Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spinning to justify an attack on Syria "Syria tried to build a nuclear power plant"

Bullshit alert!

In my previous post I reported that China and Russia said NO at the UN.
Admittedly this news has got me freaked out, quite a bit.
For reasons that should seem obvious.
I went over to Flogging Dead Horses and left this comment for Chuckyman

feeling a bit freaked out here.
Russia and China said NO to censuring Syria at the UN.

have they drawn the line in the sand?

To which the response was-

Hi Penny. I haven’t heard that one. It is not surprising in light of our discussion re Russia’s naval presence in the Mediterranean. The Chinese are bound to be stinging from the loss of a considerable business investment in Libya.
We shall see how the bullies in the Pentagram react. Will the EU/NATO try to flex their muscles?

Chuckyman and others, the next move is being made. It is typical. We have seen it a number of times. The West/NATO must have had this propaganda/perception management campaign ready to go. With the help of their stooge at the IAEA. (I covered that here)

The story is getting big coverage in Israel, no surprise there. I will link you to all the stories as of this moment that are covering this "news"

IAEA chief: Syria tried to build nuclear reactor -AP

Syria secretly tried to build nuclear reactor, UN watchdog says-Ha'aretz

IAEA chief: Syria tried to secretly build nuclear reactor JP

Syria 'tried to build reactor'
Also here, here and here

How timely!
Very well timed news releases (spin, propaganda, perception management)

IAEA secretary general unequivocally confirms suggestions made in previous watchdog reports that the structure hit allegedly by Israel in 2007.

Contradicting their earlier assessments
Previous IAEA reports have suggested that the structure hit could have been a reactor

Syria, which denies any nuclear weapons ambitions, agreed with the IAEA the months prior that its inspectors could travel to the Homs acid purification plant.

So Syria had been cooperative-

The IAEA saw the April visit as a possible positive step, even though the United States said the gesture would not be enough to address allegations of covert atomic activity.

This news story gives a different take on what the IAEA stooge said.

The facility destroyed by Israel in Syria was "a nuclear reactor under construction," but further analysis was in need.

The reactor under construction does not produce ... totally, but we need now to give further analysis on this issue," Amano confirmed.

I will remind readers- it is not illegal to build nuclear reactors, as much as I despise them.
Japan is chock full of them. So is the US, Britain, France, get the idea.

Therefore the spin that Syria may have been building a nuclear power plant is being put out there at this exact time, to plant the seed of WMD's in the minds of the gullible

I will try to find an older post/posts on Russia's navel base in Syria.
Russia and Syria have cooperated on port expansion and more to ensure Russian access to the Mediterranean.

Found them!!!

Both posts are from nearly three years ago, find them here and here.


  1. The development in the UN Security Council was bound to happen. My surprise came when the resolution against Libya was passed. Why did the Chinese not torpedo the whole idea – they are losing billions in trade contracts as well as a source of oil.

    We discussed previously that Russia was eager to have a port in the Mediterranean Sea. The desire for a warm water port dates back to days of the Czars - a little reading comes in handy (grin).

    You could be right that a line in the sand got drawn. The Russians will not give up their port without a fight. If push comes to shove the US 5th Fleet in Bahrain could be very vulnerable in retaliation. I feel the Chinese may have deliberately let the US/NATO overextend themselves.

    The stench of WMD really has worn thin. Having said that they managed to spin an armed insurrection by gangsters and people smugglers into a “peoples’ uprising”. The picture at the top says it all.

  2. chuckyman!
    so glad you stopped by.
    I have been thinking on this one all day. When I first saw the news, early am, that Russia and China had so no, I was shocked, stunned.

    But, your right, the development was bound to happen.

    The msm is spinning it as displeasure at actions in Libya.
    I am sure there is some of that, but... no mention of the Port agreements.

    I want to add some links, I know that you are aware but others may not be.

    Russia modernizing Syria ports for its warships

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    MOSCOW — The Russian Navy has been expanding cooperation with Syria.Officials said the navies of Russia and Syria were enhancing cooperation over the last year. They said Moscow was modernizing naval facilities in Syria's port of Latakia and Tartous to accommodate Russian Navy warships.

    Russian Navy to base warships at Syrian port after 2012

    "Tartus will be developed as a naval base. The first stage of development and modernization will be completed in 2012,"
    The Soviet-era facility is operated under a 1971 agreement by Russian personnel.
    According to Navy experts, the facility is being renovated to serve as a foothold for a permanent Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean.

    ( just a year away chuckyman)

    I can't see the Russians giving up the Port. If it has been a goal as far back as the tzars/czars, then no, I can't see them simply letting the US/NATO walk in their and take over.

    This can easily be interpreted as an act of war towards Russia.
    Almost as if US and allies are looking for it.

    The 5th fleet could be vulnerable?
    That does add an interesting twist.

    "I feel the Chinese may have deliberately let the US/NATO overextend themselves. "

    I have been thinking about that and it would be a good strategy on their part.
    Like my hubby says all the best Chess players are Russian and Chinese. So they get strategy.

    What if, Libya and Russia abstained knowing full well Libya had the means and the guns to outlast them.
    Would it be possible that, particularly China, has been arming Libya? (They have been there conducting so much business the opportunity certainly presents itself)

    Part 2 coming...

  3. Ok Chuckyman, Part 2

    This is my husbands thought.

    False Flag alert.

    No UN Mandate. The US/NATO nutjobs will not be denied.

    Watch for a possible "attack" on a US ship in the Mediterranean, which will be blamed on Syria. An act of war, necessitating retaliation.

    Because " they will have right to defend themselves"

    Also chuckyman, recall when we were getting all that bullshit about the Iranian boat going through the Suez canal??
    Was that setting a narrative for just such a false flag??

    I just can't help but notice how that Israeli bombing of some building in Syria has come to the forefront.

    I mean these types of things are years in the planning, years in the making.

    And if anyone else wants to jump in, feel free.

  4. "Like my hubby says all the best Chess players are Russian and Chinese."

    correction, most are Russians (or former soviets) but whatever, both nations understand strategy.

    china is an old, old nation.

    Also, think of the fact that they are BRICS.

  5. How could I miss a good chin-wag as we say (grin).

    On a complete tangent I think tomorrow is a day I hope goes quietly. Young Damien and his brood-mare get hitched tomorrow. The last shuttle is supposed to get launched after being delayed by a space ‘traffic jam’ (yeah, right!) what ever that is. A big blood sacrifice would really please certain folks.

    Your hubby sounds like my kind of thinker. A false flag gets around the messy and unconvincing lies we get fed normally to go murder foreigners for profit and fun.

    The banksters who have been pulling crap like this for 2 centuries have setup the global financial markets for a very hard and terminal reboot – all part of the plan for global domination… bwa ha ha ha ! They need a HUGE big war to make the exit strategy work.

    The problem is that it must be done under the ‘colour of law’. It’s an old English gambit – do what you want but make sure it sounds like the just and righteous thing to do. The US is a problem. The Constitution is the law – and that forbids anyone playing funny buggers printing money etc. That’s why when the big war goes down the US will lose this time.

    Time, distance and other factors make invasion unlikely (I might regret that idea in time – 1812 comes to mind) but it isn’t necessary as the NAFTA and the North American Union will take care of that. That will be a wakeup call from hell when it goes down. Welcome to the global gulag when it does. The handcuffs may be comfy but they will be a snug fit.

    End of Part 1

  6. I recommend installing Google Earth. It may tell the ‘man’ what you’re watching but it really allows you to picture a scene. Nothing like following a flight path and it allows you to do that too – with satellite imagery – where’s my joystick (grin).

    Now you know what I’m thinking here’s a wee snippet. The Chinese Air Force recently conducted drills over and through Turkey. The Iranian Coast is only 200 Km away from the US 5th fleet’s home port in Bahrain. Pick a missile system. Look like Pearl Harbour anyone?

    A carrier has fearsome weaponry but in the Persian Gulf it has a short and exciting lifetime. The usual sub protection doesn’t work – not unless the US started building mini subs. The water is only 60m deep at best.

    Russian land based aircraft only have about 800Km to clear in straight over flight from the Caspian Sea to reach the Gulf. All stops are getting pulled out to start a shooting match. This is starting to sound like the ‘timetables’ bullshit that was used to explain the rush to war in 1914.

    No one craps on their own doorstep. The US, the Brits, the jews, the French, the Russians, the Chinese do not give one moments thought for the Arab and Muslim People. Guess where it all goes down? Either way we ALL will lose.

  7. Hey Penny,... Excellent coverage.

    Hi Chuckyman...check this out:

    Julian Borger of the Guardian tweeted: "IAEA chief Amano says he was misquoted and is NOT saying that Syria was building nuclear reactor. IAEA still wants answers from Damascus."

    The BS is piling up, my money is on an outsider at good odds - A false flag hit on the royal shag-in; talk about no opposition to retaliation! This little soapy has got it all, pretty princes, slutty princesses, (why did they let the msm promote those pics of her in that see-through mini-dress and black knickers??) What a fucking talmudist sex-offenders' fairytale - horseshit by the bushel, this whole 'royal' wedding thing is made for TV false-flag gold!

    Shek Inar is riding into Dodge!

    Keep your powder dry people and expect the unexpected!


  8. LOL subtle as always V!

    It sounds like the usual media CusterF. Call me a dinosaur but if you ever hear of me tweeting then I have been assassinated and an imposter in filling in.

    PS that makes me sound important – assassinated. Substitute the word “wasted”.

    PS I notice Challah’s email address is @ the jew post. Right…

  9. Hey Penny,... Chuckyman, yeah, twits for twittering, I have never been able to actually get a "tweet" to appear, I just don't get it! Talk about frustrating haaargh, I don't even bother anymore, I just get spammed all the time by twitter for being a no-show!

    Oh and yes, that Blog is definitely zio-shyte; it is a nice resource for chasing back 'anons' and new commenters that come out of the blue and appear to be all touchy feely - Blammo is a case to point. The new policy as of November was for the jidf to set up seemingly anti-zio Blogs and use them to collate info and gather IP addresses for future pin-pointing of street addresses and landlines etc; many of these new Blogs have become very popular with the old crew, which is fatal.

    You will notice there are a couple of newbys that I don't link to that appear to be decent bloggers with surprisingly good info for people new to the game - the favourite demographic is that of a single-mum!

    The yids are paranoid control freaks, they ARE big-brother, remember that and you'll know why they have such long tentacles and small testicles - cephalopods, haaagh!

    Rock on Tommy...


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  11. Hey chuckyman and veritas:

    had to take the time to figure out what the heck you two were on about.
    But, I did. Went over to that blog, first time I ever saw that one?!

    Probably the last.

    As for twitter, don't use it.

    Chuckyman: a new Pearl Harbour?
    another one?
    I was thinking about how we heard that over and over during 9/11.
    Will look into the google earth thingy.

    Veritas: the bullshit is piling up, getting higher and higher and smellier by the moment.

    But, you have lost me on all this blogger talk, other then the one I checked out, I am unaware of what you are refering.
    Which matters not, I stick to msm for the vast portion of my info.

    I seem to be able to get enough stuff just from that, once I sift through all the bs and spin.

    Did either of you check out the nakedfacts blogger?

    Lots of reading there

    I will be updating the Syrian situation post haste

  12. On second thoughts my last comment was in poor taste. Sorry Penny

  13. Hi Penny, totally off topic - but did you see this crap?

    US Envoy Says Gadhafi Troops using Viagra to Rape




  14. Hey sweetie, I stuck it up on my sad little blog just for posterity's sake.


  15. chuckyman: no worries.

    Maggie: To good to pass up, I linked it in the latest post

  16. Hey Penny,... Chuckyman, I didn't get to see your comment, "Poor taste"? I'm the god of poor taste, sheez, coulda waited 'til I saw it before you removed it. Shucks.

    Oh, Pen' my Syrian mate is up to his neck in it down south, so, tick tock tick tock...