Thursday, April 21, 2011

Salafists: Killing Vittorio, firing rockets into Israel & causing unrest in Syria. Who benefits?

Having been short on time this past week, it has been easier to throw up quick posts and run.
So I hope, justice can be done to this bit of news.

The murder of the Italian activist.

His mother said -

"Israel would not have her activist son when he was alive, and they would not have him now that he is dead"


What was it about Israel's treatment of her son, that would make her utter those words?

Now, another video. Let's start with the problems

The alleged killers belong to a Salafist group or Salafis.
The Salafists of Gaza denied the killing.
That would seem to me to make a lot of sense.
This young Italian was obviously wildly popular amongst the Palestinian people. He was very much allied with them and their cause. He went to great trouble to help them and that help was obviously, greatly appreciated.
So, who killed him? Who would want him killed?

..............Keep in mind what his mother said.............

Curiously enough police are on the look out for a Salafist from Jordan. These Salafists are also linked to Al Quaeda

Salafists from Jordan, linked to Al Quaeda?

This is problematic, because if one has been following along in the great game of false flags, this would appear to be a co-opted group of people.

Co-opted by western intelligence, Israeli, US, British... all of them? One of them? Doesn't matter.

Killing Vittorio would certainly allow Israel, a nation that relies heavily on propaganda, to demonize the Palestinians and their cause.
Israel, also has quite a history of killing activists, or at the very least beating them, kidnapping them. Think of the flotilla murders. Think of Rachel Corrie. There are more, but, that should be enough for you to grasp the concept I am putting forth

So Vittorio's murder is certainly advantageous to Israel. And they have been using this tragedy to their advantage.

....................Keep in mind what his mother said....................

Now, let's get to our Jordanian Salafist

Jordanian officials on Sunday said an investigation has been opened into reports of a Jordanian salafi being involved in the slaying of Italian activist Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni. Security sources said the government is currently collecting information on the incident after it was reported of possible involvement of a Jordanian salafi.

Jordan is looking into one of theirs being involved. I am certain they are not looking too hard into it.

Anyway..... Salafists are not the most welcome bunch in Gaza.

"''Salafis are suffocated by Hamas in Gaza. They can not make a move without Hamas watching over them, mostly after placing most of its leaders in jail''

There could be a very good reason for that according to this news report

Hamas ceased firing rockets " However, the Salafists and other small groups continued to fire rockets."
Acknowledged here also

The Salafists fire rockets into Israel.

The rockets provide Israel with the pretext needed to enter Gaza and kill Palestinians.
Who does that benefit?

Are these the same Salafists, linked to Jordan, that killed Vittorio?
It would seem possible. The actions they take seem to benefit Israel and harm Palestine.

Interestingly these Salafists show up somewhere else? Let's call it another curious location. Taking actions that are beneficial to others, not those they claim to be acting for.

Salafists are present in the "uprising" in Syria

But what's going on now, what we could see yesterday in homes and other cities - in [Pisa], Baniyas or in parts of Daraa - are Salafi groups. These Salafi groups in the Syrian society are very small groups because Syrian society is generally in the middle of Islam. In Syria, extremism is generally not accepted and because of that we are talking about foreign factors reflected in the Syrian unrest.

Now, these Salafi groups are used as a tool by some foreign factors for example by the United States, [Saudi Arabia's] Bandar bin Sultan and some parts in Lebanon, to realize some plans against the foreign policy of Syria.

The people [who cause upheavals], the Syrian Salafis, are not from Syrian society.

Geez, could they be Jordanian? How about Saudi Arabian?

We are talking about different parties participating in these conspiracies. We can watch these different groups. The first group is the corrupted people inside Syria.

The second group is the Salafi group who is being supported by [Saudi Arabia's] Bandar bin Sultan, the American CIA and [Israel's] Mossad.

The Salafist movement.
Seems to have been co-opted & corrupted. Perhaps not all are aware, but enough are.

Clearly, many of them are engaged in political agendas that will harm certain nations & certain peoples, at the behest of outside interests


  1. Hey Penny,...If they are not the Fifth Column there isn't one, nice work.


  2. I'm waking someone up...

    Little by little.

    Buffy the Heretic

  3. Touche Veritas.

    My hope is that Syria can withstand this pressure. If Syria falls, it is open season on Iran. And, in the meantime, Qadaffi may be a creep at times, but he too fights against the complete boot of the world into WW3.

    Once again, we who "see" whatever it is we see the writing on the wall are minimalized but we have to get the word out somehow....

  4. Hey Veritas!

    so sorry for my overly tardy response.

    I have been muckin' through some of life's mire the last few days, and just posting and running.

    You are right, if they are not the Fifth column I don't know what else to say.

  5. Buffy- the "heretic" lol

    Waking up one person at a time is all one can hope for.

    So kudos to you

  6. Hello Noor! You came back, so glad you did :)

    I will admit to not feeling very optimistic at this point in time
    re: the outcome of this fomented uprising in Syria-

    Though I do wonder about the position Russia will take with regards to the Port expansion I had touched on previously