Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People & the Environment

Of all the posts I have put here regarding Fukushima, I consider this the most important one. Though not directly about the nuclear meltdown in Japan, it is related and you will come away better informed.
Please, avail yourself of the information in it. Watch the video, read the review and download the book.

Avops over at -Musings of a Tired Soul, made the comment that knowledge is power.
To which I responded-
Knowledge is power, that is true.
But what use we put that knowledge to is of the utmost concern.
As you and I see the ptb's have lots of knowledge, but, they use it for evil.
We have to use ours for good.
To shine the light on their dark.

The information here is like a bright spotlight on the darkness and lies the government, media, nuclear industry and the military industrial complex are spewing as they decieve their way through the Fukushima disaster

First an interview with Dr. Alexey Yablokov. It is recent and though the interview is largely about Chernobyl, he speaks on Fukushima.
The interview is 35 minutes long. 35 minutes well spent.

Now onto a review of the book written by a woman he refers to in the video. A Canadian woman by the name of
Dr. Rosalie Bertell. Her review excerpted below-

Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment is wrtitten by Alexey Yablokov, Vassily Nesterenk and Alexey Nesterenko. The senior author, Alexey Yablokov was head of the Russian Academy of Science under Gobachev – since then he receives no support. Vassily Nesterenko, head of the Ukrainian Nuclear establishment at the time of the accident, flew over the burning reactor and took the only measurements. In August 2009, he died as a result of radiation damage, but earlier, with help from Andrei Sakarov, was able to establish BELRAD to help children of the area.

The three scientists who assembled the information in the book from more than 5000 published articles and research findings, mostly available only within the former Soviet Union or Eastern block countries and not accessible in the West, are prestigious scientists who present objective facts clearly nuanced with little or no polemics. They were not encumbered by a desire to promote or excessively blame a failed technology

The government of the former Soviet Union previously classified many documents now accessible to the authors. For example, we now know that the number of people hospitalized for acute radiation sickness was more than a hundred times larger than the number recently quoted by the IAEA, WHO and UNSCEAR. Unmentioned by the technocrats were the problems of “hot particles” of burning uranium that caused nasopharyngeal problems, and the radioactive fallout that resulted in general deterioration of the health of children, wide spread blood and lymph system diseases, reproductive loss, premature and small infant births, chromosomal mutations, congenital and developmental abnormalities, multiple endocrine diseases, mental disorders and cancer.

The authors systematically explain the secrecy conditions imposed by the government.

While listening to this interview and reading the review, I will admit the oxymoron of our "free" western press and "democratic governments" aiding in the coverup of the deadly potential of Fukushima in the same way as the so called oppressive Soviet government really struck me.

Now onto the book. I came by this via a visitor from the website Rabble.

I started to read the intro. Get the book. This information is likely the closest to the truth we are ever going to get about how radiation will affect us, based on how it affected those around Chernobyl. Download and Save it!


  1. I've downloaded the book, thanks Pen! Haven't watched the vid yet.

  2. Thanks Penny! Excellent information. Very scary indeed. I was able to download the book. The video with Alexey Yablokov was a very impassioned testimony to why we need to begin immediately shutting these plants down.

  3. There is information coming in now that back to back earthquakes just hit Mexico and Japan. Japan 7.4 (25.6km) and Mexico 6.5. I haven't confirmed this yet just reading comments on an earthquake watch site where posters are monitoring the USGS. Apparently, there are tsunami warnings.

  4. Hey James and McJ: glad you were both able to save the info.

    I had just heard on the radio the news of the earthquake and tsunami warning for japan, I hadn't heard any news of mexico

  5. Hey Penny!

    i had been meaning to get around to your blog, popped in a few times and you hadn't been posting....

    I am guessing Greg is still recouping from "due to a the tendon or ligament I tore in my left shoulder in early March."


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    Agree with you. Greg needs to get well, come back and fix clogged brains - I know mine is wayy clogged!

    I gotta visit your site often, superb site you got. :)

  6. Hello Musique:

    Thanks for letting me know that, I went back and looked and thought- how did I miss that?

    Also thanks for the heads up on the software. I may have to look into that, because I have some carpal tunnel going.

    And when it is bothering me, yikes, you should see the way I blog!

    No, actually you shouldn't, one would think me bizarre.

    Keyboard on lap, mouse on a chair to the side, however I can manage.

    I try correct posture, but, it still flares up.

    I do hope Greg comes back, to unclog brains, soon.

    He is very good at that.

    Like a plumber!

    And please do stop by here, I do try to run a relatively interesting blog...

  7. Amazing post. Video excellent. Even with as little time as I now have for great blogs and information hunting, I took the time to watch this one. Thanks for the book as well, will read this summer at some point.

    Thanks so much Pen, for all the hard work you do. Keep it up!

    On other veins I had followed earlier and not pursued (see: not time) . . . heard that the 9.0 - 8.9 magnitude earthquake was only a 6 and a half, in actuality. Confirmed y independent instruments and monitoring, totally covered up. Many of the apocolyptic shots of "tsunami" were actually of the burst dam . . . burst, or blown up? There were reports of explosion, heard by many.

    Lots more to look up, but seriously, no time. A lot of this I got from "the Spaceman" on his Sat show on am 640 . . . I disagree with many of his more uninformed takes on nuclear damage, the real catastrophe, etc, but this other stuff I mention has merit from my brief look into it. Would love for a real researcher like yourself to have a peek, if I could make that request.

    Keep it up, Pen. We do have an effect on others, and sometimes, it can change a life. Sometimes, even save it.

  8. thanks very much for putting this up Pen.

    Two things that stood out for me (amongst so much) were the facts that the nuclear power industry in inextricably intertwined with nuclear weapons which is no doubt why we have it.

    And secondly that the low level (compared to a nuclear explosion) radiation, that we get from multitudinous leaks and now meltdowns, is far more dangerous to to humanity that the weapons.

    The book is the same one Keith Harmon Snow quoted from. So it is great to be able to download it. Thanks again, Pen

  9. Thanks for the book Penny. You certainly have no fear that it ever gets dull around here. Lots to read and so little time (grin).

    James sent me a link on the Greenpeace investigation of the MOX fuel in the comments on my place. That was a real eye opener. It’s a miracle this hasn’t happened sooner. An alternative view is that it would certainly be easy to set off ‘by accident’.

    A.P. had the video up also so I must find time to watch that. Top marks as always.

  10. Hey James:

    "the nuclear power industry in inextricably intertwined with nuclear weapons which is no doubt why we have it."

    I have been thinking about that statement in relation to Japan.

    We are supposed to believe that Japan has abstained from nuclear weapons...

    Given that they are occupied by the US, for all intents and purposes.
    I am having some serious doubts, serious doubts that Japan actually has no nukes.

    I am actually starting to think they do and they are on the US bases.

    In otherwords, Japan has the nuclear power plants to enable the manufacture of nuclear bombs that are present in Japan.

    it is just a thought, but, one I have been tossing around in the brain for a while now.

    And yes the comment about the low level radiation was a stunner!

    Especially in light of the fact that our governments have been lying away to us about how there is no harm because the radiation levels are so low, blah, blah, blah..

  11. Hey chuckyman: Yeah I saw this a.m. AP had put the video up with a link over to me, which is great, the more people that see it , the better!

    and I noticed the link over at your place from james. I will give it a read later today.

    I have got a busy day on my plate.

    I have to look at it, particularly because it relates to the MOX, which I beat to death in several posts.

    In the video (author of the book) he speaks specifically on the MOX plant in Fukushima.

    To the effect that what the health ramification will be are unknown because it is the first time ever a MOX fuel plant was involved in a meltdown.

    Can you imagine that bastards that thought this was a good idea??

    Bad language alert.

    I do know that ties in with James link at your place and I may just add that in here at some point in time..

  12. Slozo: I haven't forgot about ya.
    Of course, how could I?
    Be back shortly or maybe later with a response

  13. Hey Penny, you might be interested in this, found at Smoking Mirrors.

    Is Japan's Elite Hiding A Weapons Program Inside Nuclear Plants?

    Trojan nuclear power plant was also a pressurized water reactor built in the 70's, and it only operated for 16 years due to catastrophic design flaws. I believe Trojan is what the notoriously unsafe Springfield nuclear plant in The Simpsons is a spoof of. Groening based much of his show on pdx area features.

    The reactor was buried whole at the Hanford nuclear reservation, where the material for the Nagasaki bomb was made, as well as the material for much of the US nuclear arsenal.

  14. Hey Penny, there's something in the spam folder which may be if interest to you, at least the first link. cheers ;)

  15. Anonymous: thanks for the links and thanks for letting me know the comment went to spam.

    That is a problem!

    And yes, I think that is very interesting and will take some time to make a post and explain why...

    Much obliged!

  16. Hey slozo I did hear or read something about a dam that had burst..
    If I could just recall where or when.

    Would you or could you be more specific on what space had spoken of.
    If I listen to the one posted it would be this Saturday's show.
    Likely not the one you had listened to.

    Thanks for your compliment, much appreciated.
    And do accept my apologies for this tardy response.
    The past few days have been so hectic

  17. From what I understand . . . the dame was near Sendai, but all reports incredibly vague, only barely mentioned it, later buried under all news of "tsunami".

    Think about it . . . if it really was a 9 mag earthquake, wouldn't the actual earthquake damage have been much, much greater - despite Japan's great building technology? Not one shot of an older building falling . . . not one - and in the country, there are plenty of buddhist temples, etc that would have crashed down from a tremor that strong.

    Just sayin. And the fact they had to upgrade it from 8.9 to 9.1 to get their more symbolic numbers . . .

    Space's theory talked about the US bombing a huge shelf off the edge of the Mariannas trench just off the coast, which would have sent a decentwall of water their way. Not a huge tsunami like what would have happened if it really was a 9 mag earthquake . . .

    . . . like for instance: do your history on the last time a huge earthquake like that happened in Tokyo. They say that the tsunami was over a 100 feet high (washed over and killed people on the beach who went to get the fish that the receding shoreline left). . . and yet this time, 15 feet was recorded, and even then we only have a few shots of this really - and Space says these were all from the dame bursting (the shot where the water washes over fields, carrying debris, comes to a highway crossroads, etc, and the one with the cars/boats being squished into the overpass).

    That's all I got for now Pen, sorry!

  18. slozo: did you see the post I had done one Chikyu?

    Go back to April 04 and if you can find the time to read through all the links and imagine this gigantic drilling rig, drilling enormous holes in the tectonic plates (faults)off the coast of Japan.

    In fact this ship was damaged in the Tsunami.
    I wondered at the destabilizing effects of that giant rig..
    There is one more link in the comments

    That disturbed me a bit, well no actually a lot.

    Let me know what you think?

  19. I did think of that giant oil rig-looking thing, Pen, yes. Like drilling in line charges when blasting away a wall of granite when building roads through the Canadian Sheild . . . drill in a line of holes, lay the charges, huge shelf falls, cause massive ripple. And, the shelf dropping at the bottom of the trench might be enough to actually BE the earthquake.

    But who knows, it's all pretty wild speculation. Fact is though, I am convinced of the earthquake and tsunami event being manmade, just not sure how they did it. Haarp, explosive charges bring down shelf, letting off nuclear explosion underwater, etc - but the numbers and symbology are too strong to ignore or dismiss as coincidence.

  20. Glad you did see it slozo!
    That drilling rig still bugs me.
    Dublin Mick wondered if it possibly released a gas bubble, referencing the gulf drilling disaster.

    That type of event could have caused a tsunami.

    But you are right it is speculative