Wednesday, March 2, 2011

QE2: Bernankes Brew conjures starvation, strife and military interventions

Another long one, because I have the time to organize all my thoughts, hopefully, and take a broad look at how we got to where we are at.

I am going to take you back to a post I put up November 10/2010. G-20, currency wars and Obama's soothing letter ?

You may wonder why I am stepping back in time to this post?
I am going to do some dot connecting....because nothing happens in a vacuum.

The uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa are directly connected back to QE2 and the economic warfare it was going to guarantee. Economic warfare that was intended to destabilize emerging economies. Emerging economies means, nations with high unemployment and low incomes and largely underdeveloped. Nations such as Egypt, Libya, Yemen etc., etc., Nations that are to be exploited by western interests.

From November 10th/2010:
"QE2, the US acting alone, fuels speculation that the US is attempting to devalue the dollar in a stealthy fashion (which it is) Also the flooding of foreign markets with US dollars will lead to rampant and wild speculation (creating bubbles) and the destabilization of emerging economies."

What we have witnessed these past few months has been a speculative bubble in the commodities market. Specifically food and energy.

"Ever since QE2 was announced in November, commodity prices have surged. Critics say it flooded the world with liquidity, which in turn devalued the dollar and drove institutional investors out of US treasuries and encouraged them to seek higher returns for food commodities."

The banks, of course, are the big players in the speculation. This planned economic warfare has played a role in the destabilization of all the nations we have seen in upheaval recently. The article above mentions as an example Goldman-Sachs. I'll let you read that for yourself.

First dot: QE2, flooding the markets with money, leading to wild speculation in the food markets.

Second dot: high food prices lead to despair in lower income nations, making them ripe for the picking by the US/NATO/Israeli/British Complex. Who I will refer to, for brevity, as just NATO.

This helped create the volatile component that produced outrage in the streets of Egypt, Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East.

When people are hungry, a nation with an out of control printing press can toss all sorts of money around. As we have seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

Third dot: I want to get to the energy aspect of this economic warfare-

Speculation has been driving the energy prices. Not instability. There is plenty of oil. Saudi Arabia has offered to ramp up production. Libyan oil is a mere fraction of the global oil inventory.
But, speculators (banks) loaded up with American dollars, have taken advantage of the upheaval in Libya and other nations to push the price of oil upwards! Doing some reading today I note the US has a surplus supply, additionally they get there energy from Canada.

"It's because of speculation about things that could hurt the supply in the future," he said. "These last couple of years, speculators have moved market prices for gas more than they have ever before."

Could, might, possibly.... but not likely.

What about Canada? Stock market players fuel gas hike, experts say

Canada's spurt in gas prices is caused by stock market speculators in gasoline futures creating unnecessary panic. Canada imports no oil from Libya.
Energy is intimately linked to food prices, so the increase in both of these groups is a double whammy to the developing nations.

Who benefits from high fuel prices?
(You might think it would be the oil producing nations alone, but, that is not the case)

The US benefits, not the consumer, but the government through the lower value on the dollar.

The lower dollars allows them to deflate their debt. ( I mentioned that way back on November 10/2010)
A recent article reiterates that point: Why high oil prices could knock down the U.S. dollar

"On balance, higher oil prices are negative for the dollar," he said.

This is a win/win situation for the US, the largest debtor nation on the globe. If the US dollar falls by 10 percent, so does the value of their indebtedness. If it falls by 20 percent then the level of indebtedness falls in accordance. Making this very bad news for a nation like China, who has all this US money owed to them the value of it being decreased by stealth and having to pay much higher energy prices.

Another way this increase in oil prices aids the US is by ensuring countries world wide continue to hold and/or accrue the US dollar. Since it is still the petro-dollar.

Back to QE2 and nation destabilizing-

Following along, you should now understand that QE2 was designed to do exactly what it has done. Destabilize the economies that the US led NATO army wanted destabilized, wanted to remove and replace the leadership or attack as necessary......

We have to realize that the plans to attack these nations whether overtly, covertly or both emanated from the private US central bank and it's allies within the government. The flooding of the markets was the first salvo of the attack, no bombs necessary. Just create the hardship, have your handy dandy bought and paid for stooges in place, then direct the chaos from behind the scenes.
Taking action overtly if and when necessary. In Egypt, no overt attacking was necessary. The Egyptian military having been long co-opted and controlled thanks to US dollars.

In Libya, we have a bit of a different tale ongoing, but still the economic warfare increased the food prices which acted as a catalyst. Libya dropped the taxes on food to try to help the people cope, but that was not enough. The stooges were ready to go.
And now the NATO nations are coming in for the attack! Here is some of the latest news-

-The United States is moving two amphibious warships and 400 Marines to the region.
-Canada is beefing up its military presence in the region around Libya, dispatching a patrol ship and special forces to prepare for more muscular evacuations that could evolve into major aid lifts or even a blockade to hem in the Gadhafi regime.

Any guess on who the special forces are that Canada is sending in?
Why it is none other then JTF2!!!
Postmedia News has confirmed that JTF2, Canada's elite special forces unit, has been sent to the region. Canada's own special forces/ terrorism group.

With world leaders warning that Libya could face a protracted civil war, there were concerns that foreign military intervention could actually bolster the position of embattled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

This is the goal my friends, this is exactly the goal!
The west will ensure the balkanization of Libya into, IMO, minimally three smaller nations, possibly four. The people will fight amongst themselves. The west will control the oil rich areas through puppet government and Gadhaffi can stay, or not, they won't care.

As I said in the beginning, nothing happens in a vacuum. QE2 was designed to cause destabilization through speculative commodities bubbles enabling interested parties to profit every and any which way they can.

Regarding the tyranny of the private central banks, and their ability to foment misery and poverty.......I am going to end with a quote from Michael Hudson:
"This pretext for excluding government from meaningful regulation is that finance is so technical that only someone from the financial "industry" is capable of regulating it. To add insult to injury, the additional counter intuitive claim is made that a hallmark of democracy is to make the central bank "independent" of elected government. In reality, of course, that is just the opposite of democracy. Finance is the crux of the economic system. If it is not regulated democratically, in the public's interest then it is "free" to be captured by special interests. So this becomes the oligarchical definition of "market freedom"


  1. outstanding work, Pen!

  2. thanks James! I appreciate that compliment.

    I must have connected the dots clearly enough, and I am glad.

    It can get confusing but it really is all connected.

    I am wondering what will a QE3 bring?

    Scary thought

  3. Hey Penny,...Excellent article, re; QE2, it's all so acedemic, no wonder the khazars instituted a dumbing down program; because when a skilled narrator like yourself puts in in these simple lucid terms, 'BING', the bulb is switched on.

    Thanks for your time and effort Pen'


  4. I second James and V’s comments Penny. The monkey mind is a wonderful engine for doing what we need – connecting the dots. Where you trace one line others can run that line a little further. You leave such tempting breadcrumbs.

    We are witnessing the end of the greatest ponzi scheme in history Penny. Its recent incarnation started a long time ago back in the time of the English Civil War. It morphed and weaved through the centuries. Who decided to form the centres of ‘learning’ anyway – the universities?

    The British Empire grew from their ability to print money – to pay for it on ‘credit’. That facility was created and promoted by the usual candidates (Roth) among others. The size of the empire could hide the fault lines only so long and WWI was their watershed. After that it moved across the Atlantic. Enter the creature from Jekylll Island.

    The private bank that took over has run the show ever since. Here’s a wee note from James Traficant – former Congressman – until they locked him up.

    The game is rigged – period. Bernanke can say or do anything he wants (publically) but he will do as he is told. It’s the power behind the throne that endangers us all.

    When they inject Trillions of perceived dollars into the system 2 things happen.
    1 One - the value of the ‘money’ is watered down.
    2 There is a lot of ‘hot’ money floating around with no home to go to. That goes into commodities- real stuff, like food.

    This is not accidental Penny. The crash that is coming was carefully planned and in much greater detail than 911. I see the primary weapon as food. The war in the ‘arc of crisis’ is currently aimed at the $2 a day level of humanity. The next level is the rest of us.

    None of us in the west know real hunger and its motivations. The real deal breaker is if oil goes off the dollar. When the ‘faith’ in the Federal Reserve Note breaks what else do folks have to pay for essentials?

    I know I’m a doomsayer Penny. When I see Ben Bernanke calmly telling the CONgress to piss up a rope - then you know who the boss is. The sharks are making massive profits from betting on food!

    All I can say Penny is that it is all coldly and deliberately planned. We don’t examine humanity as if it was a microbe but they do. It is that difference that is our salvation. The b’s that want to control us do not understand us. That will be their undoing.

  5. In Glasgow being on umemployment benefit is called 'on the brew', though it's a corruption of 'borough' [ i think].

    At the end of this post Celtic Rebel writes that he will have Dave McGowan on his radioshow on March 6th. The show will be downloadable if its at an inconvenient time.


  6. veritas:

    "skilled narrator"


    And, it really is all so academic as you say.

    And thank you for reading it!

  7. Hey Penny,...Enchanté; please forgive the typos, it gets late here real quick, just about the time all you guys get going!

    I really appreciate everything that all you guys do!

    My nutty love, to all!


  8. chuckyman: you are not a doomsayer, simply a practical realist.

    "The war in the ‘arc of crisis’ is currently aimed at the $2 a day level of humanity. The next level is the rest of us."

    exactly the wavelength I was on when I said "wondering what QE3 will bring"

    I fear it will bring down the western world.

    And you are right, we have never known real hunger.

    Though many, especially in the US are finding out, what homelessness is about.

    (more, by design, manipulation)

    And yet, chuckyman, I ask when do people stop supporting the machine, shut the tv off, and start getting a real life.

    You mention the dumbing down process?
    Of course it was the elite class that created the so called centres of learning...

    an aside, related still but expanding on the thought of the dumbed down masses.

    I have just picked up a book, an older book called "the sane society" and though dated the concepts in it, the thoughts, is one sane when the entire society is off it's rocker?

    Cleary, if you are part and parcel of an insane society, you are insane.You just don't realize it.
    And how could you, when the entire world around you is a crazy as a loon and your fitting right in?

    And look at the collective insanity all around us?

    Celebrity worship? Money worship?
    Signs of sickness and imbalance
    Disconnection from humanity
    Connections to machinery (electronics)
    Living in fantasy worlds (television) rather then real worlds, interacting with family


    Therefore I consider myself, my hubby and people such as yourself, James,V, and all the other participants readers and bloggers alike to be the sane people.

    If we were not sane, we wouldn't be doing what we do, reading, discussing and trying to pick our way through this craziness. Informing ourselves, others and learning..

    We would be getting our "programming" from the boob tube.

    And I am not talking breasts, I am talking idiocy.

  9. Thanks aferrismoon!

    I am most definitely going to check that out!!

    btw: glad to see you about. I have been meaning to get over to your place, but there has been so much going on!!!
    I can barely keep up with it all and still find time to live a life and visit all the other terrific blog/gers.

    I will pop by asap.
    Today I must go and probably will not get a post in till later if at all.

    Good day all!

  10. I really appreciate everything that all you guys do!

    My nutty love, to all!


    thanks veritas, that is incredibly sweet.

    Good night to you!

  11. Hey Penny -

    May I "tweet" your excellent post to my meager twitter followers and help stir the pot a bit? The bad news is that I started following Karl Rove, and then he started following me back like within 48 hours. Pretty crazy.

    But I have no fear - the true nature of the Omniverse™ will prove to be the truth of all this deception - But with this dot connection, you certainly hit the nail on the head!

  12. blameblakeart:

    Of course you may.