Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two Americans arrested in Syria

In light of what is going on in Syria, these arrests are a little more then curious.

Two Americans arrested in Syria, intimately connected to protests taking place in Syria and coincidentally, or not, Egypt.

One an Egyptian with dual US citizenship- (fresh from Tahrir square perhaps?)

An Egyptian carrying a United States passport, who had been working in Syria after a secret visit to Israel.
The man said on camera that he had "received foreign money for transmitting images and videos about Syria".
He said he had been contacted by a Colombian national and had received 100 Egyptian pounds (17 dollars, 12 euros) for each photo sent, and more per video.
He added that he had received "e-mails sent from abroad asking if it was possible to transmit video on the (situation) in Syria", where unprecedented protests against the regime have been spreading across the country since March 15.
He further stated he had travelled to Israel via Jordan, visiting Jerusalem before returning to Syria.
From this article we have an identity- Mohamed Radwan
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Sunday requested the Syrian authorities to allow one of its diplomats to attend investigations into, an Egyptian citizen accused in Damascus of spying for Israel.
“We want to make sure the investigation grants Radwan his full rights,” said Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdel Hakam.
Abdel Hakam said Radwan, who also holds American nationality, had for the past nine months been working in Damascus as director of Petrographics, a petroleum services company that has branches in several Arab countries. (Under cover of a petroleum services company, interesting?)
Syrian authorities said Radwan confessed to receiving money from Israel in return for pictures and video on Syria.
This article identifies Mohamed Rodwan as a blogger from Egypt "Syria accuses Egyptian blogger of spying for Israel"
So is Rodwan a blogger, a journalist or does he work for Petrographics??
Then we have an exchange student, Pathik “Tik” Root, who was allegedly studying Arabic in Egypt ,but is said to have left for Syria, when the protests in Egypt made it unsafe to continue his studies- Why wouldn't he just go home?
"Root, an exchange student who left his school in Alexandria, Egypt, after protests in January made it unsafe to stay, moved to Syria this month to continue studying Arabic"
Curious, do they not teach foreign languages at American Universities? Why did he go from Egypt to Syria? Couldn't he learn Arabic in ..... Saudia Arabia or Jordan? Just wondering?
A cousin of Mr. Radwan told The A.P. that she last heard from him last week when he sent a Twitter message from a mosque in Damascus where Syrian security forces were battling protesters.

I must say these two fellows are in all the right places, at all the right times.......
For related info on the Syrian uprising please see this and this


  1. Well spotted Penny. Why am I not surprised.

    I came across this from Rick Rozoff tonight. More pieces in the puzzle.

  2. Hey Penny,...Great work, as we discussed some months ago; Syria was definitely a domino in the yiddish grand plan; of course I was ridiculed by a number of soft-soapers about my radical views, which I make no apologies for; someone has to be the Club's nutter, every village has an idiot, after all, we are not complete as a community without our eccentric elements (grin).

    Bravure, Pen bravure.

    The yids plan on totally subjugating five countries between 2007 and 2012; Pakistan, India, Libya, Egypt and Syria, they are only a few months away from the next phase: Global hegemony, by subjecting the Christian world to a World Scale war against Iran.

    "Iron Dome" has been activated in the past few days by the yiddish satanists occupying Palestine and they are just about to pull-off a major false-flag to justify using their jU.S.A forces to attack Iran.

    Large U.S. Warship?

    You can put your money on it!


  3. Hey Pen, I haven't read this one yet but it's saved to desktop and I can't wait to read it. But never mind that, I wanted to pop in and say that the last two pieces were crackers. Brava!

    PS. Um... that's 'crackers' as in a fire-crackers ie. marvellous things that everyone goes ooh and aah over.

    If only North Americans spoke proper English. Oh well, never mind.

  4. Thanks Chuckyman!

    Why are you not surprised?
    Because you are awake!

  5. veritas!


    I notice something in the works.
    Israel is surely getting ready to steam roll over Gaza.
    they are sabre rattling and manipulating.
    First the family killed by the foreign worker, but used for such terrific propaganda.
    Then the bombing out of nowhere.
    I saw some reporting about GAZA being increasingly "unstable" from none other then the IDF...
    So you can take that to the bank!

    I am afraid it will be worse then operation cast lead.

    As for Syria?
    I figured they would be in line for a "spontaneous revolution" hardee har har

    Just unsure of when.

    Hillary says the US is not going to intervene.

    But then she is full of shit.

  6. Thanks nobody!
    crackers eh?

    As in polly wants a cracker?
    silly me, just jokin' around.
    Glad you enjoyed them both.

    I was beginning to wonder, was I the only one seeing the miracle of social media in action in Syria?

    Good to know I wasn't.

  7. Peter: from that article

    "the uprising appear to be widespread"

    what bullshit!

    I feel as if I am overusing that word lately but what else can the vast majority of what comes out of msm be called.

    The uprisings are small and limited from what I am reading.

    One limited to Daara, on the border.
    I understand there is another limited hang out in a Port City, can't recall the name..

  8. lol
    I cite the NY Times piece as yet another example of the garrish banality of the MSM.
    ***shivering with dread***

    word verification "entspit" (spit)

  9. Today Syria, tomorrow Saudi Arabia?

    - Aangirfan

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