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Chikyu- 'Earth' in Japanese - Boring holes into the Earth's Mantle

Chikyu - (Japanese for Earth) is a Japanese Scientific Drilling Ship, built specifically for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, the ship is the Japanese part of the IODP program was called Chikyū Hakken- Japanese for "Earth Discovery".

The vess
el is designed to drill 7 to 10 kms beneath the seabed where the Earth's crust is much thinner.
Here is the ship:

The scientific results are expected to be much more interesting since the regions targeted by Chikyū include some of the most seismically-active regions of the world

A bit more about Chikyu-

Behemoth is the only word that comes to mind as I discuss, with mouth agape, about the deep-sea drilling vessel Chikyu. JAMSTEC, the Japanese Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, launched a venture in 2005 to take the deepest cores into the earth’s crust following the route of Nautilus in Jules Verne’s novel. The deepest core into the crust was currently 2111m but during the Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX) the goal was 7000m. To accomplish this…the Japanese unleash Chikyu which translates into “earth”, a fitting name given the size of the ship. Yes it is really that big…it is hide-the-children-and-flee-for-the-country-side big. The vessel is 210m long (689ft), approximately 20 school buses in length. The gross tonnage on this monster is 57,500 tons, approximately the weight of 460 blue whales. I realize that vessels do get larger. The QE II has length of 963ft and gross tonnage of closer to 70,000 tons. However, as research vessels it is ginormous. Plus the QE II cannot drill 7000m into the earth’s crust in 4000m of water.

Chikyu can drill 700 meters into the earth's crust below 4000 meters of water.
Wow that is deep! Beyond my comprehension deep!
Here is a pic that may help us all understand

This week (December 2007) Chikyu completed a successful first expedition to one of the most active earthquake fault zones on the planet where 4 boreholes 1000′s of meters deep were drilled. . Ultimately, sensors will be installed in the boreholes to monitor physical stresses, movement, temperature and pressure. The Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE) is the first geologic study of the underwater subduction zone faults that give rise to the massive earthquakes known as mega-thrust earthquakes. Scientists will presented their findings from the first expedition at the American Geophysical Union meeting this previous week n San Francisco

Care to guess what region on the planet were targeted by Chikyu? Where was this ship located? An extremely active seismic area.


Japan’s Drilling Vessel Chikyu Damaged By Tsunami

The Chikyu was docked at Hachinohe, 250 kilometers north of Sendai, on 11 March when the rise‑and‑fall of water levels caused it to scrape bottom. That collision snapped off one of the six thrusters that maintain the ships position while drilling, a feature that makes it so valuable for deep-sea drilling. As a result, a 68-day research expedition to study the deep coal bed biosphere off Shimokita, Japan, has been canceled.Asahiko Taira, a vice president of the Japan Agency for Marine‑Earth Science and Technology, said that it will take 2 to 3 months to repair the vessel.

Another related and interesting article

-Geologists plan journey to Earth's mantle for 2020

The first attempt took place in Spring 1961, and was known as Project Mohole.

So this has been ongoing.

More on the Chikyu here, so you can read to your hearts content.

But I will quote this-

Its mission is to drill into the tectonic plates and potentially into the earth's mantle. It is anticipated that research will play an important role in understanding the principles of tectonic movement and earthquake prediction

Drilling into tectonic plates? Potentially earth's mantle? An important role in understanding principles of tectonic movement? Just understanding? Just prediction? I have some doubts.
Thinking of course of the military agenda to control the weather. You know Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025

Keeping in mind that most research is done to advance militaristic or profiteering agenda's
Were sensors placed into the holes? I don't know. Who really knows? But if this presented an opportunity for militarization, realistically we would have to assume it would/could be developed with that in mind.

I don't know if this is related to the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, that brought the disaster that is Fukushima on.
It does however sound extremely destabilizing, in my opinion.
Perhaps earthquake inducing. I saw mention of tectonic plates in a number of articles.
The whole thing just makes me go. Hm!??


  1. OK, when I heard this story, more research on my part was a must.
    And I am still left scratching my head.

    Exactly what is the point of boring giant holes in seismically active areas?

  2. Hi Penny. This might be complete rubbish (highly probable) but I did read a theory that said the Gulf of Mexico disaster was deliberately inflicted. The reason was to create a pocket or whole at one end of the New Madrid fault-line.

    It is based on the science that a circular hole in a ‘fatigued’ section of metal arrests the progress of any tear that forms. The thinking is along the lines that by creating a hole or pocket that any tear of the fault line will also terminate at that spot.

    Complete speculation I know but if that is the case we will certainly never know if it was effective at reducing the damage in Japan’s case.

    Other than that it’s anyone’s guess. A lot of money to spend to see if the plate tectonic theory is correct.

  3. Hey Chuckyman!

    well this is response number two as blogger is eating my comments and no they are not in the spam counter.

    This whole story makes me go what, or as I had said in my other response, make me scratch my head.

    Like you mention, it is alot of money to prove or disprove a theory.

    And I am really not so sure that is the agenda behind all this.

    One of the linked articles mentions a coal bed.
    this is interesting-

    I come away with the idea this is about mining.
    Exploitation of the underwater world once the psychos have mined everything else.

    Another thought was the ability to shift the plates for mining, warfare etc.,

    It would be quite devastating to a targeted country to literally have the earth pulled right out from under oneself.

    It is not so far fetched when one ponders all the money spent for so called space exploration which is again and agenda of warfare and profiteering.

    My other thought was to the big big holes being drilled as destabilizing the plates, but, let's entertain this.. What if it was not sensors alone placed in the holes, what if it was transmitters or receivers??
    Something else entirely, I mean you and I don't know, but really anything is possible..

  4. I normally type my comments in Word before copying into the comments box. My spelling is woeful and especially if I try to type with any speed (grin).

    The idea of transmitters makes sense. What if they are laying down a SOSUS like network of listening devices as they did back in the cold war days? The seas around Japan would be the logical path for any submarines trying to make into the open Pacific Ocean.

    That makes more sense that my idea of trying to plug fault lines.

  5. I had to go and read what SOSUS was exactly. Interesting. But, I am not sure if they would need anything that deep, but then again, perhaps Subs go deeper then they used to.

    Whatever this earth mantle boring is can't be good for the people.

    Can you imagine the size of the drills needed to get to that depth?
    To survive the pressure?
    I can't

  6. I must admit that a lot of my knowledge of subs is very out of date and probably came from dubious sources. I remember reading about a ‘thermal acoustic barrier’ at 1000 metres (?) that surface sound does not penetrate. Any sub and the noise they make would not be heard by sonar above the layer. I now take all that with a pinch of salt.

    You are spot on with the immense pressures at the some of the depths around Japan. West of the main Island it gets down to about a maximum depth of 1 km. East of the main Island it rapidly drops to 9 km in the trench – wow.

    In the article you linked in your comment I noticed one thing in the picture they have on their site. Near the top layers are the hydrate deposits. They were blamed as the cause for the difficulties with the GOM drilling.

    Either way I don’t see any good coming of this. Great post Penny.

  7. I think it's just RIDICULOUS that at this very moment, everywhere around the world GREEDY EXPLOITERS are working very hard on oil and mining exploitations based on corrupted regulations, with the help of corrupt politicians.

    The global network of corrupt politicians and corrupt industrialists against Earth and it's people. I know how ridiculous it sounds, but history shows us how ridiculous things already have been with corrupt people.

  8. Why We Want to Drill to the Mantle: