Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Targetted Killings in Pakistan of Peace Committee members?

Upping the ante-

The TTP, not letting up for a minute, after the explosion targeting the ISI appeared at a funeral procession, with explosives killing anywhere from 34 to 37 people.
In the latest in a string of Islamist militant attacks aimed at undermining Pakistan's government.

(I deleted the words" US backed" from the Reuters article. In my opinion that wording only served to obfuscate the whole Pak/US issue. I don't see any way that the Pakistani government is enjoying the backing of the US.)

The funeral was for the relative of an ethnic Pashtun tribal elder.

For more information, another article:

At least 34 mourners were killed and 42 injured Wednesday in a suicide attack at a funeral near Pakistan's Peshawar city, media reports said.

The blast occurred in Adezai area of Peshawar city, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province bordering Afghanistan

A witness told Geo television that the lone suicide bomber was about 35 to 40 years of age.

(This contradicts the Reuters report, which has a child as the bomber. I do wonder at that reporting? Is it done to make the Pakistanis seem more barbaric?)

The suicide attack came a day after a car bomb near the office of the military's Inter-Services Intelligence agency killed 26 people and injured 131 in Faisalabad

From another news source.
"The suicide bomber very easily came here and joined the participants,"

I would have thought had it actually been a child this would have been noted by this witness also

Who was the deceased?

The suicide bomber targeted a funeral procession of a wife of Hakeem Khan, a chief of Local Peace Committee, in Adezai area of Matani, Peshawar.

Peace Committee? I got to wondering, what is this "Peace Committee"?

Off I go to search....Is this the Peace Committee being spoken of ?

National Peace Committee For Interfaith Harmony

I'll be honest, I can't read most of the stuff there. Really, why should I be able to? I don' t live in Pakistan. So it appears to be an organization for Pakistani's.
It seems to be a group promoting unity amongst Pakistanis. Which is a good thing.
From their site-

You will have to click on it to see the whole pic.

Then I search some more...

And there is a whole slew of Peace Committee members being targets of bombers and other assorted killing methods.

March 07/2011-Militants attack tribal peace committee members in Pakistan, 1 killed

Suspected Taliban militants attacked the office of pro-government tribal peace committee in Pakistan's Mohmand tribal agency, close to the Afghan border, killing one person, wounding seven others and also kidnapping two people, said sources on Monday.
The incident took place on Sunday in the agency's Baizai district, located close to the Afghan border. According to security sources, militants attacked committee's office with rockets and heavy weapons.
November 26/2010: An activist of the People’s Peace Committee was gunned down in Lyari, a few yards away from his home, police said on Thursday.

They said Aftab, in his late 40s, was targeted by two men on a motorbike as he was having tea in a roadside restaurant in Nayabad near Khadda Market. The victim was also a UC president of the People’s Peace Committee

August 23/2010: Pakistan bomb kills peace committee members, child

Two members of a local peace committee and a child were killed by a bomb planted in northwest Pakistan on Monday, police told CNN. Four other people were injured, they said.

Kalam Khan, a senior police official in Peshawar, said the bomb was attached to a fruit cart which was parked on the road in the village of Matni, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Peshawar. When members of the local peace committee passed near the cart, the bomb exploded, Khan said.

June 25/2008- 22 Peace Committee members slain and bodies dumped

The peace committee was attacked by supporters of Baitullah Mehsud, the head of the Pakistani Taliban, in the town of Jandola on Monday, not far from the Afghan border and about 300 kilometers,or 185 miles, west of Peshawar, the capital of the North West Frontier Province, said Berkatullah Marwat, the district coordinating officer.

Some of the 22 bodies were found with bullet wounds, others had been slashed with knives, Marwat said.

Are you starting to get the impression that there is a pattern here?

The Peace Committee members, who seem to have unity on their mind, are being systematically targeted by the TTP.

Huh! It is almost as if someone/some entity is trying really hard to tear Pakistan apart at the seams.

Like I said yesterday, the TTP may be the tool.....but someone else is using them.


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    BTW that was a very informative post, i was thinking along the same lines, a bit of payback for non cooperation in granting davis immunity and "forgetting" about the killings etc..But i do think the Pakistani's have had quite enough..
    Cheers A13

  2. Hey Penny,...Excellent coverage as usual; have you noticed that the troll traffic is at a high currently? I have one of them "funkifizzle", chasing me and flaming me everywhere, this morning I had three lengthy messages from him, yesterday five! My internet blog crashed again yesterday, that's twice in as many weeks. This yid stalker has a google account and a joo toob account but no blogs or yt channels; why? Sayanhim? I believe it's because the tribe are making their final putsch: three thousand years in the planning and a couple of months in the inception; welcome to the yiddish version of "Endtimes", they are all on active duty it seems, it also appears that they have some sort of deadline...???

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  3. Thanks A-13, I will keep those suggestions in mind.
    And it makes sense, so don't worry about that :)

    From my reading yesterday, I also get the impression the Pakistan Peace Committee has a partner in Afghanistan.

    There is some news today on this topic. They, together are trying to work out some solutions that do not entail endless killings.

    So the targeting of these members is, IMO, a sign, that peace and reconciliation between Pakistan and Afghanistan is not on the menu, not as long as Pakistan retains control of their nuclear weapons.

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