Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Empire of 'the City" The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of the British Government

While reading over @ Flogging Dead Horses yesterday, the esteemed Chuckyman mentioned a book he was reading that he found most informative.
Here is what he said-
"I’m currently reading the Hidden Empire of “The City” by EC Knuth. It was published in 1945 and is an astonishing expose of the Rothschilds, the City of London and the brutal power plays of the 150 years prior to WWII.

It really should be compulsory reading. Every single one of the Major Powers was invested in dismembering and exploiting China. The Japanese get all the bad press in the history books but were willing allies and clients in pursuit of the British agenda.

Any uprising by the Chinese nationalists was decimated. The Boxer rebellion in 1900 was one such occasion. General Chiang Kai-shek’s nationalists revolted in 1927/28 and the Japanese launched the Manchurian conquest to suppress them with Rothschild/British backing in 1931."

Me, I am a book lover.

"hi chuckyman:

that book sounds like a must read"
So I had to run off and see if I could find this book Chuckyman was enjoying.

And, I did.
You all can find that book here.

The Empire of 'the City" The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of the British Government

"The City" = City of London?
I guess we will all have to read the book and find out.


  1. Hi Penny and thanks for the mention. You haven’t read it all yet have you? I’m about a third of the way through and still digesting the complete dismembering of the standard historical paradigm.

    As a post script most folks are not aware that the “City of London” is an autonomous, independent and sovereign city state – just like the Vatican and Washington DC. Some food for thought.

  2. Hi Chuckyman!

    No I haven't read through it all.

    I just do what I call a skim, check out all the chapters, read intro etc.,
    Also read a couple reviews.
    (yours included)

    Generally from that I know if I am interested or not.

    It really did seem as if it should be wider read.

    This is the kind of book, I believe, are intentionally disappeared.

    Not republished.
    The kind that disappear from libraries?

    Glad you mentioned that about the city of London being an autonomous state. Just like the Vatican and Washington DC.

    Though I was aware of that, you are right in thinking not all may be aware of that unusual status for these, banker towns.

    Food for thought, indeed

  3. Nobody:

    should you be passing on through, this book will interest you as I recall you did a big post on Sassoon in the Orient.First time I had read about that family was from that post.

    'The giant oriental dynasty of the House of Sassoon, opium traders from Bagdad, became affiliated by intermarriages with both the French and English branches of the European colossus of international finance, the House of Rothschild; the first of which occurred in 1881. The House of Sassoon is now headed by Sir Victor Sassoon, a frequent visitor in the United States, who in recent years has urged "Union Now" in a newspaper interview in this country.
    The history of this family is traced by Dr. Cecil Roth in "The Sassoon Dynasty," published in London in 1941. Already well-established financially, this family in 1832 broadened its sphere from Bagdad to Bombay; and thereafter into China, Japan and the entire orient. It recently had wide control over the financial affairs of the orient through David Sassoon & Co., Ltd., of China; the Imperial Bank of Persia; E. D. Sassoon & Co., Ltd., of India; E. D. Sassoon Banking Co. of China and London; Arnhold & Co., Ltd., of Shanghai, Hankow, Tientsin, Peking, Hong Kong, Canton, Mukden, London, New York, and other places; the Bank of China; the Eastern Bank; the British Burma Petroleum Co., and other firms. Captain Derek Barrington Fitzgerald, a Sassoon grandson, is recorded (page 222 of the above) as a considerable figure in "the City," financial capital of the world"

  4. Great find Penny and Chuckyman, much obliged for the valuable resource.


  5. HHQ

    good to see you and yes a valuable resource should never go to waste!


  6. Hi folks,

    Just wanted to mention that the website the book comes from is Artic Beacon. Thats the website of Greg Szymanski. He's one of those loons (in my opinion) who believes the Vatican/Jesuits is behind everything. He pushed some real nonsense on GCN (or was it RBN ... can't remember now) a few years back. I thought he had fallen off the radar but is still out there by the look of it ... ho-hum.

    I think he used to push people like Eric Jon Phelps as well who claims the Vatican killed everyone from Lincoln to god knows who ... but who also imports diamonds from Israel (hmmmm ...).

    Anyway, just a heads up for those that don't know.

    Take care

    Harvey P. Christchurch, NZ

  7. Hey Harvey!

    "Thats the website of Greg Szymanski. He's one of those loons (in my opinion) who believes the Vatican/Jesuits is behind everything."

    You learn something new everyday!
    I have never heard of this person.

    I don't think it matters what site hosts the book, the book is a book, that is available elsewhere.
    This just happened to be a good copy downloadable for free.

    Now Eric John Phelps I have heard of and I am of the opinion he is full of a lot of nonsense.

    I listened to him interviewed some years back and for whatever reason, what he was saying just didn't click for me.

  8. Well; tripped over this in a downloaded PDF, searched, and finally found this place and the pdf link to the book. Absolutely will read the whole thing, and will check out this forum. Though I rarely say much.

    Thanks, folks: education never stops.


    Up here in Alaska

  9. Hi up there in Alaska

    I really enjoyed that book.
    Hope you do also
    come back and share your thoughts on it

    Education never stops, not as long as your living and breathing!