Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What role is this man, Fardi Ghadry, ready to play in Syria??

As you will read, he is expecting some form of leadership, no doubt including a big pay off..
First a bit of background-
I have been covering the Syrian uprising for a bit now.
The sudden appearance of the of a social media revolution.
The fact that much of the narrative of the uprisings has been untrue.
Then the curious arrests of two Americans, who in a suspiciously timely manner made there way from Egypt to Syria.

If you have been following along, you will see the natural progression in this gem of a find.
I am going to highlight the curiosities in this bit of news.
Ask yourself, is this man the western puppeted replacement for Syria.??
Notice he is making his debut in typical American political fashion? He is groveling to Israel.

From Y-net: Top dissident: Syrians don't want war with Israel
"Don't fear the fall of Bashar Assad. Syria will not fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood," exile Farid Ghadry told Ynet Monday in a reassuring interview in the US.- Israel should not fear the prospect of Bashar Assad's downfall, as the Syrian people are not interested in war with Israel, a leading Syrian dissident says.

Who says Bashar Assad will fall?
From his current home in Washington, the dissident said the people rebelling against the Assad regime at this time comprise young Syrians whose average age is less than 22.

His current home in Washington? How long has this dissident been ensconced in Washington?

The Syrian exile estimates that the next phase will be a military coup, should the army feel that Assad's position is shaky. "We expect the army to be committed to elections and to democracy," he said.

The "next phase" will be a military coup? "We expect the army...."

Does this read to you as if there is a plan in place? Who is we?

Then he says this-"I'm a Sunni Muslim from the city of Aleppo," he said. "An 82-year-old mother is waiting for me there, as well as a young public whom I have much to offer to on the economic front, and not on the war front."

He has much to offer on the economic front, not on the war front???

The leading dissident added that he will not be a candidate in future elections, and noted that he and his people are in touch with the Muslim Brotherhood and are working towards the formation of a coalition that will act when the time is right.

He is in touch with the Muslim Brotherhood? And will work toward forming a coalition? When the time is right!!!

If you wish, you may be interested in doing some further reading here-

On Syria's Chalabi, an ariticle from four years ago, almost to the day!

“Farid Ghadry, Syria’s Chalabi: From Washington to Damascus,” by Salim Abraham

Names that appear Daniel Pipes, Freedom House and more including his initial appearance on Al Jazeera. Much more, like how about the break up of Syria, along the lines of Iraq?

The interest of the neo-conservatives in Ghadry also picked up when the US government announced its “Greater Middle East” initiative to promote “democracy and good governance”

Every alarm bell and whistle is going off in my head !!! How about you?


  1. Nice work Penny.

    Now all that remains to surface is a photo of Ghadry shaking hands with Paul Wolfowitz.

  2. Nice work indeed.

    Syria might be next after Libya . . . Iraq was first, then Afghanistan, then Somalia, now Libya, soon to be Syria and Lebanon, Sudan is underway, and then the final piece will be ready for WW III: Iran.

    All in time for a monumental collapse of the economy and the american dollar.

    All I can say is . . . prepare for it.

  3. Thanks anonymous!

    I was thinking how odd it is they call him a dissident.

    He has practically always lived in the US. It was oh so touching how he mentioned his grandmother.

    Nice and homey sort of.

  4. slozo!

    Don't leave Egypt out. Sudan is done for as far as I can see. They had their referendum, they are splitting.
    The civil war will start, so that is a mission accomplished.

    The wild card in this may be Russia, they have their ports in Syria, ports that give them Mediterranean access.

    I am sure the NATO crew would love to cut Russia off from this access, it would make it that much easier to isolate then balkanize Russia.

    I have been discussing this with Chuckyman over at his blog Flogging Dead Horses.

  5. "as well as a young public whom I have much to offer to on the economic front"

    There's that 'young' keyword again. A rehash of Mazzini's Young-movements (Young Turks, Young Italy, Young Germany, Young France, Young Poland, and Young America)?

  6. You called? (grin) Thanks for the mention Penny.

    Interesting he claims to be from Aleppo – the same region that was brutally suppressed by Bushar’s father. What a fearless dissident. He will gratefully assume leadership once all the dying is over.

    There is a definite smell of sulphur around the man – selling your soul should always leave a trace.

    He seems to have to have a wish list all written out for him. He should be careful what he asks for.

  7. freethinker! hellooooo...

    the "young" keyword.

    I heard a story the other day a news story, a young man lamenting how his generation was going to be stuck paying for the "entitlements" of the older generation.

    And I thought, OMG it is starting.
    Pitting the young against the old.
    People paid for their "entitlements" they paid taxes, they paid contributions, they paid and paid and paid.

    But this mouthpiece did not talk about the money wasted on wars, the extortion of the corporate and banker class. No, older citizens and their "entitlements'
    Divide to conquer.

  8. Chuckyman! The smell of sulphur?

    Oh I like it, I like it!

    If you see the piece I had linked at the end, this fellow has been around for sometime, which means the plan for regime change has been around for some time.

    biding his time.

    Reading some of his stuff made me ill, he wouldn't fly a Syrian flag, or display one in his house.
    Only when there is a new one, he says?
    Wtf, kind of person is this?
    Made me think of when the new Iraqi flag was unveiled, recall that?
    I just shake my head

  9. I would love for the many Arab peoples to live in just and peaceful societies of their own choosing. If they fall for these false revolutions they will have neither. The new patsies will be just as bad as the regimes they will replace only they will be even more in the pockets of the central bankers.

    Ghadry deserves a special place in the afterlife reserved for those that would profit from selling out entire countries for their own benefit. There is a word for it – treason. I don’t see Bashar going anywhere soon. The blood that flows will ultimately be on the West’s hands.

  10. Wow, that linked article is quite a read. Polish that puppet and get him ready to go!
    Just an oversight that it never mentioned his membership in AIPAC, or his close close ties to criminal Jack Abramoff. Fardi's Reform Party of Syria operated out of Jacks office.

    Watching the domino's in the middle east get kicked over by the US/UK/Israeli/French axis of evil is horrible.

    I had not paid much attention to the nuclear weapons until I saw this video on globalresearchtv.

    Using nukes on Libya would sure make it easy for the axis to 'negotiate' a surrender out of Syria and Iran.
    I think this is a small nuke.


  11. Interesting links Anon. Sorry mate that’s not a nuke. It’s a bloody big bang but the colour’s all wrong.

  12. What color are nukes in your world?
    Scan any typical collection of nuke photos and you see a range in the flame colors and brightness.
    The spread of flame on the ground looks like a nuke. The mushroom cloud is not clear evidence either way. I'm sorry I don't understand your scientific, bloody big bang terminology. Too complicated.

  13. No offense meant BC and maybe a poor choice of words on my part.

    This would need to have been a dial-a-yield device dialled all the way down otherwise the person holding the camera would have had a short but spectacular view. If it was a nuke why no interference with the camera mechanism due to EM pulse?

    Nukes have an initial intense flash followed by the fireball. The detonation and cloud plume in the video starts off as brilliant white and continues to burn that way for 10 seconds after detonation.

    That indicates a chemical process. It looks more like a thermobaric burst possibly metal augmented like the ones used by the Israhelli’s during Cast Lead in Gaza.

    The US is certainly capable of using nukes such as the covered up case during the battle for Bagdad airport. I just don’t believe this was one.

  14. hey anonymous BC:

    I checked out the video, down right terrifying!

    I won't even try guessing what type of munition or bomb that is.

    I will also check out the antiwar article on the slimey Fardi Ghadry.

    Who must have oozed his way around such darlings as Jack (I gambled with the hijackers)Abramoff,

  15. "The US is certainly capable of using nukes such as the covered up case during the battle for Bagdad airport."

    Aren't the depleted uranium tipped missiles really a form of nuclear warfare, when it comes right down to it?

  16. I just read this over at Global research. Look surprised but the media is lying through their teeth again. A different perspective on the shooting of ‘unarmed and peaceful demonstrators’.


  17. Aren't the depleted uranium tipped missiles really a form of nuclear warfare, when it comes right down to it?

    Normally not, it's more a poisoning thing as a nuclear thing. U238 is radioctive but with a half-life of 4,47 billion years it is so only very lightly.

    What he was referring to was the rumour that the US droped a tactical neutron bomb when they assaulted the Baghdad airport in 2003. I'm of the opinion that this rumour is probably true. I followed at the time very closely what was happening there and the Airport was heavily defended by Husseins elite troups (name forgotten), there were several days of heavy fighting and then of a sudden, victory for the yanks and complete disappearence of these republican guards. They weren't mentioned anymore in the media, not even as prisoners or traitors or whatever, completly in the memory hole.

  18. chuckyman: envision me with a look of shock on my face!

    I was aware Daara had approximately 80,000 people in the place.

    So how could western main stream media report otherwise?

    With a straight face?

    Oh never mind.

  19. Ok Gallier. I understand the point you are making wrt the depleted uranium missiles..

    Regarding the battle at the airport in Iraq, I vaguely recall that, it has been 8 years now, I recall the news of heavy fighting over a period of time and then your right, nothing.

    So you and chuckyman believe there may have been a tactical neutron bomb dropped?

    Just asked the hubby what is this?
    He explains it as a high radiation burst, short lived in duration.

    Kills biological, but leaves buildings etc standing.

    Example if used it would kill the tank operator, but enable the user to take the tank.


  20. I’m picturing one of A.P’s ‘O RLY’ moments (grin).

    Paralleling BC’s comment I remember an additional incident. Back in 2005 the American Camp Falcon base on the outskirts of Bagdad got mortared and the main ammo dump went up. The fire and explosions raged throughout the night.

    ‘Officially’ 2 men were wounded. The next day 9 large med-evac planes landed and took off again. The next day the base in essence ceased to exist except for the perimeter wall – most of it anyway.

    I mention it because of this video. At the 3:55 mark there is a whopping great bang.

    In regards to the neutron bomb – agreed. It takes a special breed of monster to design something with that intent.

  21. I don't see any of the numerous random explosions in the video of the big one in Libya that always are part of an ammo dump explosion.
    Whether accidental or planned, an ammo storage explosion always goes on for a while as different temps, fuses, duds, fires, air supply etc impact this.
    Why do you stay on this ammo dump idea? What about your in depth color analysis? Still relevant.
    This explosion had an abnormally high burst and cloud. There is a sea of flame near the ground but no 'fireworks' show.
    This was a big sophisticated weapon, but not a daisy cutter, not some ammo dump going up.
    It may have been nuclear, or not. But we all learn by keeping an open mind, don't we?

  22. Hello again BC. My discussion of ammo dump was in relation to an event in Iraq back in 2005. The video clip was rumoured to have captured a low yield nuke going off.

    I have no idea what exact munition was used in the Libyan video or even what the ground target was. It certainly was spectacular. Was it a deep earth penetrator – a bunker buster? I might be wrong and it was a nuke. It could even be both.

    I think we can both agree that scenes like these are abhorrent. All this is happening to enable spineless vampires to increase their own power by sucking the very life-force out of innocent people and robbing the birth rights from the survivors.

  23. "All this is happening to enable spineless vampires to increase their own power by sucking the very life-force out of innocent people and robbing the birth rights from the survivors."

    I can agree 100 percent with that!

    I may not know the whatfor's and howtoo's of bombs, but, the fact that the human race is being used and abused for some sick sick peoples gain is very very obvious.

  24. Agreed Chuckyman!

    More 'chatter' today about evil doer Al Queders using a nuke to terrorize the good people of Amerikkka.
    Could be the Libyan explosion was a test of sorts?

    The spineless vampires are just full of surprises to go along with their predictable assaults on us.
    The Japan nuclear crisis may well be their most deadly attack ever, and it plays out in super slow motion.