Friday, April 15, 2011

Japanese government "orders" TEPCO to make compensation- Not.

So the good news is the Japanese government orders TEPCO to pay compensation to displaced families- pick your news

Wow, right ?!
The government ordering a corporation to take the right, decent and proper course of action.
Corporations never do what is right, decent or moral. Governments NEVER order corporations to do anything. Au contraire, governments take their orders from their corporate masters.

So let's take a look at what is really going on, shall we? Let us start with the headline of the last news story...
"Tepco To Compensate Nuclear Evacuees,Funding Uncertain"

Funding Uncertain? I don't think so!
The TEPCO funding to pay compensation to the displaced, as ordered by the Japanese government is coming from none other then.....
The Japanese government!

Geez, I called this one yesterday!

"One more thought crossed my mind, there is also the compensation, that will end up being paid for by the taxpayers!"

In the comment section.

Japan plans to set up a government-backed insurance fund to put money into Tokyo Electric Power and pay compensation stemming from the disaster at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the Nikkei newspaper said.

Aimed at saving Tokyo Electric from collapse, the plan would have the state initially shoulder the massive compensation costs, which the power company would then repay over several years via special dividends, the paper said.

TEPCO will not pay this back, ever.

"The bottom line is, TEPCO is too big to fail," said Jason Rogers, a credit analyst at Barclays Capital in Singapore.

Where have we heard this line before? The banks are rubbing their greedy, grimy blood stained, misery inducing paws together, while drooling over the thought of all that interest.


  1. Hey Penny, I saw Rivero's comment on your last article dealing with this subject. He's been calling anyone that questions whether this event could have been triggered by HAARP, or exacerbated by nuclear weapons production in Japan, propagandists shilling for GE, ect. Not sure if you follow his work, but if he disagrees with ANYTHING you present (HAARP, Rothschilds criminal network of international banking, ect.) he will be very rude, condescending and immediately dismiss what you have to say. Very strange behavior for someone portending to speak the truth...

    TImster called him out quite nicely here:

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Huh, I had to go back to the Israel/Japan post to see the comment by Mike, I guess I missed it earlier?

    Are we sure that was Mike? I know he has linked to your blog a few times in the past - did you contact him to see if it was really him who left that comment or someone pretending to be him? The blogger link sends one to WRH...

    Checking out Timster's blog now.



  3. Hey John Friend!

    I saw what you had written and it was quite good.

    I do listen to his radio program, I don't always get to his website.

    But that has less to do with him and more to do with the way I do my blog.

    And yes I have heard him be rude, condescending etc on his program.

    Went over and read what Timster wrote. I recall when he was on the Obama kick.

    NOw I will get to his response.

    I knew he had not read what was written in that post,because none of his commentary even remotely applied to the post.

    As you so aptly pointed out.

    He seemed to just more or less be spamming.

    Hence the lack of reply on my part

  4. Hey Magdelena:

    I am pretty certain it was him, as certain as I can be.

    The hit came from Hawaii.

    Also he has been making that same general statement on his show, repeatedly.

    I am pretty well taking it as a "whatever" kind of thing.

    Because as I said to John Friend, his response had nothing to do with the actual post..

    btw Maggie:

    you should see the weather here today, insane, ice pellets, high wind, quite the wind chill factor..

    Mid April?

    Thank goodness for that "global warming"

    Coldest April I can ever remember

  5. oh and now it is snowing,giant snowflakes??!!!

    seriously, never seen this weather this late in April

  6. Hey sweetie, we had some bizarro weather here too, snow, hail, ice, rain wind then some - sun?? Overall a very blustery day.

    Wrt to Mike, I kind of understand why he doesn't want to 'go there', since the topic of HAARP etc can be used to tin foil hat a site. I am not sure I agree with him, but I do understand why he may want to veer from these topics. He doesn't seem to want to talk about chemtrails either.

    Still, he has woken alot of folks up and does bring up good questions and points.

    I'd fire off a mail to him Penny, just to let him know he missed the mark on your blog. He shouldn't want to alienate folks who for all intents and purposes are onside.

    Just my two cents (or is that two pennys?) ;)