Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones- Koran burning Psyop- with better then hoped for results

Pastor Terry Jones. Mullah Mohammed Shah Adeli. Provocateurs.
Why would I say that? Because it is that obvious.
I actually have two other posts on this man, the Pastor, and his provocations.
And I do hate to waste time stating the obvious, but, judging from commentary in the cyberworld. This just isn't obvious enough!

Burning Korans- Provocative Behaviour: The Illusion and Reality

Which I then followed up with

Pastor Terry Jones: The messianic child porn possesor ?

You are going to have to read those yourself.
Pastor Terry is a compromised man, he has skeletons in the closet, making him quite a useful tool. But like all tools someone else is holding the handle. Get it?

The first time Pastor Terry was going to burn the Koran, Obama and military brass got to look all moral and righteous. As if they were doing right by the Afghan people and all that garbage.
Why on earth would anyone have bought that defective story then is beyond me?

Let me remind the uninitiated. Afghanistan bombed and occupied by the American troops (largely) Oh, I mean NATO. Sorry.
Afghanistan, a nation that harmed no one. A deeply impoverished nation. Viciously attacked and occupied by imperialist, largely Christian marauding armies.

So the story, as I understand it, is Pastor Terry (provocateur) burnt the Koran and put it on You Tube, or streamed online, whichever. Makes no difference to the narrative.
Pastor Terry put his little stunt on line enabling it to be soon by many world wide.
Apparently this little stunt came to the attention of 3, just 3, Mullah's in Afghanistan?

How did it come to their attention? Who brought it to their attention?

It is fair to say the vast majority of people, who are on line, would not have noticed this stunt.
Sure it would have had limited appeal to the teeny tiny congregation. Reported to be around 30 people. And perhaps the really hate filled type would have watched.
But, other then that? Not appealing at all. There are no bouncing breasts or shaking booties.
That's what gets the attention of the dumbed down.

Therefore it is not just fair to ask, it is a must to ask, who brought this stunt to the attention of the mullah's in Afghanistan?
Contrary to western levels of connectivity, I am quite certain that the vast majority of Aghans are not on line.

In fact it would be safe to say, the people in Afghanistan that are guaranteed to be on line are the NATO troops, intelligence agents, mercenaries, UN workers, NGO's, and government.
In fact the internet is a relatively new and very expensive phenomena in this impoverished nation.

"With cafes charging $4 per hour and satellite phones costing around $2 per minute, the reality is that only a few can afford it in a country where the annual GDP per capita is $160! "

Only a few can afford it!

Following on that line of thought. The people we can safely assume would be online are mentioned above. Of those people how many would have been aware of the Pastor's stunt being available on line? Of those people who knew it was available, who went and made the Mullah's aware?

Are you following along?

Of the very few who knew and contacted the Mullahs.. Why these three Mullahs?
Isn't it obvious?
They are connected to the occupiers.
It is like drawing a straight line, from beginning to end.

Let's take a look at one Mullah, Mullah Mohammed Shah Adeli, from Kandahar province.

Kandahar has been controlled by the NATO forces for sometime. So it would make sense that our Mullah, who is operating in Kandahar province has a good rapport with the occupiers. Or he would not be there. One can quite easily surmise that as a great psy op, and to justify the continuing occupation of Afghanistan, someone went to the mullah, showed him the video and said "shake things up a bit". In compliance with the occupiers Mullah Mohammed did just that.
With horrible consequences.

But from the perspective of the occupying forces. This could not have gone better! I will give you just two reasons.
1- The excuse for occupation remains justified, hell it was made even stronger. Imagine if the troops left. Oh my! What would these "barbaric" people do? What a pitch to the dumbed down western masses. What sensational reporting for the western media!
2- Good bye to the despicable news of US troops trophy killing innocent Afghans.

US soldiers posing with the dead bodies of defenceless Afghan civilians they killed.

Other charges include the mutilation of corpses, the possession of images of human casualties and drug abuse.

All of the soldiers have denied the charges. They face the death penalty or life in prison if convicted.

The case has already created shock around the world, particularly with the revelations that the men cut "trophies" from the bodies of the people they killed.

An investigation by Der Spiegel has unearthed approximately 4,000 photos and videos taken by the men.

These guys were on a murder spree! And you are supposed to believe they are the 'righteous'

All that news is gone now. Thanks to a timely psyop.


  1. Ha ha Penny, we were discussing exactly this last night!

    The whole things reeks of a psy-op. It's truly unbelievable that so many just don't see it.



  2. Of course you're right, Penny. As a wiseguy put it, it's the work of a magician telling you "don't look at that hand, look at this one"

    And I do concur about this being a pretext to another false flag. Perhaps not on its own, but woven into a greater subconscious narrative.

    My mother watches "The Event". This show is absolutely loaded with "narrative". The Washington monument was destroyed a couple episodes ago. The black president is the hero, who reluctantly goes along with his advisors dirty tactics, all for the greater good, of course.

    Suraci considers the monument a Stamp of ownership, and I agree, so it's unlikely to be a target, but perhaps a close call with the White house? The Silverstein connection is out there.

    I know I'm not alone in thinking there is one hell of a false flag coming, one to whip people into line for the end game. I wouldn't want to be in Chicago or DC when it happens. Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to be in the US at all when it happens.

    Reading your other Terry Jones posts, Penny, do you have or know of some good info on the Jonestown case? I have no idea what the real story might be.

    I've only become cognizant of the extent of the whole conspiracy fairly recently. Your blog and others are invaluable.

  3. Hey Buffy!

    How obvious is it?
    I mean it is sooooo obvious.
    If one just stops to think about it for a moment, or two.
    How this all came to be and who benefits from this psy-op?
    Is is the Afghan people?
    Certainly not.
    This justifies the ongoing brutal occupation.

    But the beneficiary is the occupation forces.
    Perhaps some additional troops will be needed in Afghanistan, thanks to this instigation.

    But then where will the troops head?
    To Pakistan? To up the ante there?
    Yup, the imperialist occupier is definitely the winner

  4. Baphonet; Hello and nice to see you here!

    First of all, I apologize for blogger sending your comment to the spam file.
    This is annoying to me beyond belief!

    And what a great comment it is.

    It is a sleight of hand. Exactly. While you are looking to the right, you are missing all that is ongoing to the left.
    "The event" Never heard of that one, though I confess to not being much of a tv watcher.

    I do think this action in Afghanistan may lead to more troops being necessary in Afghanistan, but, they will be used to further the attack on Pakistan.
    That has been the case already with the troop increase Obama had made.

    As for Jonestown.... Total MK Ultra type project and actually I have a post here on the blog.
    I will find a link and post it.
    Hang on...

  5. Baphonet

    my post on Jonestown is available


    It is by no means definitive but it's a start

  6. Awsome, Thanks Penny.

    "Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple" is an interesting read, particularly the intro to conspiracy theories.

  7. Your welcome Baphonet.

    And I will check that out?

    "Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple"

    I haven't seen that one

  8. After reading your thoughts I would like my penny back please.

    The riots occured right after President Hamis Karzai publicly condemned the kuran burnings.

    That made the news reports on the radio. The Mullahs with the support of the Taliban cleverly took advantage and orchestrated another attack upon "The West" under the guise of defending Islam.

  9. Bob:

    utter nonsense. the rioting occurred directly after the said mullahs informed the people of what was online.

    Also the entire concept of internet access being widespread enough for the said "mullahs" to have found out is preposterous.

    Afghanistan barely has electricity or running water, let alone internet..

    Do you believe in fairies and Santa Claus also?

    Taliban in Kandahar, what a laugh!

  10. Penny,
    The Imams do not need to see anything on the internet to validate a quran burning. Such information can spread fast through worn of mouth.
    And yes they have cell phones in Afghanistan. About 150,000 of them.

  11. FYI: I checked the population in Afghanistan is approximately 30 MILLION
    What is the percentage of the population that has cellphones?
    If there are about 150,000 of them in Afghanistan?
    That is less then 1%. It is infact 1/2 percent.
    And who do the cellphones belong to??
    I already covered that in my blog, Occupation forces, ngo's, NATO the business class who are exploiting the population.. etc.
    Plain fact is 99.5 percent of the population do not have internet not cellphones
    How did the mullahs become aware of this Koran burning?
    So they could stir the pot?
    Your missing the most obvious holes in the western media narrative.
    Sorry bob, I live in a connected country, very internet savy, and if not for the spin by the western media I would have never known of the shenanigans of the Pastor.

    Therefore, nor would the Afghan people.
    Unless someone connected to the occupation forces made it known.
    And btw how could you defend Pastor Jones? A possible pedophile a man who extorted money from his former parish.
    A man who by all account seems a modern day Jim Jones without the reported charisma.

    I read your blog, your bias impedes you from seeing the facts.

  12. Thanks for reading my blog!

  13. Bob:

    it wasn't worth the time

  14. You might want to take down that photo, or blur out the servicemembers face.

    1. that picture is from the main stream media?
      So, why would I want to take it down?

  15. All sides are equally evil. There are SOME from every country and every religion that do not follow nor condone what the majority are doing of course, but all in all every country and every religion is evil and completely screwed up whether they realize it or not. This is man, period. Man doesn't deserve to walk this earth. We are all doomed.