Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Debate on the Future of Nuclear Energy Between Anti-Coal Advocate George Monbiot and Anti-Nuclear Activist Dr. Helen Caldicott

I am unsurprised to note that George Monbiot frames the entire debate in nuclear vs coal.
Creating a false paradigm. (Think of the phony right vs left ideology)
As if there are no other options. Such as conservation

Therefore.. I come away with the impression that he is adhering to a political agenda. Then he goes on to "climate change" deniers, which is a nonsensical, as the climate always has changed and always will change. Is Mr Monbiot unaware of earths climatic history?
The video is about 25 minutes long.


  1. Hmm, the video was here?????
    Am I the only one not seeing it?

  2. I had to laugh out loud at his constant mention of 'deniers' and 'consensus' and 'cherrypicking'!! Just look at where moonbat has made his $$ over - what 20 years? Can anyone say vested interest?


    Oh and smoking? Could it be the polonium they use in commercial tobacco farming???

    This dude is a shill.


  3. Hey Buffy!
    curious where has he made his money?
    What are his ties?
    I wondered about his position and his constant playing of the man made global warming card..

    It made me think back to that fellow, I mention him way back
    ??? Laurence.

    Who was definitely the propaganda tool for the Manhattan Project.
    Nuclear weapons, nuclear power.
    On the government dole and paid by the NYT at the same time

  4. Monbiot is a total disinfo shill plant.

    I first read him when someone I talked about 9/11 with pointed me to a "great article" on why conspiracy theorists were all a bunch of illogical, basement dwelling idiots. Yeah, he actually did come out with that scientific approach, and I was literally floored that an intelligent person might buy his brand of bullshit. utter, unsophisticated looking down one's nose bullshit.

    Then it was his stance on the proven fact of man-made global warming, what a crock of shite that one was. Again, his thing is to try to call anyone who has a different opinion "unscientific boors who don't listen to consensus", and he generally layers in a sort of unsophisticated name-calling throughout for naysayers of official stories.

    I hadn't heard that he was a nuke guy as well - not surprising at all. Did he brag about his science degree in that one too? I won't waste my time reading it, but I'll wager he declared all the people against nuclear energy were boorish, ignorant conservatives who ride around in their SUVs and think energy comes from some magical place. I'll reckon he continues on in some vein about nuke energy being quite safe, and that all concerns are fuelled by ignorance - scientific ignorance - and that it's just buying into hyped up "the world is ending" erguments.

    He is a total disinfo advertising frontman, worth less than the toilet paper (after use, that is) you use to wipe your ass with.

  5. slozo!

    hello, and I agree completely.

    He uses the language of disinfo.

    I felt bad for Helen Caldicott, she seemed so frustrated by him and the nonsense he was uttering.