Thursday, April 28, 2011

Syria: Russia & China vote No UN Censure, outside interference condemned, curious funeral march

nysoulcontrolla has left an interesting link, I don't want anyone to miss it.

A video from an alleged funeral march in Syria- notice anything about the coffins?

Anyone who has ever been a pallbearer would realize coffins and dead bodies are pretty heavy.
What to make of this?

This video is also interesting.

Obviously I cannot understand what is being said, but, I don't sense any fear or hostility between the parties. Residents and the Army. Very different then the western media spin.


Attempts by the US and it's western allies to censure Syria failed.
Russia & China (also Lebanon) vote No.
I was wondering when it was going to come to this, what it was going to take.

Russia, China and Lebanon have blocked a move for the UN Security Council to condemn Syria's crackdown on dissent.

Russia, China and Lebanon, who have criticized the U.S. and NATO-led air campaign in Libya, simply were not on board.

Here is what Russia had to say- Interference in Syria Could Lead to a Civil War

RUSSIA on Wednesday warned western powers on the UN Security Council against 'outside interference' in Syria's strife saying it could spark civil war in the key Middle East Nation.

The Syrian government's crackdown on opposition demonstrators 'does not represent a threat to international peace and security,' Russia's deputy UN ambassador Alexander Pankin told the 15-nation council.

'A real threat to regional security could come from outside interference,' Mr Pankin added. 'Such approaches lead to a never ending circle of violence' and could spark civil war.

Could lead to a civil war! I would think this is exactly what the west has been aiming for with their actions. They want a civil war. As in Libya. So they can justify their invasion as a necessary "humanitarian intervention"

Take a good look at this picture from the above linked article-

Notice they are not English?
Notice the pictures behind them? They support their leadership.
Here is what is what the signs read, according to the article

The Arabic placards from left to right read:" Freedom is the freedom of the nation and the citizen, No to security solutions, yes to dialogue. No to fanatic and backward forces. You have damaged and harmed the demands of the people in Libya, we will not allow to sabotage things in Syria, No to foreign interference no to France, no to Germany and No to America, Syria the resistance plus Syria the democracy equals a strong Syria"

These people are clearly saying no to the fanatical forces that have been behind the uprising.
"Fanatic and backward forces" The Muslim brotherhood, the Salafists, two western co-opted movements.
They are saying NO to the Security Council. No to the UN. No to the West. They don't want to be the next Libya.

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