Monday, April 25, 2011

Iran uncovers SECOND cyber attack! A "star" is born.

This time it is the 'Stars' virus.

Star of David?

Stars and Stripes?

Star of Bethlehem?

Interesting name.....

Read here-
Iran is once again under cyber attack

Iranian experts have found another computer virus called Stars in the local internet network, chairman of the Passive Defense Organization of Iran Gholam Reza Jalali, has announced, Trend reports.

According to him, at the moment specialists are studying the virus. Research results will be announced in the next days.

In July 2010 a Stuxnet virus attacked industrial computers worldwide, while its main target was the Iranian nuclear power plant in Bushehr.

Or here: After Stuxnet, a 'Star' is born

Security scribe Robert Lemos is chasing this one down for us, but at this point all we have to go by is this article from the Reuters news service:

Iran has been targeted by a second computer virus in a "cyber war" waged by its enemies, its commander of civil defence said on Monday. Gholamreza Jalali told the semi-official Mehr news agency that the new virus, called "Stars", was being investigated by experts.

"Fortunately, our young experts have been able to discover this virus and the Stars virus is now in the laboratory for more investigations," Jalali was quoted as saying. He did not specify the target of Stars or its intended impact.

"The particular characteristics of the Stars virus have been discovered," Jalali said. "The virus is congruous and harmonious with the (computer) system and in the initial phase it does minor damage and might be mistaken for some executive files of government organizations."

Jalali warned that the Stuxnet worm, discovered in computers at Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor last year, still posed a potential risk. Some experts described it as the world's first "guided cyber missile", aimed at Iran's atomic program.

Iranian officials said they had neutralised Stuxnet before it did the intended damage to its nuclear facilities

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  1. They just won't give up ....

    All they are doing is making Iran look like a victim, hmmm?

    But the media will tell another story.

  2. Hello Noor!

    I just left a comment over at your place, thanks for the link over.

    The media will not spin this as Iran is being victimized.

    They will spin it with ridicule.

  3. Iranians held at bay with ones and zeros... sweet irony! Something tells me these 12th Imam fanatics might want to think hard about NOT facing Israel on any kind of modern battlefield. (wink)

  4. Excellent find Penny!
    Star the rolling stones song perhaps..
    and i agree with Noor, "making Iran look like the victim", interesting how the spin will go on this one as you said.
    Hope you had a nice easter and you are a star too!
    many regards and cheers

  5. Hey Penny,...anon (as usual,wink)@ 3:29, what are you on about? A direct confrontation with israhell always results in an ass-whooop'n for the filthy yiddish occupiers of Palestine (and forget mentioning the 67 war, 3am sneak attacks after signing peace agreements don't count) - if the jUSA butted out, (not that they would be allowed to by their yiddish shadow Govt) the Iranians would slaughter the yids - something I always light a candle for, by the way: A mano-e-mano between the yids and each of the poor nations of the world they have caused so much pain and suffering for. Imagine it, about 2 million real yids (this is taking out of the account the goyim blood cleansing hybrids or crypto yids, with blonde hair and blue eyes and the yiddisher mommas), then put in ranks and files the armies of the victimised nations one after another and you would see a swarm of soldiers extending beyond the horizon, numbering maybe 100 million all told. Just on battle-field attrition - SAYONARA satanic child-molesters! Cooooeee!

    Love light & peace would reign forever, yeeehaaa!

    I ♣ yids!


    wv: trogit (maybe I should change my handle to trogitas? I'm such a goy peasant, sheez, get a yarmulke up ya!)

    Luv ya Pen.

  6. The Iranians are recklessly incompetent for using MS products. They could avoid most of this by simply changing to Linux or some other kind of Unix.

    One can only wonder ...

  7. anonymous 3:29

    Are you so certain it is Israel?
    Time will tell I guess, but, interesting.

    If I may also point out this little fact.

    The virus was caught. Which would indicate to me, that Iran is staying on top of things

  8. HI A-13

    thanks for the kind words.
    And yes, i did enjoy my time with my family.

  9. hello veritas!

    yup an anonymous!

    I was thinking about just that. Just recently, Israel got whomped in Lebanon. Though they left many of their lovely little bomblets to keep the slaughter up.

    As you point out if not for the military backing of the US, this tiny nation would not accomplish much at all.

  10. anonymous 4:29 am.

    The problem is not what the Iranians are using. MS vs linux.

    I am of the opinion that the people involved in these actions can figure out a way to breach ms or linux.

    The problem is the cyber warfare attacking.

    These are acts of war. The problem is whomever is perpetuating these attacks.