Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Delusion of Planetary Stewardship- "Green" nuclear power- From Fukushima to Al Gore on Chernobyl & all points in between

Going to cover alot of ground here, from Fukushima, to Uranium mining to global warming, Al Gore and more. Just follow along....

Yesterday, while out walking , in the radioactive rainfall.
I watched the wildlife, going about their lives.
Robins pulling radioactive worms out of the ground. Flapping their wings in the radioactive puddles.
Woodpeckers, pecking into the radioactive rain soaked bark of the trees.
Squirrels rooting up the radioactive soil.
Hell, I even caught a wild turkey flying overhead, through the radioactive rain and landing not to far away from me.
Yes, they do fly.
Gee, can you tell what is on my mind?
While watching all the wildlife going about their lives, doing what they do to survive and thrive, I thought to myself- We are not good stewards of our planet. Not me specifically.
But in general, what a delusion the human race lives with. That somehow we are the stewards of the planet and it up to us to care for it.
We as a group can't even care for ourselves, let alone the earth.
My mind wanders , of course to Fukushima.

This story provided a perfect example of bad stewardship.

Nuclear Regulators Delay Study of Fukushima Lessons Until 2012

Nuclear powers ended a closed-door meeting by delaying for 16 months consideration of the failures that triggered the meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant.

So the "nuclear powers" behind closed doors delayed for 16 months giving any consideration to the failures, all the failures, so many failures that triggered the MELTDOWN at Fukushima.

Did you notice the word meltdown? Truth comes in little bits, here and there.

Just delay looking at it. Delay figuring out the failures. Yup, there is that delusion of stewardship I was referring to.

All the while Japan's nuclear clean up continues to unravel
"As officials admitted there may be too much radioactive water to pump out of the damaged power plant"
They have already put so much into the ocean. What are they going to do with all the rest?

Confirming that there were 20,000 tonnes of contaminated water to remove from the basement and tunnel next to reactor number 2 alone, Mr Nishiyama said: "We will transfer the water next to the central radiation disposal building. We do not have a plan beyond that."

No plan beyond that. They do not have a plan beyond that!

If we multiply the 20,000 tonnes of contaminated water number from reactor 2 alone, by 4, for the 4 reactors that are in vary stages of meltdown along with their spent fuel rods, we get 80,000 tonnes of radioactive water that TEPCO, IAEA, the Japanese government et al, have no plan for. No plan of what to do with the water. Can it be decontaminated? Can it be contained? Will it be dumped in the ocean? No plans.

Delusion of good stewardship of the planet.

Moving beyond Fukushima, to the myth of man-made global warming.
Oh, I do believe the globe can cool and it can warm. But the role man plays in that is minuscule. The Earth can and will heat up and cool down, as it has in the past many many times.
The planet will freeze us and over heat us, in it's own time, according to it's own cycle.
And we will live and die by that!

One of the sales pitches, the perception management narratives, given to us via the delusion of humanities good earth stewardship, has been the drive towards nuclear power as a "clean, green energy" to save us all from global warming.
As if !

Isn't it ironic that the push to save us all from 'man made global warming', which man is not a factor in, will lead us to death by radiation, cancer, leukemia, chromosomal damage, DNA mutations and more.

There has been one man, one man that stands out in the forefront of this sales pitch.
That man is Al Gore. Yes, Al Gore gave us that infamous piece of propaganda film and he got a Nobel prize too. All done, no doubt, to shore up the scam.

A face you can trust?

Al Gore has been a front man for the nuclear power industry for a long, long time.
He inherited the love of this toxic energy source and deadly weapons provider at the knee of his father Al Gore Sr.

You can find an interesting article here- Nuclear Saviours- Al Gore

A copy of the nuclear industry's Kyoto briefing book prepared by the Nuclear Energy Institute, a $100 million a year trade organization. The book was written by researchers at Bechtel, the giant construction firm that has built dozens of nuclear plants across the globe.The NEI book tactfully avoids the unsavory subject of radioactive waste.

It of course barely mentions the nuclear weapons racket.
Picture Al Gore as the smarmy pitchman for Nuclear power and the military industrial complex, and of course the big banks!

Why the banks?

The most obvious reason, nuclear power is not viable, it is costly and always heavily subsidized by the taxpayers.

To say nothing of the filth and misery caused by Uranium mining!

In order that taxpayers subsidies be paid to companies, such as Bechtel, to build these nuclear bombs that generate electricity, governments take on debt, from the private central bankers.

To put that more accurately governments at the behest of their corporate cronies indebt you and me, the taxpayer, unsuspecting of the real motives. Dupe! You will work for the rest of your life, pay taxes so everyone else rolls in the sweat of your labour in more ways then you realize!

It is a complete racket. Every which way you look at.

Nuclear power is not clean, it is not green, it is not efficient. It does not free us from the restraints of unbridled debt. It is a giant debt ball, attached to a giant radiating chain, dragging us all down down, to drown us in debt and radiation.

Al Gore is such a nuclear military industrial banker whore- here is a quote from him after the holocaust of Chernobyl.

“(T)he lesson of Chernobyl is not an indictment of nuclear power as such. Nuclear power, designed well, regulated properly, cared for meticulously, has a place in the world’s energy supply.”
Sure Al!


  1. so true Pen. plus there's the clean up contracts! WIN WIN WIN!!

    i thought Lori Price at Citizens for Legitimate Government put it very well:

    [Wow. Nuclear power kills everything in sight, but for the corpora-terrorists -- it's the bl*wjob that keeps on giving! Notice that Obama's Exelon and GE and Bush's Iraq 're-build' buddy Bechtel are poised to make a 30-year killing on the killing? Also notice that the same predators and dirt-bags rear their ugly heads for enormous profits, in seemingly every false flag/catastrophe? Start reading. --LRP]

    clg site:

    you know it all makes sense in a twisted, death-cult way.

  2. Cripes I hadn't even thought of the clean up contracts!

    One more thought crossed my mind, there is also the compensation, that will end up being paid for by the taxpayers!

    Can TEPCO afford that?
    Do they even have liability in this situation?

    How about GE? They don't.

    So if any compensation is doled out however minuscule it will be, the taxpayers will pay for it further driving the debt to the banker cycle!

    Your right, it does make sense in a twisted death cult manner.

    But what benefits those monsters is of no benefit to humanity.

    Al Gore really is a life suckin' monster?

  3. Hi Penny, Yes the clean up contracts are worth a fortune and are ongoing . Then you also have the death cult with their humouros way of blaming the victim for the cancer they are about to develop..oh you had one too many cigarettes, wines, beers, passive smoke, fast food meal,lack of excersise, bad genetics, you know...all your fault you got the cancer....
    Cheers A13

  4. Are the global fascist psychopaths delaying their "nuclear study" of the disaster at Fukushima because they are covering up something so terrible (HAARP, possible nuclear weapons production, who knows?!) the world can never know what actually happened? That was the first thought that crossed my mind- COVER UP!!! Of course, that would be standard operating procedure for these people though.

    Al Gore is such a dirtball. And to think there are people that still respect and listen to this corporate whore. My goodness we have such a brainwashed population.

    I didn't even think of the clean up contracts either. All I can say is, "Wow." Some world we're living in, eh?

  5. Hey A-13

    You touched on something that always bugs me.

    Anything to the excess is not good for the body or the soul really, but, this blaming of individuals for getting "diseases" many that come straight from their toxic ways.

    Example how many bombs (nuclear) have been blasted doing testing, that have increased cancer rates?
    No mention of that.
    How about the increased cancer, birth defects etc of people who live around nuclear reactos?
    No mention of that?

    Then the cost burden of this shit?

    Well you know we , "we" have to tighten out belts, can't afford to spend on programs for the people.

    Instead of healthcare we get nuclear power plants, bombs and banker bonus's.

    But that is our fault, humanities, as a collective.

    It truly is long past time we people get off our asses.

  6. "Are the global fascist psychopaths delaying their "nuclear study" of the disaster at Fukushima because they are covering up something so terrible (HAARP, possible nuclear weapons production, who knows?!) "

    Hey John Friend!

    Covering up? Don't really care?

    I figure in 16 months they are hoping the people will have forgotten all about it.

    Then there will be some lame report saying it was not the fault of TEPCO, they did everything by the book, nuclear power plants are wonderful, go back to your tv sets

  7. and truly, people DO forget things, especially when there's a constant wave of new catastrophes crashing into us.

    wv: dully

    yah. brains dull.

  8. Good Point Ap, people are slammed constantly with one bad event after another after a while it can be quite numbing