Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Libya: Ground troops coming. Chinese construction and modernization going

Getting back to Libya-

Get ready for boots on the ground. You knew that was coming, right?
The aerial bombing was just the beginning. Targetting civilians and infrastructure was the prelude to the all out slaughter, that will be conducted by the NATO troops.

The EU is willing to send 1,000 troops into Libya, if the UN requests it, for humanitarian purposes.

But, this has nothing to do with "humanitarianism"

The European Union has outlined a provisional plan that could include sending European troops to the besieged Libyan city of Misurata to protect aid deliveries if requested by the United Nations, although U.N. officials say they want to explore civilian options first.

A point that is clearly understood by the UN, that said, the UN will follow along with the agenda.

It is also being reported that Britain is sending "advisers" joining the "diplomats" that are already present. Seriously "advisers" and "diplomats"
I can't make this stuff up. Quoting directly here.

Wondering...by diplomats do they mean "diplomats" like Ray Davis in Pakistan?
Really contractors for intelligence agencies.
Let's see-
Early March it was, with much embarrassment being reported in the British Press that
SAS and MI6 officers were indeed in Libya, and were in fact captured

The group's capture is a major embarrassment to the British government and could potentially undermine the rebels' claims that the revolution has had solely domestic roots


That bunch was freed by the Libyan military. We can be quite sure there were more then just those few. So, it would be safe to say that the "advisers" being sent to Libya to join the "diplomats" is just a nice sort of perception management way to say more soldiers and covert operatives are on their way!

A factor in this attack on Libya was of course their relationship with China.
If you did get to listen to the interview I posted yesterday, that point was made quite clear.
So the question is after Libya is destroyed by the west, where will that leave China?
For business and economic development for access to resources?

This article may give us an indication-

Because China has never imposed economic sanctions on Libya – and in fact the two countries once saw themselves as revolutionary allies, decades ago – Chinese companies were very active across the Libyan economy, from construction projects, to railways, to telecoms.

The full extent of that engagement has become clear as the companies involved have pulled out: China Railways Construction Corp, which suspended operations in Libya this week, had been building three rail projects there worth $4.2bn, the company said, of which $3.6bn has not been completed.

Meanwhile China State Engineering Corp has suspended a $2.7bn housing project, leaving it half finished, and is repatriating its workers. China’s largest dam builder, Sinohydro, is doing the same.

At least 27 Chinese construction projects have been attacked, according to the Ministry of Commerce. The workers involved in these projects have captured headlines back in China over the last week, as stories of their violent encounters with looters leaked out over the Internet.

I wonder who did the attacking? Was it the "rebels"? Or were they attacked by undercover "diplomats" and "advisers" from MI6 and the CIA?

Another news article on the Chinese workers attacked and looted

Nearly 1,000 Chinese workers there were forced out of the site and became homeless.
These workers were then attempting to walk 100's of kilometers to Tripoli, to take airplanes out of the country

"The construction workers then left the city on foot and were trying to walk towards Tripoli hundreds of kilometers away, hoping to catch a plane here to fly back to China, he said."

Pretty obvious that beside the agenda of Western multinational control and domination of Libya, this was a way to deny China access to resources


  1. You really love despots don’t ya? Buddy the African youth are making history on the eyes of despot lovers. Don't you know that French helped Americans to get there freedom? Why not the African youth getting help from the west? I am an Ethiopian I want NATO to bomb the despot Army just like Libya!

  2. East Africa News?
    or is it East Africa Propaganda?
    Well whichever???
    "You really love despots don’t ya?"

    Actually, no I don't.
    Apparently you do as long as they serve your agenda?

    What help are the African Youth really getting from the west?
    The West is serving it's own interests.

    Oil, impoverishment, exploitation of resources.

    Your an Ethipian, in Canada?
    I am afraid that makes you a Canadian.

    And I do believe the west has helped Ethiopia a plenty.

    How is that going for the people who actually live there?

    Oh right, not so well, living under the tyrant backed by US/NATO