read yet but I shall, but I just wanted to pop in and mention that Sabretache over at his always interesting Wikispooks site has posted a series of articles on Libya that are very good, instant save-to-hard-drive stuff, if you know what I mean.

    And what with not having figured out how to send him a message at his wikispooks site (and in the hopes that he might follow the hits back to here) I just wanted to say, Bravo Tache, you've had some absolute crackers lately. And keep up the good work etc.

    Cheers Pen.

  7. chuckyman: thanks for that.
    Interesting times, indeed.
    A little frightening too I must add.

  8. cheers nobody, i shall check it out.

  9. Hey Penny,...You are leaving me in your wake! I have been a tad busy and pre-occupied, thanks for the link! Is this one part of a huge post? I'm lost. I have some interesting stuff on Syria from a mate of mine that is close to the mob here , that was a SERGEANT IN THE SYRIAN SPECIAL FORCES! Haaargh! I will collate as much as poss' and onpass it to you...

    losta luv veritas

    P.S. After gleaning a whole lot of info I would rather not divulge, Rivero has not contacted me since the radio thingy (?????).